Old Lady Owned: 45K Mile 1991 Chevy Blazer

Much like the low-mileage Acura Legend we posted last week, there’s something about preserved cars and trucks from the not-too-distant past that make easy arguments for daily driving a survivor like this 1991 Chevy Blazer. These used to be everywhere, but now they only pop up in total basketcase form, making this claimed “little old lady-owned” example here on eBay super tempting at just $5,995.

With under 50,000 original miles, there’s lot of life left in this abuse-loving Blazer, from the early days of the SUV. Of course, this was more of a true SUV than the crossovers that now litter mall parking lots across America. This is a more basic-spec model, which is completely fine with me as cloth tends to hold up better than leather and shows its age far later in life. Though this Blazer is from an era of color matched everything, at least it’s not bordello red.

The white paint, polished alloys and blue pinstriping works well here, but I’d lose the chrome plating on the lower sills (though it does tie in the chrome bumpers rather nicely). The tow hitch is entirely appropriate here, as these rigs were fully capable of hauling a load from the garden supply store or your boat to the lake. The spare tire cover even looks like new, with the classic red-fade graphic below each letter of the Blazer nameplate still showing brightly.

The 4.3L V6 is said to run just fine, but this Blazer does have some minor issues. The suspension sounds like it needs a refresh and the tires are old. In addition, the armrest has been “fixed” with what sounds like sheetmetal screws and the passenger side power window motor is wonky. Some of the wiring up near the firewall in the engine bay also looks slightly home-brew. Still, for the price, you’re not likely to find a cleaner Blazer of this generation, and its lifelong residence in sunny, dry Arizona is another major plus.


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  1. XMA0891

    GM’s 4.3 was one of their best. My dad drove two of this vintage until (body-wise) they weren’t safe to drive any longer. Those motors were running like a Swiss watch when finally traded in – Probably still running somewhere. Great Find!

  2. jdjonesdr

    Definitely a nice little truck with lots of life left.. I just scored a 94 K5 Blazer in like new condition for peanuts. it’ll be in my garage for a loooong time.

  3. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Suspension will be a-arm bushings squeaking. Had a half dozen of these and that’s always the case. Nice trucks.

  4. carsofchaos

    Nice example, now if it was a 2 door…….

    • jw454


      One trick I saw was to paint the rear door handles the body color. They then disappear into the body some what. Almost the look of a two door but, the convenience of the four door.


    My buddy had one new and it was the worst vehicle he ever owned he said. Traded off for a dually.

    • LucilleCaddy69

      You’re in the minority, then. I know at least four people that had well over 200,000 miles on theirs. My brother had a ’91 GMC Sonoma with over 300,000 miles. The body was shot. The bed was ready to fall off. It was unsafe to drive, so he sold it to a guy who pulled the motor and trans to put in something else.

      • Miguel

        The caveat is if the truck had the 4.3L engine.

        If it had the 2.8L engine, it was junk from new.

  6. Big Mike

    Looks just like the one my In-Laws owned for many years, after they decided to trade it off, they sold it to my Brother-in-Law, and other than the body today has got a lot of rust around the fenders, he drives it everyday to Ste Gen to work at the Lime kiln. The Lime is what is eating it, a normal car there last about 5 years before they start to rust.

  7. Vin in NJ

    Beautiful clean Blazer. only downside is the rear spare tire carrier.. They rattle and squeak constantly

    • Kevin M

      I was wondering what that squeak was! yea, it’s my blazer

  8. aminfla

    My last one a 1994 4.3 vortec ran till 435,000. Also had a 1983 pickup version with 1.9 Isuzu engine. went 475,000 with it. Cannot kill the chassis on these. Bushings as the man said otherwise, fantastic little trucks!

  9. Scott Staff

    A girl in high school drove one of these. It was her moms…….such vivid memories………where are you now Rebecca!?!?

  10. willte

    Had a 91 two door. the only thing I hated about it was the dam ABS. In 2WD in the winter the front wheels locked up all the time. Had it to the dealer half a dozen times and they said it was working properly. Finally fixed it by pulling the ABS fuse.

  11. Kevin M

    Thank you for profiling my Blazer.
    Someone told me it was on this website.
    “PC” Kevin

  12. Mountainwoodie

    I remember when my brother got one of these around the same time. I thought it was a gigantic gas hog. Now it looks downright demeure given the huge monsters that are sold today

    • Fiete T.

      Many of my neighbors are from overseas. Their wives didn’t drive back home. Now that they are here, they want/need to drive. So you get totally unfamiliar folks driving worse than any 16 year old I can imagine. And, since they are living on the Eastside, at a bare minimum they have Odyssey or Previa minivans. But mostly Mercedes, BMW, and Audi large SUVs. Jag & Maserati are now coming on strong…
      Then there are the goofballs with the diesel trucks who drive around never hauling anything. Very fun

  13. Wilson Lee

    Nice shape……..Here’s my 1989 Blazer…

    Like 2
    • Kevin M

      Thats as clean as mine for sure! nice!

  14. Jeff c

    I have a few of these trucks here’s my 89 I redid back in 2004

  15. Puttuntang

    I had a 91 same color with a factory front bench seat. I wonder how many came with that? Good vehicle.

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