One-Owner Survivor: 1975 Chrysler Imperial

The Imperial was a long-standing brand at Chrysler, dating back to 1926. As the 1970s wore on – especially after gasoline prices shot up after the 1973 OPEC oil embargo – sales had fallen off to the point that the car would be rebranded as the Chrysler New Yorker Brougham for 1976. This lavish, bigger-than-life example from 1975 has only had one owner and is available through a dealer in Darby, Pennsylvania. It’s offered here on eBay with a no reserve auction that has only moved the needle to $4,594.

Technically known as the Imperial LeBaron, this 4-door hardtop was one of just 6,102 units assembled in 1975, its lowest sales year since 1954. One contributor to this drop in sales was that New Yorker models were in the same showroom and looked quite similar with a lower price tag. This is a shame because many consider the ’75 Imperial to have been its best example as a highly-refined automobile, with a quiet and smooth ride and virtually every ‘70s convenience coming as standard equipment.

The seller provides a lengthy review of the various aspects of this automobile, from appearance to performance, and the car seems to get high marks in all cases. The only negative reference that pops up is an occasional mechanical item that might leak a little simply because of age as this is a 46-year-old car with 60,000 miles. Kudos to the seller for trying to be as transparent as possible in presenting this automobile, although referring to the car as a “collector’s edition” is a bit much. This Imperial comes with Chrysler’s largest engine still available in the mid-1970s, the Magnum 440 V8. And it’s said to run perfectly.

There appear to be no issues with the body and Turbo Black paint. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find little things like a paint chip here, a slight dingy there, and the occasional scratch. Open the doors and you’ll find a sea of red leather upholstery that looks to have withstood the test of time and miles. The car naturally has factory air conditioning which we’re told blows ice cold. This automobile is a throwback to days gone by, ones filled with large, opulent, and gas-guzzling cars. The ’75 Imperial would make a great car for a retro limousine service!


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  1. jeffro

    My inner Pimp wants to buy this!

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  2. SebastianX1/9

    I may buy this just to teach my grandkids how to parallel park.

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    • Johnnymopar

      You don’t so much park this, as much as you dock it.

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  3. Mr. Lahey

    Looks like a nice ride.

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  4. 1-mac

    We had a 76 New Yorker Brougham coupe black with red Corinthian leather. 440 no lean burn. Indestructible heavy duty 440 and torque flite. Will last forever if properly cared for.And handles pretty well for a big car. THese Big Chryslers are a good buy and are easy to maintain.

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    • Julián González

      what’s the sale price on this beautiful car

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  5. Abi

    That’s a good size “ding” on the drivers door :(. I like how sellers that have a well cared for vehicle all claim the miles are original with nothing to back it up.
    Looking at an underside pic and seeing speed clips there seems to be a shield of some form missing that would cover the space between the underside of the engine and the radiator.

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  6. Sam61

    Very cool! Brings back fond memories of my grandmothers green 76 Newport 4dr. Green vinyl top, green Paisley interior. Love the sound of the starter, repeaters on the fenders, navigate using the hood ornament.

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  7. Dwcisme

    My first days as a lot jockey included having to clean the boss’s father’s Imperial. Took an hour just to vacuum it and clean the glass. We washed by hand outdoors and it was impossible to clean a side without the area drying before it was rinsed.

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  8. matt kennell

    Love this, I learned to drive on my Dad’s 76 Newport Brougham with the 400. Baby Blue with a dark blue top, was a beautiful car. Would love to have this.

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  9. George Simpson

    I learned to drive in a 76 New Yorker Brougham with the St. Regis package, triple white with black carpet. Had everything except tape deck and sunroof. Very smooth and quiet and would float all day (until the gas light came on) at 70 with pedal to spare. Room for six and the trunk was like nothing they’ve got today. I don’t believe there was anything special about the leather but it was more like glove leather than shoe leather lol. I didn’t take my driving test in it though.

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  10. Steve Clinton

    These cars were so imposing (threatening) looking. Kinda reminds me of the scary auto in ‘The Car’.

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  11. S

    I am a fan of this car. When I see one of these I think “Mean Streets”, although the car in that movie was a 72.

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  12. Keith D.

    Lebaron’s,Imperial’s and the New Yorker’s of the 70’s..I was always confused. And the only luxury sedan of the big three of that decade with the vent windows, Beautiful car.

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  13. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    The vehicle in “The Car” is a modified Lincoln Continental. Not sure of the year they used. Anyone know the year?

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    • Keith D.

      The model in ‘The Car” is a Lincoln Mark III which was in production from 69-71. Famous car customizer George(1966 Batmobile)Barris designed the car which was a great modification as was the Batmobile and the “family” car from the TV show “The Munsters”

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  14. Dave Brown

    Absolutely nothing like this car today. This a beautiful vehicle!

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  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    4 wheel disc brakes the last two years 1974-75….who else in that luxury segment had them ?

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  16. MLM

    This could be my Sunday ride. I would love to roll up into the church yard with this.Sweet set of wheels.

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  17. Pete in PA

    Nice survivor and Darby is just a few miles from where I’m sitting. I own a beige over brown velour 75 LeBaron 4DHT. This black example is a very early production unit, probably built in August of 74. My car was built a few months later.
    As usual the ebay ad is verbose and full of hype, written by someone who doesn’t really know these cars. Among other things the car is not a loaded example; it has only the usual options/equipment for an Imperial at that time. Alloy wheels? Hardly.
    But it is a great starting point for someone who wants to jump into ownership of a 20′ long, 8 mpg land yacht. At the current bid (over $8k) it way be time to polish, wax and detail my car and list it on ebay.

  18. Kelly Breen

    My late uncle had one he bought brand new in 1977. It looks identical except the interior is white.
    It is still owned by my cousin. I drove it once. It is a smooth floaty car. The steering is a bit vague and the brakes are not up to today’s standards, but that said it is a very comfortable car to drive. You just have to be aware that it can’t turn in a phonebooth or stop on a dime and therefore adjust your driving style accordingly.

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $13,876.

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  20. Kevin

    They just don’t build them like this anymore!

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