Only Two Owners! 1959 Cadillac DeVille Survivor

Acres and acres (it’s an expression — don’t nail me to the nearest tree) of tan sheet metal await you in Independence, Oregon. The seller has had the car for over ten years but has decided to sell it here on eBay. There’s a buy it now of $45,000 but bidding is now over $28,000.

The 1959 Cadillac to some is the epitome of the GM fin era. With the twin cone tail lights on each side they are certainly distinctive. This one really looks great in the period tan color and with the large whitewalls (are they wide enough to be called wide whites?)

The seller tells us that the chrome and stainless are “perfect” with “no pitting” and that the car has zero rust. That alone makes this find worth checking out further. Just look at the detailed parts on this rear assembly!

The interior looks like it could use a good clean, but apart from that it seems pretty nice too. The owner tells us that there is minor sun damage to the parcel tray and the top of the seats, probably due to this being a California car most of its life. We’re also told that “everything” works, including doors that open and close “as new “, the electric trunk release and even the power windows and power seat!

Under the hood and looking very original is the 390 cubic inch V8 — ample ooomph to ooze this great beast down the road with ease. Honestly, I really can’t come up with a bad thing about this car (presuming the description is accurate). Serve yourself up a plate of late 1950s style and buy this car — then let us know you did!


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  1. Bob Member

    I once owned a 59 Cadillac convertible and limo. Would love to own this one too. However, I recently purchased a beautiful 4 door and I have to admit I am having as much fun with the 4 door that I would with a 2 door at a fraction of the cost. We drive it daily. It gets more attention that anything we own.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Nice, Bob!
      We’ve all been conditioned to think of these cars as being very heavy. Would you mind sharing the actual weight of yours?

      This car is missing the Left fender skirt (not mentioned by the seller), otherwise looks fantastic. Love to have a cruiser like this.

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      • Bob Member

        To be honest, I do not know how much it weighs. Lots…

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  2. Metoo

    I looked up the 1958 model and the Dagmars were smaller that year and disappeared by the 1959 model. And thus history dies.

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  3. Lance Platt

    Curb weight varied from 4900 to 5100 pounds per Wikipedia.

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  4. Mark S.

    I love the ‘59-‘60 bodies. I found the ‘59 fins somewhat outlandish for my taste. I’m glad that in ‘60 the dialed back the fins a bit by removing the torpedo taillights which made for cleaner lines imo. This car would look good in my driveway though.

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  5. Andre

    Amazing. All original and unrestored.. imo makes it more valuable than a rotisserie car (and what a rotisserie that would have to be!).

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  6. Nick

    Gorgeous Cadillac, back from Cadillacs had class and style, and were huge and impressive!! As opposed to today’s “Cadillacs” that are just Impalas with more useless bells and whistles. And ridiculously overpriced. I love this one, claimed to be original, even though my favorite year was the 1960, this would be wonderful to own. I hope it’s nicely preserved and kept original.

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  7. Keith


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  8. Kenneth Carney

    My parents had one of these when I was
    in grade school. Ours was Butter Yellow
    with the black and white interior. Dad
    always put Mom in a used Cadillac as
    they were, without question, the best
    used car you could buy. Our car ran
    great and never left us stranded. The
    only real expense we had with it was
    when that huge rear window blew out
    on a hot Summer day just after we all
    sat down for Dinner! Dad called our
    insurance agent right away and he
    arranged to have the car fixed that
    evening. The repairman told Dad that
    this was a common problem on these
    cars and reccomended that from that
    point on, that we roll down all four side
    glasses when the temperature hit 80°
    or above so that the heat inside the car
    could escape. Man I thought I was hot
    stuff when Dad gave me the keys to
    lower the windows! Couldn’t wait for
    Summer to come just so I could sit
    behind the wheel again!

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  9. Ronald M. Harris

    Ron says: My friend “Foothead” owned one of these ’59 de Villes for years. Great car even though it was Cadillac’s 1959 light green.

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  10. d.j. monroe

    no air

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  11. Ron Fedoryk

    I was on my way to buy a new white convert but seen a 57 Vette at a local service station in Merrick NY NY Needless to say I bought the Vette and never got my 59 Caddy

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  12. Chris

    My dad loved old Caddys too never had a 59 like this one & it is a sweet one at that. He did own a jet Black 62 sedan deville with the scaled down quarter fins. 66 deville 70 coupe deville & 70 Eldo that my mom drove & I used to get my drivers license in back 1981 ahh good times remember them well.

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  13. DLM

    One of the coolest cars ever! My dad had one in the mid 60s, great memories!

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  14. Del

    Nice car but no details about options.

    Did these come with Skirts ? Cause they are not there.

    NADA says aver. retail 35 grand, high retail 54 grand.

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  15. Bob Member

    One skirt seems to be missing, but the seller forgot to mention it. I just bought a really nice one for $20K.

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  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep nice….but also noticed the lack of an A/C….and in Cali ?

  17. Jack Member

    I just traded my 93 Fleetwood original Florida doctor owned car till he died in 2015 ani I bought in 2016 only had 86000miles on it today when i said good by. They offered me 1200 and i got them up to 2500 trade value. About 6000 in it with new michlens new ac new level ride air shocks automatic telescoping antenna and new bumper strip on back and new battery. Runs perfect but wife wont drive and does not like seating. Oh well I was in Cadillac heaven when u drove it. Grey with grey leather and what comments and people it would draw

  18. Barry L Klotz

    My Brother had one 59 in blue metallic. Open the hood and there you see ’em, not 1but2 big 4barrel carbs. What a site! Had a lot of chrome too. Barry Klotz

  19. The One

    We bought one in 1967 for $50 to use as an engine donor for a 58 limo…I guess they have increased in value, somewhat…

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