Hurricane Engined: 1958 Willys Jeep

Sometimes old cars have expressions, just like pets or people. This one seems to be saying “I want to work some more!” It’s offered by the same seller that has the 1973 Corvette listed in another post, located in Houston, Texas. The faithful Jeep is listed for sale here on eBay, with an opening bid of $300 and no reserve. The seller has nothing to add other than “what you see is what you get.”

That winch on the front looks like it really means business. The body is actually surprisingly solid, with rust present in spots but nothing catastrophic that I can see. It’s obviously seen some better days, but it’s certainly solid enough for use as is. And with a little work, it could look really nice.

The fuel tank that’s in the bed doesn’t look like any of the 1958 Jeep tanks I saw on the internet, although I should note that there were several different shapes. So who knows what it’s from and whether or not the original tank is in there or not. I did like the utility offered by the bar across the back set up for different trailer hitch balls; just imagine the work you could do with one of these around the farm or shop. And that’s really what this little SUV was intended for–work.

Something interesting happened along the way with the driver’s seat. Since I really don’t think comfort is that important to someone driving this Willys, I’d rather see an original type seat like the passenger has. The floor looks pretty solid, though, another good sign. Don’t waste much time looking for creature comforts, though!

I think this is looking up at that same floor. What looks like a crack in the chassis is actually a wire, although the crack in the sheet metal towards the upper right of the picture is real. Still, none of the rust looks terminal to me.

I believe this is the original 90 horsepower, 161 cubic inch inline “Hurricane” four cylinder engine, but I’m obviously not 100 percent sure. What do you think? Is it worth saving–and at what price?



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  1. redwagon

    is it worth saving? this is a jeep, you put in new gas and a battery and go to work.

    ps don’t tell david tracey – he will want to buy another!

  2. JW

    I would rather buy this and work on it than the Corvette he has for sale in the other post.


    Cheap Jeeps = profit

  4. Don

    I’d put a more modern engine in it ,maby an iron Duke

  5. Terry J

    Good machines. I had one. F head 4 banger. Exhaust valves in the block like a flathead, intake valves in the head like an overhead. Blew a radiator hose out on the road, didn’t notice until I could smell it. Continued to run after but with almost no compression. Cooked the rings I guess. Put in a 289 Ford and had it many more years. :-) Terry J

  6. Mike

    This engine is the F-head created from the block of the Go-Devil 4 cylinder. It would have 134 cubic inches. The 161 cu in engine was the six cylinder that was used for the Aero Willys sedans and some of the early wagons.

  7. Dan P

    By it in a secònd. If you did…let’s see it, if ý out bought it. It is in very ģ oof condition. I do hope you got it. Walcks has a spot to post before, build and after pics. You should post pics. It’s not like you jeep needs much. Good find my friend.

  8. John H

    No, not even close to the original fuel tank, which was under the driver’s butt.

    “What you see is what you get.” Add a radiator to the shopping list. Actually looks like a pretty solid survivor! Is the body Rhino lined or is that multiple layers of caked-on dirt?

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