Only Original Once: 1965 Pontiac GTO

For me, the only thing better than an immaculately restored classic is a beautifully preserved original survivor. If you feel the same way that I do, then this 1965 Pontiac GTO is going to tick a lot of boxes for you. It isn’t perfect, but it is a really solid and clean car that any enthusiast would be proud to own. The GTO is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on this muscle classic has now reached $29,200, and with the reserve having been met, this is a car that is destined to head to a new home.

The originality of the GTO really is something to behold. All of the metal in the car is original, and the original body stampings can be found throughout the car. The Mayfair Maize paint is said to be 80% original, with only the occasional touch-up having been performed over the years to maintain the car’s appearance. The only rust present in the car is a small spot in the trunk floor, which could very easily be addressed with a small patch. We’re talking about a spot whose total area would be smaller than a dollar bill. The rest of the car is solid and clean, with no real issues to address. The windshield is new, but the rest of the Soft Ray tinted glass is said to be original. The chrome and trim are in great condition, while the original wheels and hubcaps have escaped the rigors of curb strike.

The interior of the GTO is just as impressive as the rest of the car. The carpet has been replaced at some point, as has one section of upholstery on the driver’s bucket seat. The rest of the interior is original, and there have been no modifications performed. The original AM/FM radio, complete with the optional rear “Verbra-Phonic” speaker still holds pride of place in the dash. A nice touch that the original owner chose when he ordered the GTO was to option it with air conditioning.

A classic like this really needs some muscle, and that is precisely what you find with this GTO. Under the hood is a numbers-matching 389ci V8 engine and matching 4-speed manual transmission. With 335hp at your disposal, this GTO is a car with performance figures that hold up well, even by today’s standards. A 0-60mph time of 6 seconds and a ¼ mile ET of 14.6 seconds is still respectable. The original owner did choose to change the rear end in a bid to produce a car that was more highway-friendly. However, the original Posi rear end is included in the sale. The car has recently been fitted with a new dual exhaust, and the owner supplies this YouTube video of the car running and driving. It just sounds superb. Also included is a huge collection of paperwork, including the Original Title, Window Sticker, Pontiac Owner’s Letter, Owner’s Manual, Protect-O-Plate, and PHS Documentation.

This 1965 Pontiac GTO really is something special. Its originality sets it apart as a very desirable car, and it is one that has generated plenty of interest since being listed for sale. In spite of the fact that I grew up in a predominantly Ford household, I have a real soft spot for Pontiacs. I would really, really, like this car parked in my driveway. How about you? Do you like it enough to perhaps make a bid?


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WANTED 1984 -1985 Ford EXP Ideally rust free, solid running car w/ man. trans. Prefer ’84, ’85 Turbo model. Or 86 Contact

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  1. 36Packard

    The hwy friendly axle was a smart move, plus no six pack as well. Too many carbs and crazy low rear ends are not for the street, at least, that is how I see it.

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    • Mike

      A highway-friendly axle may be nice once you’re moving, but tough around town (if originally equipped with lower gears). If memory serves correctly, GTO’s got a wide-ratio transmission with highway gears (below 3.55:1, numerically) and a close ration transmission with performance gears (above 3.55:1, numerically). A close-ratio transmission with highway gears would be tough in traffic.

  2. Bear

    Super Nice GTO!
    You just don’t find “mostly original” cars like this anymore.
    I expect the bidding (currently at $32K) to skyrocket in the 1 day that is left! :-)

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  3. Troy s

    Really nice. That’s what I like about those old GTO’s, what with all the options one could order there’s all kinds of cool stuff,, when it came to performance options you either got fast or faster, low performance mills here.

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  4. Arthell64 Member

    65 is my favorite GTO. Nice

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  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Great looking car, the originality is refreshing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 65 GTO that wasn’t over-modified or didn’t have some naked devil chick painted on the underside of the hood.

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  6. TimM

    Perfect street ready car!! Clean and well cared for!! To me it doesn’t get any better than cars like this!! It’s a true step back in time every time you get behind the wheel!! That’s the feeling that I believe most of us here long for!!!

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  7. Mark-A

    Love it coz it’s not red or black which really appeals to me!

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  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Very nice! To bad about the ding in the nose, the good thing is you would never see it from behind the wheel burning up the roads. I see it has the AC compressor, but when I look at the HVAC controls, I see nothing about switching the AC on. Is there another switch some where?

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  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Absolutely great looking car, with all the right boxes checked. I freely admit I prefer the 66/67 body but I sure wouldn’t kick this one out of the garage.

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  10. Car Nut Tacoma

    This has always been my favourite year for the GTO. I’m generally not a fan of vertical headlamps, but some years look better than others. This is perhaps the best looking GTO I’d seen. :)

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  11. the one

    a six pac is nothing to be afraid of. They are super simple and create the most awesome induction sound under full throttle. My 1939 desoto 440 had 1050 cfm tri power. You could actually see the gas gauge go down under full throttle. Shazam! What a ride..

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  12. Howard

    This looks identical to the car I had back in the day cept mine said LeMans on the side. It was a 326 column ooperated two speed automatic with a highway gear in the rear end. If you put your foot in it she would do 70 before shifting out of low and consistently got nearly 20 mpg. #1 cylinder was weak and oil fouled the plug til I put one of those 3 electrode plugs in it. The guy I sold it to blew the engine shortly after he got it. I don’t know how, I ran the hell out of it…..

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  13. Gaspumpchas

    Beautiful, and as Rex says, the originality is refreshing, The beauty is in the natural not modified condition, that’s not saying you couldn’t get on it once and a while. Anotherr beautiful product of an American car company. True work of Art.
    Good luck to the new owner!! up to almost 33 large no reserve.

  14. GeneB Member

    Mine was the same color only a convert. I was a junior in HS and bought it for $200; with the makings of a HP engine in boxes in the trunk. Ram Air IV heads, Crane cam, TRW 12.5:1 pistons (qty 10, 2 were blown) headers, 2x 4bbl Edelbrock mani….put the whole engine together during my ‘Independent Study Week’ in HS…fastest car in my paper-mill town (and surrounding area) in Maine; guys came from miles around to challenge this 17 yr old kid with the home-built GTO at the ‘Frye Drag Strip’ on the outskirts of town. I beat a guy’s 68 Road Runner and he wanted a rematch the following Saturday night. Word got out, and there were over 300 people lining the 2 mile stretch, including the cops, so we left the area and came back at midnight, without the audience. Those were the days. This was 1972.

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    • Bob McK Member

      Love your story. Things were sure different in Maine in 1972.

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    • Troy s

      Now that comment, that’s what a lot of us like to hear!! Old stories of street racing or even drag racing, it never gets old….the real reason behind all the nastalgia on these machines

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  15. Jimmy

    65 to 67 are my favorite GTOs, love the stacked headlights. The featured one is a super nice example of days long gone.

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  16. GeneB Member

    I worked 40 hrs a week while a SR in HS at a gas station (where I built the engine that week). In HS I was voted ‘The kid with the dirtiest hands’ because there were no latex gloves to be had, unless you were a Doctor ! I was changing oil and wrenching 7 days a week. Every cop from miles around was out to catch me too. They also knew I drove the wrecker so I would toggle from good kid to bad kid. After hours I drove the wrecker/tow truck. On Fridays nights I would take the wrecker and tow the car down to Oxford Plains Speedway and drag on the 1/8 mile strip. I put in 456 posi. Once I hit 2nd gear and blew the clutch all over the ground, couple of times snapped some U-joints, but after that I always got to the trophy run against this certain orange 68 Mustang with a 390. He beat me every time! I never did talk to the guy to see what he had under his hood. We were bracket racing.
    One time I was doing a burn-out with the line-loc warming up the tires, and I totally smoked out the control tower. I could hear the announcer thru the smoke saying that he had no visibility because of that. That alone made my whole evening. That a HS kid making 5 bucks an hour could have this much fun is a testament to just how GREAT this county WAS.

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    • Jimmy

      Was is the under statement of the year !!!

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Somebody was supposed to make the country great again, but man that sure hasn’t happened. Not even close.

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      • Dave

        Not to delve into politics here, but every one of us can “make America great again”. How? One act of random kindness at a time. Look after your elderly neighbors. Let someone pull into traffic. Help someone broke down on the side of the road. Carry a tire inflator, jumper cables, and a fire extinguisher. Carry a spring loaded punch and seat belt cutter just in case you’re the first one there.

        That’s my version of making America like it was when I was a kid 60 years ago.

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    • Troy s

      Great comments, GeneB, a built 390 in a Mustang is nothing to sneeze at, great story. Only you left us hanging on your previous comment…the rematch with the Road Runner…how was the outcome?
      Keep em comin’!

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      • GeneB Member

        Well, this guy was out working and lived for his car…I got reports all week that he was supertuning it for the redoubt. That loss really affected him. Meanwhile I would school during the day, work at Hansons Gulf until 9, then hang out at the top of Congress Street in the incredible muscle car scene we had., drinking and enjoying life.

        The night of the re-run, I had not even opened the hood of my car since the previous race. The toolbox, spare, and a case of beer still in the trunk. He beat me, but not by much. There was no one there to see it, either.

        (If you’d like to hear the story of how my only Japanese car ruined my honeymoon, its on comments on: Future Classic: 1985 Accord)

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  17. RoughDiamond

    1965 is my favorite year too and it’s hard to top this one. Looks like it’s just missing the factory Rally Gauges.

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  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member


  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Sep 02, 2019 , 8:00PM
    Winning bid:US $34,400.00
    [ 50 bids ]

  20. the one

    every 100 lbs is a car length. Next time, empty your trunk!

  21. GeneB Member

    Good advice that…I had beaten him at the initial challenge, the re-run mattered little to me. At a car length I would have won, tho.

    There won’t be a ‘next time’. After I retire, I’ve got a project to finish my 67.5 E-type roadster, but it won’t be drag raced…

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