Number Six: 1967 Maserati Mexico

Wow – a gorgeous 1967 Maserati Mexico just popped up for sale and is said to be a preserved barn-find example that was number six off the production line. Wearing largely unmarked bodywork with just a gentle crease over the left-side headlight, it looks quite nice. It’s not cheap, however, listed for $62,500 here on craigslist in Denver. 

The interior oozes patina in all the right ways, simply looking gently-loved rather than ignored for decades. The wood-rimmed steering wheel and original shift knob are must-haves, so it’s encouraging to see they haven’t been lost or swapped out over the years. The Mexico was produced in limited numbers, with under 500 made over the lifetime of the model. Engine options were limited to 4.7L and 4.2L V8s.

Interestingly, as a 1967 model, this should have the 4.7L V8, and research indicates the more common 4.2 didn’t appear until 1969. The seller lists this as a 4.2L car, and other points of confusion concern the Boranni wire wheels that this car sports, as those were exclusive to the 4.7L cars. Perhaps one of our marque experts can shine some light on which motor this Mexico is equipped with.

Regardless of the engine size, Mexicos were formidable performers in their day and could accommodate four passengers and their luggage. This example appears to be well-loved in all the right ways, with any blemishes reflecting its age rather than neglect or sloppy ownership. The seller is asking big money for the car, and given its extremely limited production cycle, it’s not surprising to see such a lofty price tag on a survivor like this.


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  1. SSPBill

    No trident?

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      Check the horn button and air cleaner.

      • SSPBill

        I was thinking the grill trident. A sexy beast inside and out none the less.

  2. Steve65

    I’d have to say that rust under peeling chrome reflects neglect. Potential buyers will want to have a thorough inspection of the underside.

  3. OA5599

    Nice find.

    Always liked the Mexico.

    The instrument layout and dash are a thing of beauty.

    • Steve65

      The car looks like the offspring of an e9 BMW mated to a Mazda RX4. And I mean that in an entirely positive way.

      • Brian Jackson

        Mentioning the Mazda Rx4 is always positive.

        Unless weree talking sedan styling haha.

  4. UK Paul

    Nice thing … may be a good investment.

  5. Peter R

    You mention a lofty price and while this is a big number for me, can you tell us how it compares to other recent sales or asking prices? I have no idea what one of these is worth

  6. Dolphin Member

    The SCM Guide has these selling at auction recently for a median price of $126,500. That would be for one in better condition than this one, without the Maserati logos having been shaved, like this car has had.

    The seller has it wrong on Mexico history. He says this is “This is the 6th production vehicle to roll off the line”. But as a claimed 1967 M.Y. car (assuming that’s correct—it might not be) it’s not likely that this is the 6th Mexico, since Mexico production started 2 years earlier, in 1965.

    Seller doesn’t even say whether it runs, which it might not since the asking is about half of the going auction price paid for these.

    Caution is in order…..even more than usual for a C.L. exotic. Too bad. These are one of the most useful and rare exotics to come out of Italy during the ’60s.

    • Steve65

      Any chance it’s the sixth one for 1967?

    • Dolphin Member

      Steve, different sources give production numbers for the Mexico from 250 to 485. Production started in 1966 and ended in 1972. It’s possible that sales started slow and that this car could have been built early in 1967, so it could be the 6th one off the line. You would need to consult the Maserati guy up in Washington to get an expert opinion. Google MIE. The name is actually ‘Maserati Club International’ He would know.

      I made an error earlier in saying that production started in ’65. I’m not sure, but that might have been the year a prototype was built.

  7. will

    Sshould be the 4.7 and the Borranis help that cause. Love to see about 30 more detailed photos,see the ownership history and documentation with the car.

  8. Steve65

    I found another ad for it. Same name and phone number, and a lot more information and photos from the same set. Including chassis # (AM 112) and claim it’s currently running but will need service to be roadworthy.

  9. Bruce Best

    I have ridden in the only one of these I have ever seen and I was shocked at how nice it was. Not a great looker like other Maserati models but comfortable and quicker than you might think. Good with breaking and road manners of the time. I am certain a new 5 series BMW is better overall but there is an elegance to Maseratis that most do not understand until they are next to one

  10. Larry Brantingham

    The referenced ad says the serial number is AM112-012. Maserati used even numbers for LHD cars, so car #6 seems right. The engine number matches.

    • Steve65

      The pics in the ad show two different ID plates. One is marked “AM 112”, and the other says “*112”. I’m not up on the arcana of Italian recordkeeping, but I took that to be VIN and motor. Or perhaps Chassis and Coachwork.

  11. Jerome

    In 1967, only 175 Mexico 4.7 were sold, but not to anyone, one of them having belonged to the former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

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