Offset Oddball: 1965 Chevrolet Pipe Truck

Here’s a project for you creative types. I can imagine all sorts of vehicle-related uses for this super cool 1965 Chevrolet “Pipe Truck”. It’s listed on eBay with a
Buy It Now price of $3,150 or make an offer. This unusual hauler is in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

I can picture a micro car parked next to that single cab, but that wouldn’t work with the 6-cylinder engine cover there. Or would it… (cheesy photoshop exercise ahead!)…

Maybe build a ramp and have the micro car parked on it next to the cab above the engine cover. Ok, that’s probably a stretch. Maybe a Crosley parked in the back and an old motorcycle in front next to the engine cover. You’d surely have the most unique vehicle hauler and this truck could/should be in a car show itself.

There isn’t much information given about this truck, other than that it’s a “steel or pipe truck” because of its offset single-cab configuration. The gearing has to be low enough that it wouldn’t be the most fun thing to drive to Sturgis loaded with Harleys on the back, but it sure would be a hoot once you’re there.

Those sheet steel bed-sides weigh more than most of the oddball, tiny vehicles that I like! This is one heavy hauler, have any of you ever seen a truck like this? I can imagine it being used in the oil industry or for hauling anything long and heavy, like, coincidentally enough, pipes of steel! The body is in decent condition, just spend a day or two with your portable media-blaster and you’ll be ready for paint.

There are no particulars given about this truck other than it has a six-cylinder engine, a three-speed manual transmission, and paperwork. They say that they had it running, which is a good sign, I think? Unless it sucked all of the rust from the tank into and through the fuel system and engine. I drove a late-60s small Chevy step van similar to this one, but not nearly that nice, for about a year and it was the most fun I’ve had, and also the most dangerous vehicle I’ve ever had. The sliding driver’s door would be left open, of course, and the single pedestal seat with a lap belt didn’t seem too comforting. This Chevy offset hauler is another of those vehicles that I can think of many uses for, but no rational use for at the same time. Have you seen a truck like this, and how would you use this thing?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Yes, I have seen these. They are called “cab-beside-engine”. Several companies experimented with CBE configurations. Kenworth, IH and they didn’t do too well. Limited market. Not sure what, if any advantage on a road tractor, except weight savings. Great for hauling pipe, but not much else.

    • Howard A Member

      Upon closer examination, I’ll take that ’58 4×4 Chevy panel right next to it.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Howard. Call me nit-picky but that’s a ’59 panel. Other than that I’d take it over the over the CBE truck that’s featured.

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      • PatrickM

        Harold A, my thoughts exactly. Someone talk to me about that green panel truck! Love to have.

    • jcs

      Howard, besides pipe, Scotty showed us how we could haul micro cars with it. Now, if I only knew where to pick up a micro car…

      • Blyndgesser

        When picking up a micro car, always bend from the knees.

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    • Howard

      They used cab beside engines a lot in Alaska, just to be able to see more, I read.

  2. Jim S

    I’m with Howard, I’d rather have the panel next to it.


    What the freak? Ha ha ha love the cut/paste LOL… I would like to have the bowtie emblem – that’s about it – but cool post!

  4. Tom

    Might be good for a mobile home / tiny house build

    • KeithK

      I see a crossover TV show right now. Counts customs meets barnwood builders meets tiny house nation ! Genius !

  5. boxdin

    In ABQ in the 60s & 70s we had a few IH narrow single person cab pipe haulers.
    I’ll bet a local collector got at least one of them as he was very active in scooping up unique trucks as they became available. I remember a 50s pilot house dodge airport front exhaust fuel hauler. As soon as it was out of service and sitting in the side yard it was gone. Archie had scooped it up for his huge collection.

  6. Joe plath

    I paid $1 40 years ago . Only one I’ve ever seen until the pipe truck

  7. Jay E.

    Where I live there are still this style of steel haulers at work. Mostly carrying rebar and construction supplies. They are older and quaint, but must still serve a useful purpose. Price seems awfully high, at auction this would be lucky to see $600.00.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    I used to see larger versions of this truck. A local steel vendor uses a couple of Ford F-600s with this configuration. This is a little off-topic but tells how dangerous these can be: I remember about 35 years ago when there was a traffic pile-up on (I think) I-90. While emergency crews were clearing away the wreckage, the driver of a CBE truck, loaded with re-bar, wasn’t paying attention. He crashed into the back of a car, which crashed into the back of another car. The load of re-bar came loose and shot forward, over the two cars and into the back of a lone motorcyclist. Two pieces of re-bar skewered the rider through the back, killing him instantly. I’ll never forget the news coverage on that; the reporter said that a biker was killed (didn’t really mention how) and emphasized that he was NOT wearing a helmet. One of the biker’s rights groups got on that immediately and forced the media to retract that statement and tell the real story.

    • Howard A Member


    • Mark S Member

      Hi Geomechs up in Calgary AB there is at least one steel vender still using one or two of these. This posted one is even worse than buing a fire truck in that there is no practical use for this truck its to old to slow and to heavy not to mention seriously under powered this would be worth more in scap weight value than as a vehicle. I can’t imagine anyone wanting this.

  9. Lawrence Wright

    So, basically a (much) bigger version of Ed Roth’s “Surfite”?

  10. Adam Wright

    Would make a great parade float, any Shriner’s out there?

  11. dan wright

    I remember seeing cement trucks set up like this. I assume those were C.O.E with a second engine turning the drum.

  12. stan

    anybody can have a 58/59 panel truck, but not everybody can have a 65 cab beside engine

  13. Guggie 13

    A mason in our town used one of these to conduct his business , but I do not think it was a chevy , more like International , long gone !

  14. Pete

    It would also be great for hauling lumber.

  15. KP

    Is it still for sale?

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