One Owner Barn Find: 1964 Lincoln Continental

Said to be a one owner car, this 1964 Lincoln Continental looks like a great project. With its rear suicide doors, massive hood and trunk, these cars are legendary. This particular car can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $3,600.  Located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, I wouldn’t be surprised if the bidding goes way up on this one.

A challenging part of building a Lincoln of this vintage are the large, flat body panels. A lot of these cars are re-painted black and they will show any kind of poor body work or defects. The ad states: “Some rust but really a solid car, great body lines, door gaps. Solid car doors shut like new!” The blue color of this one reminds me of the grandpa’s car from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, although that was a convertible.

The engine is a 430 cubic inch V8. The car doesn’t currently run, but the ad says the owner “filled” the cylinders with oil when parked. Hopefully this prevented any rust seizure and the engine is still salvageable. Even with a lot of cubic inches, these cars aren’t built for performance. With a curb weight of 5000+ pounds the weight along ensures a challenge for a stock power plant.

Here is a great shot of the massive interior. The two bench seats will easily accommodate six adults comfortably. The suicide doors in the rear bring another level of coolness to these cars. While convertibles may be a bit more desirable, Lincolns of this era don’t come up for sale very often. If you’ve always wanted one of these cars, this may be your chance.

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  1. Bob C.

    This was designer Elwood Engel’s baby before he moved to Chrysler Corp in 1961. By 1965 you could see similar cues in the slab sided designs.

  2. LMK Member

    Appears to be a nice car but if interested in it I would suggest requesting additional detailed pictures of the undercarriage. Make certain that no rusty surprises await you if you buy it…..
    Also, you want to know if the engine at least turns….

  3. Nick

    Nice car, I hope it finds a good home. Get it running, and enjoy it for what it is. Too bad no AC, though.

  4. jw454

    I wonder if the number 3 cylinder has a miss?

  5. Maestro1a

    I agree with LMK and of the car’s bones are good buy it.


    I would cut a dual sunroof into this hefty beast.

    • Edward Halkyard

      That would just ruin this beautiful classic car

  7. Bob S

    They are a monster of a car, 5800 pounds, but the construction and workmanship on my friend’s car was absolutely beautiful. Apparently, Lincoln division lost money on every car they sold.
    When the restoration tech that was doing the body and paint on his new acquisition, at one point he had jacked up one back corner of the car. Even with the back of the car jacked up on one corner, all the doors closed just as if the car was sitting flat.
    Well worth a restoration.

    • Ensign Pulver

      I owned a 64 convertible in desert rose. My driveway was on an incline which I thought was a plus for oil changes! Until I drove it on metal ramps and they slowly collapsed….sounds of metal fatigue like Titanic boilers…wrapping around the tires. Glad it happened right away rather than when I was underneath!!!

    • PatrickM

      These babies ride like clouds!

  8. Johnmloghry Member

    I owned two 65 models, very similar, they were great running cars. The radio in both cars were junk, you could get a lot of static but not much else. Tranny went out on one of them, had it rebuilt at Aamco, it never worked again even after multiple attempts for them to repair it. They finally got so angry they refused to work on it again. Maybe it was the color, they were both light blue. Also the power steering had to be repaired on one, it’s a complicated system, direct drive, no belt. But what a smooth ride, and for some of you younger readers, these older cars have a worm gear type steering, very smooth but requires turning the steering wheel a lot more than rack n pinion style found on newer cars. I like 65’s a little better, mostly because of the chrome on the tail lights. Everybody has their thing, I like chime. 😀

  9. Cornelius P Flabob III

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with this model of Chevrolet let me tell you, it can be a real money pit. The suicide doors are nice but should be oiled. Also, this is are V8 and won’t get good gas mileage.
    It will probably need new spark plugs and the interior cleaned.
    Also, it may smell old so it will need air freshener I’m sure.
    Take it from me, I know cars

    • Mark Arlotta

      It’s not a Chevrolet, it’s a lincoln

    • Edward Halkyard

      Not a chevy car guy it’s a lincoln

    • Miguel Member

      Can we please stop with the gas mileage comments?

      They were not made to get good gas mileage and everybody knows that.

      Also, this is not a Chevrolet.

      • chad/chrlsful

        Miguel – it’s a humor post…lookit da name’n comments.

      • John Deebank

        When gas got expensive these big Lincolns and Caddys sold fairly cheap and I bought them. I drove these 2 brands for years after and had the best rides ever. The sound systems were great and had so many toys in them. I would buy them around 3 yrs old, so they were well looked after and the seller ate all the depreciation. One Caddy had the same engine as a Corvette and despite the weight when stepped on it I was pushed back into the seat..


    I’d drive it… Not a Ford guy but that’s just cool!

  11. David Miraglia

    Happy birth year to me. Were both 54. Never grow tired of the suicide door Lincolns.

  12. Richard Nepon

    I got married in 74 and got one for a wedding present when my 64 Electra 225 convertible was stolen just before the affair. Black on black. Great cruiser. But when a tooth chipped on the flywheel crawling under to nudge the engine got old, quickly.

  13. Ron Wheeler

    Sould mention more about the power steering driven off
    the crankshaft behind the dampner. Have owned 4
    62,63,64,65 and I cursed the power steering leaks.
    I would yank the Cont. engine and put in a Ford Mark
    engine if I ever owned one again.

  14. Bob in TN Member

    When I see these cars, I can’t help but to admire the ultra-clean slab-sided styling, which still looks good today. As a comparison, our neighbor has a new Lexus RX (the mid sized SUV). In my opinion, it is so over-styled that it looks cartoon-ish. Swoops, cuts, angles, tacky-looking features everywhere, including the spindle grille. It is nice inside, however.

    Back to this Lincoln…. I think these cars look great, especially black convertibles when there has been five figures spent on the bodywork and paint.

    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      Some of the new Lexus models have a face only the Predator could love. As Arnie would say, “what the hell are you?”

  15. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking Lincoln. I’ve always loved this style for the Continental.

  16. DrewP

    Whaddya talking about?! That interior looks showroom fresh and probably smells it, too!
    And fagettabout looking underneat, how bad could it be? Engine turn easily?! 5000lbs will make many things move.

  17. Wrong Way

    Awesome find! I like the 2 doors better, but with the awesome suicide doors I sure wouldn’t look away!

  18. Gay Car Nut

    A 2 door 1964 Continental?

    • Wrong Way

      Well no, I was just saying that I like the 2 door Continentals overall!

      • Gay Car Nut

        Ahhh! Okay. I’ve never seen a 4 door 64 Lincoln Continental. They were either never produced, or produced in such limited numbers, that they’re not seen much today.

  19. Ron Wheeler

    Just do a 4 dr. suicide Cont. search Gay Car Nut and see all the years. I do miss the 1965 that I owned. It had a split front seat with some extras. Believe the 1966 was the first year of no suicide doors and a side change.

    • Gay Car Nut

      Now that you mention it, I had seen some suicide door 63 and 64 Continental 4 doors. I’ve never ridden in one as a passenger I’m afraid. But I have seen them. What I should’ve said was that I’d never seen a 2 door Continental. My bad. :(


    These cars are so cool

  21. Scott Tait

    If your going to do land barge do it with style!

    • Gay Car Nut

      I agree, Scott Tait. And Lincoln sure new how to produce cars of great style during the 60s and early 70s. :)

  22. Mountainwoodie

    So in the early seventies as a car nut college kid I owned a BEAUTIFUL white ’63 Lincoln 4 door with a beautiful light blue interior. I think I paid 750 bucks and it looked like a two year old car. Had a Craig 8 track sitting on the hump……..of course gas was .35 cents a gallon and I often couldn’t come up with the seven bucks plus or so to fill it! Hahah.

    I loved that car and especially the leather interior and I could stare at the dash all day long..We drove that car up and down the East Coast and out to Colorado with all sorts of adventures better left in the haze of the distant past. When Animal House came out, even though Stephen Furst’s car was a ’65 (I think) ,I thought to myself, these guys in the fraternity are amateurs! :)

  23. chad

    like the earlier models w/the nod to ArtDeco (all the lill squares in the frnt grill & face of rear deck, the looka da dash’n wheels/hub caps) as seen on a Prez Kennedy Limo.

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