Old School Cool: 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe

If you feel like capturing the look and feel of a less complicated era, this 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe is a car that deserves a closer look. This is an old-school hot rod that is ready to be driven and enjoyed by a new owner. That person could choose to treat the rust-free Ford to a cosmetic refresh or to retain the look and character that it has developed over the years. Located in Owatonna, Minnesota, you will find the Coupe listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the auction to open at $53,000, but there have been no bids. However, 83 people are watching the listing.

The Coupe has all of the attributes that you might find in an old-school hot rod. It is finished in a shade of metallic blue, but the paint is showing its age. It is lifting and peeling in many spots, and the car would benefit from a repaint if the buyer isn’t keen on a semi-rat rod look. The panels are pretty straight, with no evidence of significant dings or dents, and no visible rust. The owner says that the front floors have been replaced, but he believes that a previous owner performed the work to accommodate some significant changes to the drivetrain. He says that there are no signs of any other repairs or patches anywhere on the vehicle. The owner has installed a set of halogen repop headlights, but a correct set in metallic blue is included in the sale. The exterior chrome is in good condition, but the passenger side door glass is badly cracked. This Ford rolls on a set of 15″ steel wheels, and the spinner hubcaps and wide whitewall tires provide the perfect finishing touches to the exterior.

Lifting the hood on the Coupe reveals some significant changes to its drivetrain. Occupying the engine bay is a 350ci Chevy small-block of 1972 vintage. This is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission and an 8″ rear end. The engine wears a 3×2 carburetor setup, but it’s worth noting that the air cleaners aren’t included in the sale. The suspension has come in for all of the usual upgrades that you might expect in an old-school hot rod. It features a 4″ drop front axle and 4-bar suspension. The rear is by parallel leaf springs and a Panhard rod, while juice brakes bring proceedings to a halt. The owner has had the carburetors rebuilt, replaced all of the fluids, along with the plugs and wires. He has also had the flywheel refaced, and a new clutch has was installed. The engine does burn a small amount of oil and has the occasional drip, but it seems that the car is in sound mechanical health. The owner says that the vehicle runs and drives very well and feels great on the road.

The old-school feel continues when you open the doors and take a look around inside this Ford. The upholstered surfaces wear a combination of white vinyl and blue velour, and they look okay. The vinyl has developed a dirty look in places, but I think that a professional detailer might be able to return it to its best. A 1949 Mercury dash has been modified to fit inside the Coupe, and it looks perfectly at home there. Some of the painted surfaces have deteriorated, and it would come down to a matter of choice as to whether the buyer would address this. The carpet is in excellent condition, as is the wheel. The person who built the Ford chose to fit a tilt column, which should help make life comfortable on the road. There is no radio, so the buyer will have to make do with the song being produced by that small-block, which should be a sweet tune.

I don’t believe that this 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe is a hot rod built in the 1960s, but it does capture that era well. The buyer has plenty of scope to place their mark on it, or they could choose to retain it untouched. Placing a value on a car like this is difficult because it is not an original and unmolested classic. That means that it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Nobody has submitted a bid yet, but the number of watchers has been growing steadily as I’ve been writing this article. That would suggest that a few people like what they see. Do you think that any of them will submit a bid, or do you plan on beating them to the punch?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car. Obviously not prepped right for paint. That alone should take a whole lot off what the seller thinks its worth. What good is a neat street rod that’s leaving paint samples all over the road. Do love the dash treatment though.

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    • bry593

      Why didn’t the owner just say in the ad “Not for Sale”?

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  2. Bmac777 Member

    I’ve seen plenty of cars on here that don’t include the nice tires and rims in the sale of some over priced rot box, but now we have this car that doesn’t include the air cleaners at it’s starting price of $53k.
    Too funny!
    Maybe if he says they’re included at $60k there will be some serious bidding

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    • Terrry

      Don’t forget the tired and leaking engine. That’s included in the sale!

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  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Dang flippers…..

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  4. Wayne from oz

    Owner said it’s a true 60s hot rod. So how come it’s got a 1972 engine?

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  5. Sam Shive

    If he takes the boat anchor bowtie out and makes it all Ford again He might get close to the money he wants, But as long as it’s chevy powered, He’d have to pay me to take it.

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    • Steve S.

      That’s silly. Unless it’s a Flathead putting a Ford engine in a hot rod is a pain, which is why no one does it. A Chevy fits an early Ford chassis like it was made for it, which is why it’s been done for 65 years.

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      • Mike

        Just because it fits, doesn’t make it right. I know why the old Ford bodies get bowties…. the old GM cars had too much wood in their body frames….and SBC’s are a dime a dozen…That still don’t make it right

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      • Don

        If a Chevy fits like it was made for it why is the firewall recessed as it is not stock. Looks to me like a Ford could replace it easily.

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  6. doug pendergraft

    I’ll give you $53.00 for it!!!

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  7. Joe Haska

    I will keep my eye on this sale not because I want it ,but because I have one just like it. Mine is a 34 5-window and I bought it in 1963, so it is or was a 60’s Hot Rod. However I have never stopped working on it over all these years. I have painted it 4 times , changed engines 5 times, and easily a dozen different tire and wheel combinations most ,people would describe it as a traditional Hot Rod. It has even won that award at a Show. What interests me is the price, it maybe surprising but I think it is over priced. It seems to be a complete car and steel, if you were to leave it alone ,53k for beater type 33 Coupe is a little much and if you want to make it a very nice driver Hot Rod , you could easily top 75k for that you can go buy a very nice car. For me, a Hot Rodder who loves Model 40’s and has owned one for 55 plus years, in the current market the math doesn’t work.

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  8. Mike B.

    are u kidding me! 53k! with that kind of paint job! lol!! >good luck<

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  9. Gary Rhodes

    Make it safe to drive, otherwise don’t touch it. It is perfect

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  10. vintagehotrods

    Sure, the price is on the high side of the market but I know Matt, the seller, and he knows the market better than I do because he buys and sells these kind of cars and parts all the time. That price is just the starting point for future negotiations to sell it off Ebay. Most of the commentators here really don’t know the genre of traditional hot rods and this one fits the bill pretty well. Shiny, new paint and aluminum wheels aren’t “it” with traditional hot rods. I also have a mostly original ’34 three window coupe that I love to drive but even though its got a great running ’36 LB flathead, it’s an “in town” car. With a small block Chevy it would be a “cross country” car and that’s highly desirable to those of us that actually drive their cars, which is what it is all about.

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  11. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Wow, I had a 1/24th scale slot car of this, right down to the metallic blue color (sprayed on the inside of the clear plastic), faux spinner wheelcovers and square tail lights. This looks like someone took a eye dropper of potion on my slot car and made it full scale, 1/1. Very cool vintage look.

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  12. Mike Hartman

    It’s worth it to a person who knows what it is not to people who worry about air cleaners, old paint, wrong hubcaps, or that it’s a 60-year-old hot rod. My first 34 was in 1976 have owned 5 since. Never lost money

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  13. Danny from oz

    Taillights look out of place. They just don’t look right.

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  14. dogwater

    looks like an old lacquer paint job sand it down base clear it have fun

  15. Kenn

    Are those air cleaners worth that much, that they’re not included?

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  16. Phlathead Phil

    Well, here’s my 2 cents worth. First, it’s not an original Ford. IMHO, to be truly worth the asking price, it would have to have EVERYTHING original with accurate records of ALL service and the original parts in a box if removed for service.

    Second, it would have to have all of the documents at time of dealer sale.

    Third, ALL numbers MUST match the MFG plate.

    This one has been “Morphed.” My guess is some guy got home from ‘Nam and started his “Project” from left over 60’s parts dad had laying around. I don’t for one, like Chevy parts on Ford’s.

    I’ve got three Ford’s in the rebuild stage at present and a frame build going as well.

    No GM Parts will be used. However, if I found a good mid 30’s Chevy, you can bet it would have bowtie goodies!

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  17. Elliott

    I’m thinking my grandmother wouldn’t characterize 1933 as a “less complicated era”.

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  18. Rex B Schaefer

    Keeping the air cleaners***Who’s kidding who?

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    • Phlathead Phil

      Apparently, the seller plans on building a duplicate car starting with the air cleaners. Whadup wit dat?

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