One-Owner Splitty: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

If you missed out on the Hawaiian Split-Window we featured earlier, then here’s your second chance! This ’63 is claimed to be a one-owner car that has been parked in a garage for the past 10 years with the fuel drained and the battery disconnected. It has more miles (78k), but appears to be in better condition and is fitted with the more powerful 327 V8 (300 hp) and a manual transmission! It’s located in Oklahoma City and is listed here on eBay. Could it get any better?

From what we can see, this Corvette appears to be in excellent condition. The listing says that the car is number’s matching and “unmolested”, but it doesn’t mention if it has ever been restored. Originality can add serious value, so that would be something worth investigating. Restorations are great, but nothing can beat the factory applied paint and an original interior.

The photos of the car being loaded onto a trailer do have me questioning the one-owner claim. Were the photos taken when the family had it moved? Or were they taken when the seller purchased it? I don’t want to start a big conversation about flipping, but let’s hope it’s not as bad as it looks. If you are going to buy and sell a car for a profit you should at least clean it up and present it well.

Perhaps the car just needed to be moved when the family sold the house? Either way, how would you like to stumble across something like this in your neighbor’s garage? What if they were willing to sell it cheap? Personally, I’d drag it home and get the engine running so I could drive it! The outrageous values of these cars may make that difficult though. Just think of the anxiety you would feel every time you drove it down a busy road or parked it in a crowded lot.

The inattentive drivers on their cell phones would be ready to rear end you! The parking lot dings would be more like axe chops to that poor fiberglass body! I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it. I suppose it could sit in the garage and only come out on perfect weather days. Of course, none of us would be tempted to sell it for a large sum of money instead…


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  1. Poncho pusher

    Love the 63 splits prob a pain to see out of with the dash mounted rear view…..ive always heard 2 stories of why it was a one yr thing……one that duntov/GM brass hated it and ordered it removed for 64 the other was ins companys was payin out the wazzo from people backing in to stuff in turn sorta kinda not really putting some pressure on GM to discontinue it for 64…..any one know the truth…….how mad would a vette guy be if some one was to “cut one up” to build a banshee replica…… 😀

    • Nova Scotian

      Rear view mirrors are for amateurs. LOL! Just pull it off and go man go! Who the hell cares what’s in back of ya’ when your rollin’ Dude. Just use your side mirror and respect for the road!! Dang, I usually tip mine up out of the way…too bleepin’ distracting…especially if it was mounted on the dash.

    • ACZ

      What makes you think the rv mirror was mounted on the dash on a 63 coupe? All of them I’ve seen, including my own, were mounted from the w/s header. FYI, there is no problem seeing out of the rear window(s). Another story from someone that never owned one.

    • STOLI

      i know this car its in need of serious paint job , and interior needs alot attention its baseline 300 hp car looks very good for originality , the engine isny currently running at this time and has been sitting for along while , owner ship on this car is unknown if original owner or not , you can buy real nice freshly painted car and redone interior partially restored car for this kind money

      • STOLI

        i think the seller is the bidder as well no one opens bid at $70,000 i know this car very well seen it alot seller is representing the owner

    • STOLI

      it needs alot work to be road worthy

  2. Steve R

    If it is a flipper they deserve to lose money based on the quality of pictures and the effort they put into writing that clear and informative description.

    I have no issues with flippers, just lazy sellers.

    Steve R

  3. Rick

    2 bids and at the opening $70K bid. Being hauled up on a flatbed makes it a second owner car now.. This one is going to bring stupid money.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Well, the flatbed alone doesn’t tell us it’s a two owner car. As I mentioned in my post, the family may have needed to move it when the house sold or something. We do see a lot of “second owners” using photos like this though…

  4. BiggYinn

    One owner car being sold by the 2nd owner… so flip it is

    • STOLI

      i believe it second owner is what i think havnt see any paperwork yet on the car ive made an offer but the guy representing car is thinking its worth 80$ i think

  5. jimjim

    Says its for sale elsewhere. I wonder what they are asking for it?

  6. Dan

    Anniversary gold….ugh….

    • doug

      Saddle tan, a good color. Anniversary was ’62 and ’58. The outside mirror and antenna appear to missing.

      • Bruce

        No mirror on passenger side. My 63 didn’t come with one either. It is a factory thing.

      • Bruce

        My 63. No mirror on passenger side.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Great looking ride Bruce! I love that Ermine white paint. Back to the side mirror, my 1972 does not have one either, but it was a dealer installed option. Maybe the same with midyears?

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Lots of cars didn’t have passenger side mirrors back then.

      • Bruce

        Jesse just wants a ride in mine. LOL

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Yes, I do!

    • Teri gibson

      Nope Saddle tan with saddle tan interior Had this same car in a 64 FI. Not my favorite color

  7. Joe Muzy

    I had one in 1971. Bought it after coming back from Nam. The wife hated it because of the blind spot so I sold it for a thousand over what I paid for it. If only I would have known what it would be worth today. Oh well happy wife happy life.

  8. Tobie

    Damn It!!! Where are all of these Barns at.

    • Tobie

      Every time I go out and look in old barns people come out whit guns and chase me off of their land… LOL

      • Cj

        Or dogs. I hate dogs. Found this in Western Virginia but didn’t want to risk going up to the house.

  9. JW

    I love everything about this car but the color, some hate brown / green cars of this era but I always hated gold cars but everyone has their opinions which I respect.

    • Nova Scotian

      Oh. Gotta comment again. I agree. Gold from the mid 19 hundreds looks dull most of the time. But newer Gold with sparkle/metallic, and a black interior….looks killer! Especially when it’s got a black convertible top..POW!

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Had a co-worker back in the 60’s with one. IIRC it had a 65 Fuelie engine in it. Ran like a scalded dog and sounded like one too. Biggest issue was drum brakes and it put your life at risk every time you hit them.
    I’d put that one in my garage any day beside my 86.

    • Rocco

      ’65 was the first year for disc brakes. Oh, ’65 eng in a ’63. Gotcha.

  11. Joe Haska

    Why is it the flippers, always get these cars? If I found something like this, I couldn’t flip it! GREED, money talks an B.S. walks.

  12. Horse Radish

    Boy, oh boy,
    now I cannot buy that car ,
    because your comment would always pop into my head when I get in it……

  13. Bruce

    No engine bay pictures or door jamb pictures? I am betting the car has an older restoration on it. If it is truly an original car, pics of those areas will tell… My 63 Is all original, this is what a unrestored cars engine looks like.

  14. Scott Gammer

    My 1965 327 365 hp has been on many flatbeds ad Hagerty always paid 100 % of towing out of my garage when I had severe carb problems .. Car run awesome now though.

  15. RP

    I had one of these when I was a kid. I bought it for $6k in 1979, sold it for $35k in 1985, and that guy sold it this past year for $275k.

    I miss that little hot rod, but my C5 drop top is a whole lot more comfortable on road trips.

    • grant

      Great story, bro

  16. DRV

    I have a thing for cars in colors and options like the dealer pamphlets and advertisements. This is one of them. I want it just like it is.

  17. RoughDiamond rough diamond Member

    Just goes to show they are still out there. I’ll never find one, but that is beside that point. Lazy flipper for sure. Regarding the split window design, I read that Bill Mitchell went head to head with Zora Arkus-Duntov who vehemently protested the split window design with Duntov losing the battle. However, Bill Mitchell agreed that the first year C-2 would be the only year with the split window.

    • gabriel black

      I know where one of these is sitting. Mint. Gold. 63 z06 race package and race brakes. All numbers match. Owner wants 300k+

  18. ruxvette

    “I had one of these when I was a kid. I bought it for $6k in 1979, sold it for $35k in 1985, and that guy sold it this past year for $275k”.

    Wow. Musta been a fuelie tanker car.

  19. grant

    Baby $h!t is more yellow…

  20. Joeinthousandoaks

    What’s to hate about gold cars? Rhymes with gold bars…..I guess some people don’t like money

  21. Ron Bunting

    Of course there is only one owner and he is selling it. It had one owner before him too. I wouldn’t give a rats bottom if it were one or one thousand owners, i couldn’t afford it and if i could it would probably end up as a late model resto mod thing.

  22. JMB#7

    Am I just too kind? Why does everyone get suspicious when they see it on a trailer? He might have taken it to one of the following, a new house, a storage facility, a detailing shop, a service shop, or maybe even a car show? Pictures do not tell the whole story, and you need to learn what you can. But this one looks to hold more promise than my budget would afford.

  23. Bill

    This would be the car I’d publicly humiliate myself on national T.V. for.

  24. Dan Koch

    Split window with the body down thru the middle of your vision Hmm my ’98 Tahoe with barn doors has the door jambs rite down thru the middle of your rear view Vision too? Thirty five years later & still the same problem!

  25. Bob

    I remember reading somewhere that some early 63 coupes had storage compartments below the seats. Can anybody confirm that?

    • Joel S.

      Absolutely true, I have seen them.

  26. Rickyrover

    That car deserves better than a flatbed, wherever it’s going……and on EBay should go for at least $100k, watch…..

  27. M.J.

    I have an “early” (built Oct. 1962) 1963 Split Window Coupe. Silver-Blue, 46.5K miles with 327/340 hp 4 speed. It has storage areas under both seats sometimes called “tool boxes.” They we’re discontinued with a few other changes after a few months of production.

    Other changes included the driver’s door mirror (no passenger door mirror in 1963), the fuel door hinge design and radio options.

  28. Mike Predina

    Sad sad story. 1971 bought a rough 63 Split window FUELIE (with dual quads-no FI-but it was a FUELIE car. 1973 I sold it for $1,000. Still kicking myself-seemed like a good idea at the time. Not such a good idea now.

    • Loco Mikado

      Unfortunately a lot of us owned cars back in the day that would make a wonderful addition to to our retirement fund if we still owned them today and sold them at today’s prices. Such is life.

      • larry k

        True that Loco…(My Dino, 930 Turbo Slantnose, NSX, and Pantera validate that comment for me…all gone now.)

    • Dave Keyes

      Funny, at 19yrs old in ’71 I did the same thing. Only I paid 400.00, 100.00 for complete interior, 20.00 for headlights and motors, I forget how much paint was, maybe 50.00. Lacquer thinner at the time was 1.05 a gal., set of chrome rally wheels and redline tires 150.00, maybe not that much. The original engine was seized so replaced it, never did get all of the issues ironed out so I put an ad in the paper. 700.00 Had two guys almost get into a fist fight over it, the guy that bought it sued me for his money back when he couldn’t get it running, bet he regrets that now. Resold it again for 700.00. BTW, it was painted placer gold.

  29. Devin

    After bidding started, seller modified the add to state he made a mistake. It’s a 327/250 not a 327/300. Don’t know how much that effects value…

    I still want a ’67 coupe (and I surprisingly prefer the 327) in Nassau Blue w/Blue interior. But I’d have to get rid of my Healey first if I wanted to keep the wife. Don’t think she’d let me keep both at this stage. Gotta get kids through college first.

  30. Stoli

    I do know car isn’t running hasn’t been running in years

  31. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    US $80,100.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 17 bids ]

    • Stoli

      I think seller and a buddy are running up bid I dint think they have real bids over 40$

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