One Family-Owned 1977 Buick Skylark

The lineage of the Skylark, first offered by Buick in 1953, is quite interesting and unique.  Originating as a limited production convertible, Skylark models ran the gamut during its 46 year production.  Designs include everything from coupes to sedans as well as station wagons and hatchbacks.  Engine choices also covered a wide spectrum to include various powerful 6 and 8 cylinder motors in earlier models, to the more fuel efficient, emissions friendly 4 cylinder offerings of later years.  The Skylark is a fairly good representation of the ever changing tastes and times within the auto industry from the 1950’s through the 1990’s.  This all original ’77 bird, offered for sale here on Craigslist near Binghamton, New York for $4,000, might have been grandma’s grocery-getter as it has just over 40,000 miles on the clock.

Following the muscle car performance era of the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, 3rd generation Skylarks (1975-1979) were significantly restyled.  Base two-door sedans such as this came with the option of a 135 hp, 301 cubic inch V8 in 1977.  The seller mentions this car is completely rust-free and provides one photo with a rear view of the undercarriage that features the fuel tank.  The tank and supporting straps sure look solid and free from corrosion.  The seller also points out the beautiful condition of the car’s chrome and I must say those big ’70’s safety bumpers really do look nice with no visible pitting.  The landau vinyl top looks pristine as well, no doubt the result of this car having been garage-stored its entire life.  The original hubcaps are still there and in nice shape too.  Note the signature Buick “ventiports” just in front of the doors.  This trademark look was first introduced in 1949 by Buick and offers a bit of interesting automotive design history.  Traditionally 3 port holes per side are given to lesser models while 4 per side are reserved for top-of-the-line models.

The seller-provided photo of the 301 V8 shows an engine that more or less looks its age.  While not neglected per say, the minor corrosion present here and there is perhaps an indication that the owner paid closer attention to maintaining the vehicle’s interior and exterior appearances.  Although the seller states the car is “smooth running,” was routine maintenance performed throughout the past 40 years?  It would be a bit more reassuring to know what (if any) repairs have been done and whether or not fluids, plugs and belts have been changed, etc.

The interior looks to be in fairly nice condition but not quite as pristine as the vehicle’s exterior.  The seller mentions there are no cracks in the dash, but I do see a sizable tear in the upholstery on the side of the driver’s seat.  I’m not a fan of the look of laced synthetic leather steering wheel wrap and would hope that if it were removed one would find the steering wheel to be in good original condition.  The seller explains that although the car has been stored inside, chipmunks and mice have gained access and “there is a little smell and some hickory nuts rolling around here and there, but no permanent damage.”  That’s a bit vague and somewhat discouraging because the odor of mouse urine can be very hard to eliminate!  All things considered, the seller’s price of $4,000 seems to be a fair offering for this car and for someone looking for an all original 3rd generation Skylark this could be the right opportunity.


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  1. VAR2018 Member

    Very clean looking car. I’d have to ditch the 301 in favor of a Buick 350 though. Even in stock form it’d be a nice cruiser.

  2. Rock On

    Very good condition being from the Northeast. You don’t see these on the roads much anymore. I’m all for ditching the 301. A built Buick 350, 400, 455 would all be good candidates.

  3. ACZ

    Perfect for an LS swap.

  4. Falstaff TR

    Very nice car for the money. Good entry into a hobby car. I like the add on door mounted drink holders right out of K-Mart’s automotive department. When I bought my 66 Skylark a buddy that bought and sold a lot of old cars said “too bad it’s not a Chevy it would be worth twice as much” first time he saw it. Same with this one if it was a Nova. Cool thing about the Buick is you will be one of the few at most shows and in my experience the Buicks have a solid build quality and are very nice driving cars

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I wonder if they still sell those door mounted drink holders. I’ll have to check the next time I’m in the big red K.

  5. Beatnik Bedouin

    Having owned one of these, albeit a ’77 hatch with a Chevy LM-1 350 and heavy-duty everything else, they’re pretty nice to drive.

    Agree with Falstaff that this is a good entry-level car for someone.

  6. angliagt

    Not sure if it’d work on this,but I used raw coffee grounds
    to get rid of the oder in a 2003 Dakota that I bought from a heavy
    It also got rid of the wet smell in my ’96 F150,when the seller
    went crazy with cleaning supplies on the interior.

  7. Jeremy

    This was my first car bought it from my aunt for 175.00 what’s more interesting is not only is this the same color but it’s also where I grew up. Not very likely this is the car I owned as mine had 80k when I bought it unless of course it really has 140k

  8. Nick

    Clean car, and not unreasonably priced. Hope it finds a good home where it’s maintained and preserved and enjoyed for what it is.

  9. EJB

    My first ever car was a 76′ Skylark. The car was a 3.8 V-6 though. The looked almost exactly like this except the landau top was red.

    Never left me stranded. Not bad for $350

  10. Wrong Way Member

    Interesting read! I learned something new! I thought that I am to darn old to learn anything anymore! LOL, it’s the port hole numbers and what they mean!

  11. Terry

    I think you meant to say, “while not neglected per se”.

    • Jay B Jay B Staff

      Yes! Thanks for the correction!!!

  12. Butchb

    My step-mother had one of these new. It had buckets seats and a console but I dont remember what engine it had. Not a bad price for what the seller is offering.

  13. Bob C.

    A friend of mine had a 78 like this. He had a v6 and drove it very hard. Not the best era for cars, but it certainly proved its worth.

  14. W9BAG Member

    Take note of the folded paper on top of the A/C vents in the center. A common fix for floppy A/C vents.

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