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Only 22k Miles: 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham

If you were to list the top selling cars of all time, the Olds Cutlass Supreme would have to be on it. Over the course of more than 30 years, different platforms and several generations, nearly 12 million of them were built. This 1986 edition was made toward the end of the line for the storied model and looks to be in great shape with a low mileage claim. It can be found in Meridian, Mississippi and here on eBay where the no reserve auction sits at $10,101.

As the top-end entry in the Olds Cutlass series, the Supreme was a mid-size car built between 1966 and 1997. The car began as a trim package, then developed its own roofline, and ultimately became not only the most popular Oldsmobile, but the highest-selling model in its class during the period of the car’s fourth generation (1978-88). The car received a more aerodynamic look beginning in 1981 and that boosted sales for the rest of the run. Specifically in 1986, more than 55,000 of the Cutlass Supreme Brougham’s were sold, like the seller’s car. Prior to it being phased out in 1988 in favor of more fuel-efficient, front-wheel-drive models, the Cutlass Supreme always had rear-wheel-drive. Thanks, GBodies, for production stats.

The Brougham was the fancy pants version of the Cutlass Supreme, having all the bells and whistles than you might expect with the car. The seller’s ’86 is said to have just 22,000 miles on it and – from the photos provided – it certainly looks as though it has been gently used. For 34 years, the car has had the same owner and we’re told that it runs well and is used mainly for weekend outings. The burgundy paint shines like new and we suppose that it’s original to the car. This Supreme sports aftermarket wheels, but I always was a fan of the Olds wire wheel covers instead. The interior photos are not as good, only capturing parts of the inside rather than a wider scope. But the plush velour seats and carpeting look as though they’ve been hardly used.

Under the hood resides a 307 Oldsmobile V-8, an upgrade from the standard 231 V-6. Neither engine would burn rubber, but at least the eight would make for a comfortable cruiser. There’s no mention if any repairs have been done recently or if any are needing to be done. The engine compartment looks as though it may have been detailed prior to the pics being taken. We’re not seeing any activity online that suggests these cars are selling for much more than used car prices, but if I could pick this car up for $11-12,000, I would do it. I had an ’83 Cutlass Supreme for 13 years and loved it!


  1. Jcs

    Great looking Cutlass. Reliable, comfy, relatively economical and easy to repair. Pretty hard to go wrong on this one, if only they had had the foresight to order the Rally Gage package – that would really set this one apart. I wonder if they still have the original wheels available.

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  2. Duwane McKnight

    My parents well my mother my dad wouldn’t buy a car unless it was at least 10 years old in the 80s bought this exact car but it was white with blue int and yes those nice wire wheel covers thats the first car I ever drove on the streets had my first real date (well teen date ) it was a nice driver didn’t last very long though by 94 everything mechanical was going bad on the car the windows wouldn’t work tranny slipping 50/50 chance if it would start slot of gremlins still loved that car though to

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  3. Geoff

    At the end of the day just a grandma car with aftermarket wheels and a lift kit but still a nice cruiser

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  4. Maestro1

    One of my favorites, I have a ’79 which I refuse to sell. It has the original 265V-8 in it, and I’m thinking seriously of installing a 350/350 combination which would certainly make it more alert. Somebody buy this; they are good cars.

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    • Jimbo

      I had a ‘79 with the 265 V8 also. That thing got 30 mpg on the hwy if I kept it under 65. Loved that car. Sadly, I was young and immature with finances so I had to part with it but I really miss that beauty.

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  5. Matthew St. Hilaire

    I’m from Massachusetts and I picked up an 86 Cutlass Supreme V6 for $2k in Louisiana when I helped my brother move back in 1998 or 9. I think it was an Alabama car. We trailered it back North on the back of a U-Haul.
    Did I listen to my father when he said “make sure you look in the trunk”?
    Of course not, and under the back window was all rotted where leaves had collected and ate through the metal as they decomposed.
    My father, saint of a man, after chewing me out, cut the metal out of a junk with a Sawzall and welded the metal in. He put a junkyard trans in the car. He put a junkyard motor in the car. I think he felt bad for me because he knew how hard it was to save 2 grand when I was making 8 bucks an hour at a restaurant. The car was sold for a $1 to a neighbor for likely an EGR issue, as it was just time to move on. I like this car, but $10k is a little rich for me. Nice color though and good highway cruiser.

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  6. Jcs

    As of Monday night at 9:45 pm EST this beauty is still at only $10,100. Someone step up and snag this one, I am full up! Lots of miles left on her and fun for the show and shines, hard to come by for this kind of money. Great cars.

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  7. Popawfox

    If you guys got a Cutlass with a 265 in it you got ripped off. Oldsmobile used 260s. Not 265s. That’s a chevy engine. And don’t bring up that GM used different engines. Oldsmobile used Olds engines. Except for the 305 Chevy. Well, I guess you can bring it up. Lol.

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  8. Phlathead Phil🚗🇺🇸

    A good looking car is like a great set of legs well presented.

    This one has “Sexy” written all over it!

    Love the color.

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