One Owner 1967 Chevrolet Camaro!

Like the La Brea Tar Pits preserved saber-toothed Cats from millennia ago, California sure has unique ways of saving things. While not covered in sticky asphalt (thank goodness), this survivor 1967 Camaro has proven again that cars from here are sometimes in an unusually high state of perpetuation. Be it little rain or lack of salted roads, many of these vehicles have minimal corrosion and rot thru. Find this one, showing just 81k miles here on eBay with a BIN price of $25k OBO. Powered by a 327/210 hp V8 and shifted by a Powerglide, these first-year Camaros were good sellers for GM, moving a little over 195,000 units of the Sport Coupe. Ford countered with an all-new Mustang for ’67 and sold over 472,000 coupes, fastbacks, and convertibles! Looking very original here and I even see the A.I.R. (air injector reactor-smog) pump present. I wonder how much of that is original hoses and wires?

Like the ’69 Nova I wrote about the other day, Ermine White with blue interiors must have been a popular combo in the late ’60s. Only one interior picture is provided, so it’s hard to call the condition on this one. I will say it has a center console and bucket seats. It’s too bad they didn’t take the time and document this with some better photos. At least pull it off the trailer.

The body is claimed to have never been wrecked and the only thing I see is some garage rash/missing paint around the trunk, doors, and hood. Again, no good detail shots.

Easily sourced are some of the missing exterior emblems that were stolen off the car years ago. The rear bumper guards were standard and no spoilers were available. The wheel covers (P01) look like the correct ones for a base model. The one change I would make is to add some early 14×6 Rally Wheels and Redline tires. That’s it. I’m just not a hubcap guy. Lots of documentation comes with this car, including the Protect-o-Plate. Brett the owner says, “I’m open to reasonable offers”, and that he and his Dad are the only ones to have driven and wrenched on it. How much would you pony up for this early production, well-preserved survivor?


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  1. Gaspumpchas Hulsizer

    Nice unmolested original–turn key and drive. sure thing someone will snap it up. good luck to the new owner!!!

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  2. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Hummmm…..thinking you need to read that option list again or maybe for a first time ?

    Nice car – wounder what the flipper paid for it ?

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    • Tom Member

      You lost me…..maybe I just missed it,

      1. What option list? Did not see one. Car has a V8, buckets and center console, wheel opening & rocker trim, power brakes, power steering? Those seem to be the options.

      2. Flipper paid for it? Entire ebay ad is first person by & being sold by the original family/owner.

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      • Mike

        Since it’s on a car trailer I agree with the flipper comment. Some Richard Rollins wannabe bought it.

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  3. art

    I like the hubcaps..nice stock car.
    Nice that it’s not molested to death.

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  4. Grandpa Lou

    A really nice car. Hope it stays just the way it is, oh, and I love the wheel covers. (hub caps are small and usually only cover the lugs)

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  5. Pookie Jamie

    Throw some moonies on it and RWLs on it. Tint the windows and a nice wax job. Beautifully presented

  6. Tom Member

    Because I am not an expert (I know enough to be dangerous !) about license plates and CA,…..if this is the original owner, bought in CA and car remained in CA for 52 years….where are the black plates?

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    • Pookie Jamie

      Who cares about the tags… apparently you do. Tags change and so does everything else. Tom, you’d complain if they hung you with a new rope. Let the tags go already.

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      • Tom Member

        Jamie, yes I do care as a car collector and restoration & detailing expert and enthusiast.

        As Steve R and Art below nicely explained, that is why the black plates matter.

        Barn Finds is a fun site and educational for sure. Guys like Steve & Art and others share great knowledge. I try to do the same. I like to learn as well.

        My only complaint is your attitude.

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      • triumph1954

        Great comment Jamie. Nice honest car and presented well and most of the comments or arguments are about the license plates. Tom, I think it is your attitude.

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  7. Steve R

    If it has personalized plates the originals would have been turned in to the DMV. If something happened to one of the plates such as being damaged or stolen that would also necessitate new, late plates. I had a USA-1 plate on the front of my old Camaro and was cited by the police for no front plate. I couldn’t find it in order to get the ticket signed off so I had to get replacement plates from the DMV. This was a common occurrence back then, no one really cared about black plates in the mid to late-1980’s.

    Steve R

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    • Tony Primo

      Even today, a lot of people don’t care about black plates, myself included.

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    • Tom Member

      Steve, thanks for the great info!

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  8. art

    Year specific plates on a California car adds provenance and monetary value to the car. They often can provide a solid history to the car and its’ origin. California plates stayed with the car when sold unless they were personalized plates and the owner wished to retain them. Also, no rust issues in California, so no new plates every year. With new registration you received a month and year sticker, and after that first set, just a (new) year sticker to evidence that you were current on your registration.
    Steve R is correct. If a plate was lost and you got ticketed, you ended up with different plates and possibly a different series or color. Some folks also liked the newer Blue-Yellow plates and changed out their Black-Yellow plates to make their car appear newer. You’ll also find 1969 and 1970 vehicles with either color plate as the change over was in late 1969, if I recall correctly.

    Bottom line, correct plates on a California car (especially a rare or high value car), generally equals more money to the seller than if the car has incorrect or missing plates. Ditto, the original “Pink Slip”, the California titles back then, were pink.
    Think proper papers for a pedigree pooch.

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    • Tom Member

      Thanks Art, great info, I really appreciate your answer unlike Jamie.

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  9. Doc

    End of the day, what a seller and buyer can come to agreement on is what the market value is. Appraised value would be where the provenance comes into play and if it had a proven registration history.
    No one pays full appraised value unless the vehicle is substantially original or restored to a ultra high degree.
    Black plate adds to the history and usually only on original cars does it become a potential value increase, but usually no more than 5% of value.
    And did I pick that number out of the sky? Nope.

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  10. socaljoe

    Burlingame California is not such a dry place imagined when buying California cars. It is foggy and wet even in August. And it is on the coast. (Salt in the air). 25k for a 327 power glide car that needs paint is a pipe dream price.

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    • Steve R

      That’s not accurate. I live 10 miles south of Burlingame. The fog they get is not ground fog, it’s more like low cloud cover, on the rare occasion they do they get ground fog, it’s in the winter, not summer. As for salt in the air, that’s simply not the case. Ocean air that contributes to the rust is confined to the area directly on the coast, the hills that run down the peninsula all the way between San Francisco and San Jose is the dividing line when it comes to rust. Cars on the west side rust, those on the east side, don’t. Burlingame is on the located several miles to the east side of those hills.

      Steve R

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  11. Jeremy

    I didn’t realize only flippers used car trailers…good to know.

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  12. Tort Member

    Nice car but for the asking price and the work it needs, drivers seat looks torn, and other fixes seems way high but it takes just one buyer. Why do I see so many cars for sale on trailers? Not just on Barn Finds but on the sites.

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  13. Jackie Hollingsworth

    Very nice Car that I would enjoy owning…..I think $20,000 would be a fair price if the mechanics are in good shape.

  14. TimM

    Really nice clean car but I would want to loose the power glide for a four speed and change the interior from that nasty blue to black!!!

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  15. Madams

    Take a look at the Air-Cleaner – this would be for the 327-4bbl 275 HP. They always looked out of place to me.

    The Protecto-Plate indicates the 327/275hp rather than the base 2bbl 210HP

    Engine code MN – 327ci/275HP L30 With Automatic and Smog

    T on the next line indicates a Powerglide. Cant read much else

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  16. Tim

    I purchased this car from Brett, the car is amazing. I spent all winter detailing it and fixing little things, never touched up anything with paint. The Ermine white paint is original with no touch up. No rust ever and never wrecked. The reason the black plates are not on the car is because the car was given to his brother after he passed away. Always kept in the family. Madams is correct, the engine is a 327/275 hp. I hope to keep this car for my wife, and then daughter, then my grand daughter, it just drives so nice with the automatic, ps,pb. I like it as well as our 1968 nova w/6000 orig. miles.

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