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One-Owner Project: 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus

The Type 2 VW Transporter hit the scene in 1950 and is still around today in one form or another. Also known as the Kombi, Vanagon, Microbus, or just plain Bus, these vehicles had their air-cooled engines mounted in the back, just like the Beetle. This example from 1964 is billed as a one-owner vehicle that was mostly forgotten after its owner passed away, perhaps 40 years ago. It has an awful lot of rust and corrosion, but the seller believes it could made runnable without herculean efforts. Located in Tacoma, Washington, this VW is available here on eBay where the current bid hovers at $7,600.

First-generation Type 2s had a split windshield which could be pushed out to help more air get into the passenger compartment. By 1963, the vans used a 1,493-cc engine which was rated at 51 hp. A 4-speed manual transmission was the shifting mechanism of choice. Production would last until 1967, after which the Type 2 was redesigned. These earlier vans would be popular with the youth of the 1960s and 1970s who would often turn them into “hippie mobiles” – but I’m dating myself.

As the story goes, the original owner last registered this rusty van for highway use in Washington State in 1982 and passed away not long after. It was likely left outside when Mother Nature began to take it over. But while it was operational, it was supposedly used as a shuttle vehicle at the Seatle/Tacoma airport. 15,000 miles is the odometer reading, but 115,000 sounds more plausible. We’re told it’s all there, but how much of it is usable would be determined upon restoration.

Mechanically, the engine turns by hand and the transmission gears and clutch move, so perhaps getting it to run isn’t implausible. The white and blue paint have been consumed by surface rust and upon closer inspection you’ll see where it has also penetrated the body. This looks like an expensive project to undertake, but sometimes bringing a car vehicle back from the brink outweighs the price tag. The seller provides additional pics here to help you decide for yourself.


  1. Big C

    Upon Closer inspection? This baby is toast.

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  2. The Purple Defender

    Even the goofy Mopar prices seem reasonable compared to these. Rich Gen Zers seem to think these are cool. Little did they know that mostly low life stoners used to drive them, and that to use the word drive when discussing them is oxymoronic. These can hardly keep up with a six year old on a tricycle.

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    • Chris Cornetto

      Legalization of weed and magic mushrooms fuel this insanity…lol

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    • John Arnest

      That’s a little harsh! They were also a good way for a couple of guys to throw their boards in and head out to the country (North Shore of Oahu) for some waves- although the trip did take a while…

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      • BCB42

        On Oahu, 60 mph is about as good as it gets! This combi is perfect for there…
        I laugh when I see a Maserati there…

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    • James

      Let me guess, you drive a charger?

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    • Vwmikey.

      Goofy Mopars is right most of them rusted as bad as those busses. It is pretty rough. But I’ve seen worse redone. I’ve personaly worked on worse. Different kinds of people different kinds of likes.

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  3. I_cant_drive_65

    I love these buses. This one is, or was a great color and probably has an amazing history if it could talk. Unfortunately it is now a ghostly apparition with it’s physical presence represented by rust particles still held together in the shape of a cool VW bus. RIP.

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    • Ricardo Ventura

      The story is worth more than the car. Unfortunately.

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  4. Kurt Member

    I would like to see a high school auto shop class resurrect this carcass to show room condition with the sponsorship of a local VW dealer paying for parts (which are plentiful). Miracles still happen.

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  5. jim

    It is miles from me and I would not take it if it was free

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  6. Troy

    That’s to bad they let this thing get this bad before deciding to let it go with all the needed metal work can you still claim it as original when it’s restored? The bidders here see something I don’t good luck to the winner

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  7. Zen

    For the life of me, I’ll never understand why anyone would be interested in these things, which were crap when they were new, let alone this rotted junk. Yet they go for big money. It’s as mind boggling as those hoarders you see on TV.

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  8. Richard

    I had a ’66 model, very similar to this one, in the mid-70’s. It was reliable, but very slow, and had a hard time ascending hills.
    It eventually succumbed to rust, like this one has. I do hope that someone can resurrect it.

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