One Of One? 1929 Cadillac Victoria Convertible Coupe

This 1929 Cadillac Victoria convertible coupe, also known as a Fleetwood model 3885, is a bit unusual in that it is believed to have been a test-fit model, according to the seller. And this Cadillac is no stranger to the cyberworld, as there are online Cadillac forums that have attempted to decipher its purpose in life, more on that later. Located in Allen Park, Michigan, it’s one to examine. This Cadillac Victoria is available, here on eBay for a starting bid of $100,000. Thanks to Ray for this tip!

Cadillacs of this era featured bodies built by Fisher or Fleetwood and this example uses a Fleetwood body that ostensibly was a mock-up for changes that would be needed for the upcoming V-16 engine, scheduled for a 1930 debut. The telltale with this Cadillac is the shorter cowl section, altered windshield, and unusually wide doors. It is built, however, on a standard Cadillac 140″ wheelbase chassis.

Another standard is the 90 HP, 341 CI V8 engine – a design based on Cadillac’s earlier 314 CI engine, which itself dated to 1914. The 341 saw duty, extensively, in all 1928 and 1929 models. The seller claims that it “runs and drives nicely” and has undergone recent brake work and a fuel system cleaning. The mileage is recorded as 78K but there is no claim to that reading as being genuine. The sole transmission available in ’29 was a three-speed manual gearbox.

The seller claims that this Cadillac is recently out of a collection and it is in its original condition and has never been dismantled. It looks fine at a distance but upon closer examination, there are places where the paint is starting to discolor and/or peel off. Still, considering that this car is 92 years young, it’s holding up well – we should all be so lucky! The chrome-plated fittings and trim have weathered time remarkably well. In addition to the altered cowl and doors, the trunk is supposedly a custom piece too. Finally, the canvas top still shows well though it has what looks like a substantial water stain across the rear section – that would assume exposure to elements or something else or less than optimal.

Inside, the seller states, “The interior has been redone and while in nice condition is believed to be done in incorrect fabrics“. True that! It honestly has a cheap look about it for a Cadillac, so maybe the fabrics are incorrect. It’s all in good nick, just not what was expected. The steering wheel is showing wear from use but the rest of the environment presents itself well other than some worn windlace and lower kick panels that have been kicked a bit.

There is an interesting discussion around this Cadillac on the Antique Automobile Club of America’s forum section, check out the comments, they contain some interesting observations. The forum is fairly recent, so this Cadillac has been making internet rounds since at least last October. The prevailing wisdom is that, yes, this car is a one of a kind, the reasons for its singularity are where the debate continues. As for the appeal, it is suggested that a true Cadillac fan, one that would want a little bit of all things Cadillac, especially the more unusual pieces, would be the likely acquirer. This price point may test how far one is willing to go for one-off uniqueness, wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Howard A Member

    It’s okay, you can call me old fashioned, and to switch gears some from my normal complaining, but these “full classics” are, to me, the epitome of a classic car,,,and not one comment. I don’t know if these are worth $100g’s, is it 10 times an IH Scout? ( had to get that foolishness in there) I see at auctions today, these roll right through, struggling to get a fraction of what these folks want, just no interest, and no comments here, even on the low end of the spectrum, tells me, while people may be fascinated by it’s style, nobody cares to actually have this. When was the last time you saw a “full classic” like this out amongst the RAM 4×4’s? Never. They are destined to sit in poorly attended museums with velvet ropes around them, collecting dust. Such a shame,,,fantastic automobiles, when “motoring” was a special thing, that I suppose, had their time in history, and was only for the very rich. Not much changed in that regard. Beautiful automobile.

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    • TimS Member

      I do love to read the stories in Hemmings Classic Car about people who actually drive their Classics.

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  2. David Frank David Frank Member

    Hmmmm, at least no one is suggesting an LS swap! I guess we could have higher attendance at the museum where I volunteer, but it’s not a “poorly attended museum with velvet ropes around them, collecting dust.” We take cars out to events and even take people for rides in them. We’re starting rides again on Father’s Day with convertibles. Before the pandemic, people loved seeing the 1948 Bentley when I was driving people around town in it. It’s like driving in a parade. Even when I’m driving my Model A around it gets lots of attention, lots of waves and “cool car” shout outs.

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  3. Bunky

    Good find. A historic car for sure. The styling looks rather choppy to me, but then it was built for “practice”.

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  4. Robert White

    What Howard said.


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    Even though it is original and I would keep it that way. I wish the factory had installed a bigger engine. I never liked the design of the V8 with the exhaust manifolds on top of the heads and the distributor right there in the middle between them. If i had it I would drive it but would have those exhaust manifolds recoated with the original porcelain to hold the heat down. What else can I say, it is a work of art and is a lot prettier than my ’27 Dodge Brothers.

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  6. DuesenbergDino

    Prefer the 452A Roadster with the V16. Painted my fair share of them and even named my businesses V16 as a tribute. Email since 1975 has included Dinov16 in it.

  7. Newt

    The paint isn’t peeling fast enough to suit me.

  8. Chris Londish Member

    This is a beautiful car and I am want to covet it immediately but I cannot see it leaving the country as its importance to your automobile history, it belongs in the GM Heritage collection or the Smithsonian

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