One Owner Wagon: 1967 Ford Country Squire

There always seems to be a sweet spot for wagons with many car enthusiasts. This 1967 Ford Country Squire is not only groovy, with its beautiful blue paint, and wood applique appearance, but it is also a low mileage one owner wagon! Having only covered 62,000 miles, this Ford has been in storage since 1987. Needing some fuel system work, and likely some other mechanical checks, this Ford is offered at the very reasonable asking price of $3500. Find it here on craigslist out of Kokomo, Indiana.

Absolutely stunning and near mint inside, it is easy to believe that this Ford has only 62,000 miles. The ocean of blues in the interior harmonize nicely with one another, and there appears to be no real damage to report other than some dirty foot prints on the driver side floor area. The door panels are mint with no fading or cracking at the tops where elbows like to rest. From what can be seen of the seats, they appear very nice as well, with no condition issues to report. The rear fold out seating is marvelous with no dirt, or moisture concerns. The gauge cluster shows much like an “NOS” unit would, fresh out of the box. All in all, this wagon is gorgeous, and there is even an 8 track player installed so you can exercise your 8 track collection!

Despite the lack of engine photos, this Country squire is equipped with a 390 cubic inch V8 and paired with an automatic transmission. Although not currently road worthy, this Ford looks as if it is ready for any classic car event. The rich, and shimmering blue metallic paint is gorgeous, with no signs of rust, or aging issues. Rock chips are not visible from the photos, but this wagon did spend 62,000 miles on public roads, so there are probably some very minor details hidden within the photos. The “love it or hate it” wood applique has aged well with only minor fading being of concern on the driver door. The chrome and glass is in nice shape with the exception of the rear bumper. Dented and slightly twisted, the rear bumper could be replaced making the exterior “perfect” so to speak. These classic wagons are great, and stylish utilitarian machines, hauling families to classic car shows, and always making for the perfect “Kodak moment” vehicle for road trips. Would you road trip with this ’67 Country Squire? Don’t forget your 8 track collection!



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  1. Rod

    This would make a great driver. Won’t require much work to put this on the road and be a decent car. Use it to tow a trailer or your beat car to the car shows.

    • Brian Staff

      I like that idea Rod! It would certainly draw some attention as a tow rig.

    • Tom

      my father had that car
      3 on the tree
      He just found the touch up paint!

  2. Cubs win

    Love the color and the 390. That rear bumper can be straightened out. I wouldn’t rechrome it though. Can’t go wrong here.

  3. Flmikey

    Learned how to drive in this exact same car…also learned how to smoke the tires doing rollbacks….

  4. JW

    I love it but never been a fan of the woodgrain effect just for the reason of the drivers door fading more than the rest, just looks funky. Is it my eyes or does that twisted bumper look to have a chunk of metal missing ???

    • CJay

      If at some time in its early life the wood grain on the drivers door was replaced due to a repair, it will age at a different rate than the factory installed wood grain. It’s just like paint, I’ve seen this happen regardless of well it was cared for.
      Yes the rear bumper is missing a chunk.

    • Pleiku Pete

      If the drivers door was replaced with a used one that was light in color, then the woodgrain would show to be lighter than that of a darker colored door.

      This summation is from actual experience rebuilding insurance auction vehicles.

  5. stp

    Ad mentions frame rust. Could portend significant repair/replacement based on the tiny bit I know about Galaxies of similar vintage. Beautiful car though.

  6. Woodie Man

    What I think of when I see these Ford wagons is all my friends’ parents when I was 13. Seems like three of them at least had this or a ’68………..shivers up my spine!

  7. Ned Scudder

    Frame rust is a major problem with the ’65 – ’67 Fords. They like to rot out below the doors, as a result of the front tires throwing off water, etc. I have seen them with 3/4 of the frame rail gone.. This leads to the car simply folding in two. Not a happy situation.

  8. Car Guy

    Love the factory “mag style” wheel covers, but the tires look really small under this big wagon……..

  9. milotus

    ’67 is one of my favorite years for Galaxies,
    but I wish they’d made the back look better than they did.

    • stp

      On the Galaxies in particular, I know where you’re coming from. It’s an acquired taste. I must say though, the wagon is a different story with the tall rectangular taillights and a hint of fin. As they say, hate to see them leave but love to watch them go!

  10. Blake N.

    This car is in amazing shape. You could sit on a clear night and listen to these cars rust. To find one in this condition is rare. Not a wagon guy but sure brings back memories.

  11. Dovi65

    Love the 67 Ford full size wagons. I had a 67 Country Sedan, maroon, with red vinyl interior. While the 289 V8 was no Mustang eater, it was plenty powerful enough to move the beast down the highways. Loved the car. An unfortunate encounter with a Toyota caused damages that cost more than my college kid budget could afford, so I had to let her go :-(

  12. Warren

    The dreaded “frame has rust”. Had a 65 XL. On the bottom of the frame, Ford put a locating or lift hole right in the path of the front tire splash allowing mud to fill the inside of the rail in that area. Add salt to the mix and it was just a matter of time.

  13. CapNemo

    Gonna try the picture thing again. Wanted to share mine with you guys.

    • CapNemo

      Ok I give up.

  14. glenn

    Lovew this car cant see if it has ac but doesnt look like it, the wood trim can be replace easy or if you had the money you could do faux wood paint effect.. Ive seen that and its better than new. The bumper is beyond repair but easy to source a new one. great car i would make it my weekend driver.

  15. Rex Kahrs Member

    Nemo, don’t feel bad, I have never had success uploading pictures to this site. I can manage to do it everywhere else, but never here on BF.

    Back around 1996, my wife was looking to replace her daily-driver 65 Dodge Dart. She loved driving around in the classic cars. So, I bought her a 67 Ranch Wagon, much like this car but no frills. I got it from the original owners, and if I recall it only had probably 60K miles on it. It was nice, and that 390 would move that big beast just fine! After a year or two, she was in an underground parking garage with the kids in the car, and the engine caught fire. It was extinguished OK, and after some minor repairs she was driving it again…until another engine fire. Hopefully that car is still out there somewhere, it really needed to be in a museum.

    • CapNemo

      Thanks Rex! I’ve tried a couple times, I think you’d like mine! Oh well. Best wishes!

  16. phil

    posting gone looks like someone picked up a grizwald vacation wagon

  17. Ty Rogers

    It was me! Picking it up tomorrow. Can’t wait to throw some new brakes, lines, and master cylinder, gas tank, lines, hoses, belts, fluids, tune up, carb kit and daily drive it.

    • z28th1s


    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Nice! Please keep us updated Ty.

    • ken

      Congratulations. I hope the mentioned rust is minimal.

  18. Rolf Poncho 455

    I won’t mind having that ford wagon love it

  19. Ty Rogers

    Took her down the road for the first time today. Cruised the bypass at a smooth 92 mph.

    Now to find a frame and do a swap.

    Anyone have any leads in a frame?

    • Chris

      Congrats! I actually posted it on FB when I saw it pop up on CL. I’m glad it went to somebody who’s gonna give it some love. Best of luck!

  20. David Parker

    I have two ’68 Country Squires, the luxury one was hit in the front (no injuries at all to the driver and to the four children who were not in car seats back in ’84). The other one is complete, but was put to pasture (literally) on account of more economical cars during the government’s contrived fuel crisis during the 70’s and the 55 mph speed limit. The interior is in not in top condition, but it is complete.

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