One Year Only AMX: 1977 AMC Hornet AMX

While this AMC Hornet AMX is largely complete, a number of its distinctive AMX external features are either gone, or they have succumbed to the passage of time. The car is otherwise quite solid and would make an interesting project car. You will find this Hornet listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Lawton, Oklahoma, it comes with a clear title. Bidding for the Hornet opens at $2,000, although there is also a BIN option of $4,400.

This Hornet is a nice looking car. Unusually for an AMX version, it was ordered with chrome bumpers rather than the painted items. Maybe the original owner just wanted a little bling for his car, although he could have achieved this by specifying the optional alloy wheels. The car is largely rust-free, with only a couple of minor spots in the body to deal with. The Firecracker Red paint is pretty faded, but the aluminum band up over the top looks to be in pretty decent condition. Unfortunately, the rear window louvers are gone, and the front spoiler and fender extensions have all disintegrated over time. There were never any definitive numbers from AMC on how many of these little cars were built, but at present, the AMX Register only has about 50 of them listed, and the majority of those are red examples like this one.

The interior of the Hornet has survived far better than the exterior. The distinctive AMX gauges and steering wheel are intact, and the machine-turned aluminum fascia also looks quite good, although it looks like it needs a good clean. The dash pad is cracked, but the rest of the interior trim looks to be in good condition.

The AMX was available with a base 258ci 6-cylinder engine, or an optional 304ci V8. This car is fitted with the optional engine, and while the six could be had with a manual transmission, the 304 was available as an automatic only. The owner says that the car starts and runs. The seller has also replaced the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and rear brakes, so it also stops well. While the car could also be bought with manual steering, this one was ordered with power steering, which is a bit of a bonus.

The Hornet AMX is an interesting car, as it signaled an attempt by AMC to revive the AMX badge. The Hornet AMX was available for one year only, before it was shifted to the Concord following the end of Hornet production. The lack of definitive production numbers makes for an interesting quandary, as the only figures that are available are those of the AMX Registry, and I’m sure that there must be more than 50 of these in existence. Having said that, a nice example finished in Firecracker Red recently sold at auction for $14,000, so maybe they are a slightly rare little car. Searching the internet revealed many of the missing exterior AMX components can still be found for sale, so maybe that makes this a viable restoration project.


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  1. PatrickM

    Yeah, it’s gonna take a couple of bucks to get this one right. But, I think it just might be okay. It has a lot going for it. Somewhat of a rarity and a little bit of an odd ball. A good mechanic/enthusiast will enjoy putting this one together.

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  2. half cab

    Title should read “Hornets Nest”. Beware and don’t get STUNG👍

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  3. R Soul

    I searched all over and can’t find another one with chrome bumpers. I’m thinking the bumpers were replaced.

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  4. 80s Time Traveler

    Are there actually people who like these? I’m sorry I don’t get it , sure it’s fun to look at in barnfinds , but pay actual money for it ?, I wouldn’t take one for free , I’d be embarrassed to be seen in it

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    • Todd

      Do a search on these. You’ll be surprised. I
      have seen some very nice looking ones at car shows here and there. Great example is the picture below that a reader posted. Check out this link too. I’ve always liked the different classics myself and always tried to keep one handy to cruise to local car shows and cruises. It was always fun to have a car that nobody else had. Classics are much more than Mustangs, Camaros, and Chevelles….

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    • Jett

      And I’d be embarrassed to be seen anywhere with you…

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      • Todd

        Ha! Ha! That’s fair enough but it’d be your loss for sure. :)

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      • Jett

        @Todd—I meant the original poster

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  5. dweezilaz

    Loss of the fender extensions is a plus.The aluminum band never did it any favors either. Nice as a curio, like the leopard, blue bubble or carbon fiber look roof rails for an ION.

    Surprised that the interior held up so well. From experience the furnishings of 70-77 Gremlins and Hornets were the bottom of the barrel and fit was worse.

    Love it otherwise. The overall design was sweet. Adding go faster junk to it was not an improvement.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of AMC. There were five that were owned within my family at different points in time.

    But these hokey attempts at “speed” and “cool” were as bad as Studebaker’s 58s with the tacked on quad headlight pods and fins.

    As they were on most 70s cars.

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  6. Ghost Burner

    @ 80’s Time traveller-Different strokes for different folks,,,That was EXACTLY what AMC was all about,,,I couldnt be more proud of mine,,,has jus over 62,000 on the clock
    DARE TO BE DIFFERENT-i can live with that just fine.

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    • Todd

      Very nice!!

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    • LT1 Mike

      Agreed, nice car.

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    • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

      Are those wheels from a 1967 Mustang located in Hawaii?

    • Jett

      That’s a beauty, Ghost Burner!!

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  7. Mark P

    Had a ’76 Hornet X, 258 with a manual trans. Sounded like a Jeep. It was black with red X stripes, very sharp. Bought for better gas mileage as my ’70 Chevelle was getting 7mpg and not good for commuting to a new job. Drove it for years. Look for front fender rot, no inner fender wells, mine were gone in less than four years in New England winters. I remember another weird thing too, there was a piece of insulation that would fall off the top of the heater box plenum and cover the core allowing for very little heat. A guy at a really small AMC dealer in the next town showed me where to drill a half dollar size hole in the firewall and snatch it out with a wire or long pliers. Was a good car, my family at one time had six AMC’s in the driveway. Traded it in ’85 for a new Mazda pickup.

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  8. Matt steele

    Hornet is not the name they should a cooler than the car

    • Jett

      Like matt steele?

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      • Rob


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  9. Sam Shive

    I’ve been working on these Hornets since 1990. I’ld love to have this little Jewel on the ground…..

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  10. 80s Time Traveler

    Clark: whattizzit Eddie?
    Cousin Eddie : (In my best redneck voice) That there Clark is a A.M.C. Hornet

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  11. Steve A

    Yeaaaaaah,….I’ll pass

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