One-Owner Survivor: 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

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Hailing from the final year of Satellite production, this 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring is a one-owner car that has now been listed for sale. Barn Finder Ikey H has been on the lookout for us and spotted this great looking car. Thank you so much for that Ikey. The Satellite is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is listed for sale here on craigslist. If this is a car that really grabs you, then you only need to hand over $16,500, although the owner is willing to listen to reasonable offers.

The owner took delivery of the Plymouth in August of 1974, and it has lived in either California or Colorado ever since. Apart from the American Racing wheels that are currently fitted to the car, it is said to be original, right down to the windshield. The owner says that there is no rust in the vehicle, and it certainly looks nice and clean. Giving the supplied photos a good look, there doesn’t even appear to be any minor dents or dings. The exterior chrome and trim also look quite good. In addition to the wheels that are currently fitted to the car, it does come with the original Rally wheels, which you can see in some of the other photos.

The interior of the car is pretty impressive, but there are one or two issues to address. The vinyl on the door trims just above the cloth inserts is stretched, and I’m unsure whether this can be fixed, while the carpet is a bit faded. Still, this is a 45-year-old interior, and the fact that the white vinyl and the cloth are in good condition is a testament to careful ownership. The dash and pad look good, while luxury features extend to the factory AM radio, and ice cold air conditioning.

Powering the Satellite is a 318ci V8 engine and a TorqueFlite transmission. You also get power steering and power front disc brakes. The owner says that the V8 purrs and that the transmission shifts smoothly. The Satellite is also fitted with dual exhaust, so I suspect that it probably sounds pretty nice as well. The Plymouth is said to be ready to drive anywhere. With a curb weight of 3,600 lbs, and 150hp on tap, this is by no means a muscle car, but it would still be a comfortable and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

The owner says that this Satellite is not just another Road Runner clone, and I’m quite glad that it isn’t. This is just a nice, clean classic that is ready to be driven and enjoyed. I would probably refit the original wheels because while I don’t mind the aftermarket ones, I have found that really nice unmodified classic cars can really attract some attention. The price on this one is a bit higher than normal, but it is in above average condition.

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  1. CapNemo

    Door panels.

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    • CapNemo HydTech


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    • BoatmanMember

      You’re not gonna change him!

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  2. edh

    $1650.00 is not a bad price.

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  3. Erich

    Oh, wow. My 1st car was a ’74 Satellite Sebring in Y9 (gold flake metallic brown). I’d love to have that car back but this would be a suitable stand-in.

    Now if only I had spare cash…

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  4. Roger

    I had a 1973 Sebring Plus in Autumn Bronze Metallic and a black vinyl top. It was a nice car but it was typical bad Chrysler build quality in the 70’s.

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  5. BoatmanMember

    I had the standard 74 Satellite same color. I’ve had nearly 100 cars in my lifetime, and that car was my favorite. Not flashy, not fast, just a great car. That price, though!

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  6. Clipper

    I owned a blue one — a “beater” — in the early 80s…somehow being only a decade old it had already had rusted out completely along the rockers by the time I had acquired it.. But it ran well and I enjoy the memory of it.

    This one here is in excellent condition — which to me is itself impressive as they weren’t really, um, “highly valued in their day” to begin with.

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  7. Suprarossa

    I had a ’74 just like this one but was a Sundance Edition, and if I remember correctly, that fabric pattern was part of (and only available on) that special edition. If this is indeed a Sundance, the graphics are missing which is a shame and reduces the value significantly

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    • Marc 70 AMX

      I just saw this Duster at GoodGuys, they said the pattern was similar to the Sundance you mentioned…

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  8. Tom

    Malaise Era yes, but some of the best interior color/fabric combinations of all time!

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  9. Miguel

    I have never liked this body style and to me it seems like a lot of money for a car I wouldn’t want to look at.

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  10. Little_Cars Alexander

    Sure looks like the Sundance edition interior, so yes somewhere along the way this car lost it’s vinyl graphics. Most could be reproduced easily these days on a large plotter/trimmer with the exception of the Sundance logos which, IIRC, showed a setting sun in gradients of deep orange into yellow. There was a really crappy parts car locally on CL not long ago with PERFECT graphics and a rare sunroof but otherwise trashed. Could be used to nail the repro graphic design for this one.

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    • suprarossa

      my pictures are crap sorry

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    • suprarossa

      emblem on the leading edge of the hood. same emblem on the trunk. widening stripes from leading edge of the front fender up and over the b-pillar with another Sundance emblem

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  11. Troy s

    Nice car….ugly rims. I don’t usually say this but it looks better with the stock wheels. As nice as it is I don’t get the big price tag for a 318 Satellite, I’m still lost in another era I guess.

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  12. PRA4SNW

    Me likey car.
    Me hatey price.

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  13. Richard

    My first car was a 74 Sebring Plus. Brown with a tan vinyl top and bucket seat interior with a slapstick. Great memories seeing this one!

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  14. Big Loop

    Had an emrald green 74 Sebring Plus with a Roadrunner hood and a 3 foot Plymouth decal on the back fenders in high school. Man that 318 can and did take a beating- would buy $5 tires from the junkyard and coat the local back roads with rubber, good times…

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  15. Anthony Volpe

    Well, I am the new owner of this Satellite Sundance. It is a stripe delete car and it does run and drive well. I paid $7500 for it. No rust but does need some paintwork. I woke up the original 318 by installing an Edelbrock performance package (cam, carburetor, manifold, valve springs and seals). Now performs like a 340. Going to add black Road runner graphic stripes, decals, emblems so if someone would like to install original Sundance graphics they can.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Great work – you got the seller down to less than half price, making it a very reasonable buy.

      Good luck!

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  16. Michael Bloom

    I bought one in my Senior year in college. My wife was 9 months along with our first child. My mother was visiting us and we went for a drive in Rapid City, SD. My wife was sitting in the middle of my mom and me in the front seat when a can loaded with paint cans smashed into the drivers side at an intersection. The impact pushed us 15 feet. An ambulance came and took my pregnant wife to the hospital. At first, they could not detect a heart beat but, fortunately, were able to later. I only sustained bruised ribs. My wife and mom were not hurt. The guy who crashed into us had no license and no insurance. My car was totalled. I credit the safety built in heavy duty door plate for saving what could have been a catastrophy. I treasure the short amount of time I had that car.

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  17. buddy

    one of my favorite cars I ever owned. 74 Sebring plus, with a 360 interceptor, quidajet carburetor. Posey real end. white vinyl top over snow white paint. with red and white interior. had it top out at 140mph. racing a 911. he got the jump on me,stayed tail to head for over ten miles. love to have that car back.

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