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Only 20K Miles! 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Impressive by any measure is a Lincoln Continental Mark III. The crisp styling was serious and dignified, it was a luxury car that was focused on its goal and carried itself as such. Even more impressive, is finding one that is half a century old and has only experienced 20K miles. Located in Lehi, Utah is this 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III and it’s available here on eBay for a current bid of  $5,199, reserve not yet met. Thanks to Patrick S. for this tip!

The Mark II was introduced in 1968 as a two-door personal luxury coupe, somewhat reminiscent of the two years only Mark II that was offered in 1956 and 1957. While the Mark II was a limited production, high dollar, high style, automobile, the Mark III was geared more towards a mass market, as much of a mass-market as you can appeal to with a Lincoln product. And in 1970 that meant about 21K takers. A big car, weighing in at 4,800 lbs., it still had an athletic, lithe way about itself. That would end in ’73 with over-wrought features, opera windows, and massive ramming speed bumpers, but in ’70, it was a car on a mission that garnered respect.

While this Lincoln is far from perfect, its oh-so-’70s Dark Brown Metallic finish is still sharp and reflective. The original owner’s daughter states that the driver’s side quarter panel was creased in a minor motoring interchange and her father was so upset with the entire matter that he parked the car for 40 years. So, a crease gets 40 years? Some of the stuff that I’ve pulled would warrant at least a century in the dock, maybe longer. Anyway, other than the crease and some paint bubbling under the edge of the vinyl top (those pesky vinyl tops again!), the body is in excellent nick. And of course, in keeping with the Lincoln tradition, there is the distinctive continental spare “swell” projecting out from the trunk lid. Of note are the open headlight doors, no word if they are stuck/non-operational or just in open mode.

While not a fan of faux wood, and there is enough in this Mark III to slather a Colony Park station wagon, the interior is just “Wow – Wonderful”! The upholstery appears to be the standard combination of vinyl with nylon insets, though a leather and vinyl combination was an option. The entire package shows as new, no sign of wear can be detected. It is typical, in keeping with only 20K miles of use, but time the avenger still holds sway so this Lincoln has obviously been well stored.

Under the runway length hood is Ford’s 385 series V8 engine displacing 460 CI and pumping out 365 gross HP all while exhaling through a factory-installed dual exhaust system. If you are going to look important, you have to move like your important and I’m certain every one of those ponies are instrumental in moving this Mark III in executive style. The seller doesn’t state how this Lincoln runs but does mention that the fuel tank and exhaust system (there goes my “factory-installed” supposition) have been replaced and the carburetor has been rebuilt. The seller adds that the brake lines (the rubber part I guess) and the A/C compressor belt should be replaced. Of course, only an automatic transmission would be found in a Lincoln of this era and that it is, a three-speed automatic unit, more than likely Ford’s excellent C6.

There’s no BIN price so it’s tough to estimate a reserve, but this Mark III is trending in very reasonable territory for now. There are still five days to go with the auction, however, so it will be interesting to watch this one and see where it tops out. As has been said before, this type of car was very common at one time but its days are long gone and it’s doubtful we will see a large, luxurious, two-door, V8 powered coupe like this again. The mid-seventies disco-duck versions, with their bordello inspired interiors, can still be found at rational prices unless they are ultra-low mileage examples. This Lincoln, however, means subtle, pointed business. This is the one to go for, don’t you think?


  1. TimS

    Daughter is clearly not a car gal. This thing would get a mechanical once-over and gain a lot of highway miles if it was in my family.

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    Nice looking MKIII! There’s a charcoal colored one
    not too far from here that’s in good shape,& doesn’t appear
    to have moved in a few months.

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  3. Miguel

    It must have been impressive walking into a Lincoln showroom in 1970 and seeing all these elegant cars.

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    • Tucker Callan

      It was More fun to Detail Them! All L-M Products, from Comet GT`s up to Marauder X-100`s!! Through in some Eliminators, Spoilers, Cyclones, the Whole Ball o Wax!!!

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    • Dennis N

      It was, my father worked for Ford in Dearborn and we were always invited to the new car showing on the lawn there. I remember seeing the mark 3 and the new boss 302! Those were the days my friend!

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  4. Major Thom

    Did Lincoln hope that everyone had forgotten the Continental Mark III/IV/V that were produced less than a dozen years earlier, 1958-60?

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  5. Sam61

    French Connection, Popeye Doyle approved-porkpie hat included….

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  6. waltb31

    Nice car. One correction. In 1970, the interior was upgraded to real Walnut accents, replacing the plastic woodgrain accents.

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  7. Jcs

    Very cool car. This one deserves a closer look as well. Based in my experience I don’t believe it to be a 120k mile car. Cop out on the AC. Still, this beauty is likely to go for right around 10K. That’s a hell of a lot of very unique car for that kind of scratch.

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  8. rmward Member

    Growing up a neighbor had one of these. Beautiful car that I always liked. There’s was triple black. If I remember correctly to honk the horn you had to grip the steering wheel, but I could be wrong.

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    • Howard A Member

      Several cars had that, not just Lincoln. They were called “Rim-blow” and the inside of the steering wheel was rubber. Squeezing the wheel actuated the horn, mostly at inopportune times. Here’s an article on them. They were troublesome, especially in the cold.

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    • Robert Hines

      This triple black Lincoln 1971 Mark 111 is now at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. When Priscilla made Graceland into a museum, she had a special building made that houses many of the cars Elvis owned in his life. His mother’s pink Cadillac is there as well. That Lincoln is beautiful! It looks so good that you’d want to go for a ride in it if Elvis gave you the keys. Well worth going to Graceland to see and experience much of Elvis’ life.

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  9. Howard A Member

    Frank Cannon drove one only a Mk IV. He needed one to haul his big touchas around. He had one of the 1st car phones on TV. Fantastic cars.

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    • Ralph

      The first season of Cannon is from 1971, he has a Mark III in the first season, he drives a Continental 4 door in the pilot…..

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    • Vaughn

      The very first episode of Cannon, Frank drove a Mark III.

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    • John Oliveri

      Frank Cannon drove a MK III the first season 1971, till the MK IV came out, in 72, if you see his first MKIV, it’s got no right side mirror, early production or studio knocked it off

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  10. norm bissonnette

    I’m waiting for Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider to chisel the rocker panels open to find heroin …….

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  11. Butch Smith

    Just like the car in “The French Connection”!

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    • norm bissonnette

      I would check the rocker panels to see if Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider cut them open looking for heroin .

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  12. Joe Machado

    For years the Mark club ignored the 58-60 Marks. Mainly, they had all the body styles. 4 doors, etc.
    My 69 Mark was this color. Tan top, tan leather.
    The owner of the Ford dealer in Cerritos ordered it new for himself.
    Horsepower almost what my Daytona is. Took off hard without laying rubber.
    Loved mine. Was offered too much money for it and away it went.
    Could still cruise 75–80 in a cross country trip with ease.
    I understand the Fathers feelings for putting it away

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  13. david R

    I love my 2019 Civic but I have to admit this car would be a blast to drive across the country.

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  14. Maestro1 Member

    Yes, indeed, if I had the room it would be mine.

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  15. John Oliveri

    Mark III ended in 71 and Mark IV started in 72, which I think was a more beautiful car than any other, unfortunately got more and more underpowered as the yrs went on, still having a 460 motor that devoured fuel but went no where, but I’ve owned a lotta Lincoln’s, and zero Cadillacs just my preference

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  16. John Oliveri

    Elvis has one just like it, in one of his concert movies, he pulls into a studio lot, and The next step is love is playing in the background, worth 10,000 more now

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  17. Bob Mck

    My second car after college was one of these “used”. If this one was not brown I would try to buy it. But there is something about a brown car that bothers me.
    But for anyone else, this is a really nice find. Buy it, fix the issues and drive it.

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  18. Stevieg

    I believe Ford called this color “ginger”, so if you really like it Bob McK, it is not brown lol.
    I write here on a frequent basis things like “I want this car” or “I like this car”, and it is always true when I post it. But this & the boat tail Rivieras are two of my absolute favorites!
    My Dad & his second wife, my first stepmother, had one. It was actually her deceased husband’s car, but my Dad drove it. It was silver with black top & red leather interior. Striking car!
    I hate all of the vacuum features in these cars, such as vacuum assisted power windows & locks, & the vacuum headlight doors. I wish Ford had went with straight electric for these features back then. Getting those features to work properly is always a time consuming chore.
    I owned a couple of them over the years. I never had one that had all 4 windows working. The only one that always seems to function no matter what is the tiny one in the passenger side rear lol. Not real effective!
    I always seem to be able to get the headlight doors to function properly, but sometimes that takes some creative engineering lol. At least then I look good going down the road!
    The frames are prone to rot severely right in front of the rear axle, but I highly doubt this one, being from where it is from, suffers that.
    I would buy it, fix whatever needs fixing mechanically, take it to a painless dent removal guy to massage that crease as good as possible, and drive it sparingly with pride! I wish I were in a better place to buy it.

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    • Ron Simpson

      Stevieg…I believe it is from Illinois. Not sure about bying this site unseen. Lots of rust in engine compartment and chassis,,,,,and the roof bubbleing is a big red flag…IMHO

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      • Stevieg

        Being from Milwaukee, that all sounds minor to me. We work with some pretty crusty metal around here lol.
        In the near future, I will relocate to the southwest. Once that happens, then you would be correct lol.

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  19. Tim L

    I bought a 71 just after I got out of high school, 1975, working in a body shop and bought it from my boss. Same colors, all leather. A deceptively fast car. Thought you were cruising at 50 and the speedo would read 80. My best friend bought a 67 Corvette at the same time. We would cruise the circuit in the Vette. Meet up with some girls then go get the Lincoln and pick them up.

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  20. Michael

    My dad had 2 1971’s. Loved that car. It really got the looks from the ladies. I don’t know why anyone would get one with vinyl seats, though. Nice cars. Fast.

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  21. Scott

    When I saw this car it is identical to the one I painted 10+ years ago for a dealer and his son. Same year, low mileage, same color!!! Its probably last time i saw a 70 two door too. Now this on. It’s just too cool!!

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  22. Kenn

    Growing up we called the spare tire on the back a “Continental Kit”. I’ve often wondered if that came from the Lincoln. I had a ’56 Chevy convert. with a continental kit for example.

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  23. hartig@optonline.net Member

    The ad mentions brakes need to be replaced. If only the rubber lines are involved, you’re in luck. Other than the rear axle, the steel lines are on top of the frame, under the car body (yes, been there, replaced lines on a 69). With the amount of rust showing in the engine compartment, I’d be extremely careful.

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  24. Glenn Craven

    Found this searching for info on 1970 Mark IIIs as a local small car lot has one languishing behind the building they’re asking $2,500 for. Not in remotely this kind of shape, but decent for up here. … Saw several comments about the amount of rust on this car above and that had me LOLing here in northern Wisconsin.

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