Orange Overlander: 1974 GMC Motorhome

First of all, it’s easy to love the GMC Motorhome. From the excellent proportions to the ease of maneuverability compared to a full-size motorhome, the front-wheel-drive endeavor by the General is one of those moonshot projects you wish remained in the lineup. Can you imagine if GM had continued to develop this model? What a home run it would be today among the camp-life crowd and empty-nesters who keeping buying fully-kitted out Sprinter vans for $50,000. This GMC is a rare find in orange, as seemingly all of them were white, black, or green. In addition to its rare color, it’s also a survivor, and it’s listed here on eBay with an asking price of $27,900.

Now, I get that the headline is a bit misleading, as a true overland vehicle is designed to traverse harsh terrain and go for days without needing to see a mechanic or a gas station. This GMC motorhome likely couldn’t quite fit that bill, but it can certainly gobble up interstate miles. Especially given it looks to be in fine condition, with just 32,243 original miles. The listing notes it was with its previous owner for quite some time before ending up on a dealer lot and garaged during that time. That much is clear given the vibrancy of the paint job, the minty interior, and the lack of any obvious signs of sun fade or rust on the outside.

The low miles suggests this was purely a weekend and/or fair-weather cruiser, perhaps used to visit the same campsite or cabin year after year. The Denver, Colorado location would certainly lend itself to this sort of lifestyle, and the rust-free condition is undoubtedly helped by that dry mountain air. The interior remains in excellent shape, with what looks like two recliners parked next to each other on the right side of the photo – were these a standard feature? Regardless, the GMC motorhome did leave the factory with incredibly smart packaging inside a smaller footprint than a conventional R/V at the time. If that’s plastic covering the carpets, it would seem you’re buying an RV that formerly belonged to a fastidious caretaker.

I can’t quite figure out these lounge chairs, as they look out of place in the cabin. The seller notes a host of desirable features supporting prolonged life on the road, including rooftop-mount A/C; bathroom with shower; TV in the bedroom; and leather seating upfront in the driver’s compartment. Overall, we’ve seen a rash of these GMC motorhomes come up for sale lately, as first-time RV buyers are likely flocking to the classic period design and shorter length for ease of navigating in tight spaces. If you had to buy one, finding an example in a rare color like this would likely do even more to protect your investment, in addition to sourcing one with relatively few needs. This orange example appears to check both boxes.


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  1. Moparman Member

    The “Partyland” logo on the side and website on the rear window seem to conflict with the image suggested by the two recliners! That galvanized storage box appears to have the rear end sagging. Otherwise, this appears to be a nice example that needs some TLC and detailing inside. GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. Moncton(was Winnipeg)carnut Member

    There is an engine pic showing a sticker for oil, filter and plugs Mar 15 2010, 118000 miles. Actual mileage would be 132000, if not 232000.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Good eagle eye! I rarely ever believe a low mileage claim on an older vehicle with a 5 digit odometer. The exception would be the previous Hemi ‘Cuda with only 86 miles.

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    • jim

      Wow your right. You have to dig pretty deep into the pictures. But it shows clear as day the mileage when oil and plugs were changed.
      That’s going to be hard to explain to buyer. :)

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    • vintagehotrods

      Great catch on seeing that in the pictures! Typical car lot bull$$$$. That’s why I rarely buy anything off a used car lot and trust car dealers as far as I can throw them!

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      • vintagehotrods

        Apparently these guys aren’t highly thought of by their customers. I’m not surprised! I tried to send them a message on Ebay, but apparently they don’t accept messages. Actually Ebay says they get too many messages to reply??? That’s always a good sign! I don’t know how they have 100% positive feedback on Ebay though. I found this:

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      • Joe Padavano

        The ebay ad says 132K miles but the ad copy below says “the odometer shows 32K miles”. WOW! Is that ever slimy. That should be an indicator of the trustworthiness of this seller. Run, don’t walk away!

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    • Zack Williams.

      Actually the info on the engine pic says 132,000+ so looks like the article dropped the 1 in front.

  3. Keith

    Looking for Bill Murray to jump out of this thing from the movie Stripes

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    • Don Eladio

      …aaaaand, there it is. ^^^

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    • T. Mann

      Sean Young would me more to my liking!

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      • Mike

        …or P.J.Soles…

    • bone

      I had a Hot Wheel version of this , it was orange too … a lot easier to find a place to put mine !

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  4. Don Eladio

    32K my tail end…it’s cool, but it’s been well used.

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  5. Mutt

    “We’re putting the band back together.”

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  6. Arby

    That’s about half way to a weinermobile…

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  7. jim

    Wow your right. You have to dig pretty deep into the pictures. But it shows clear as day the mileage when oil. filter and plugs were changed.
    That’s going to be hard to explain to buyer. :)

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  8. Francisco

    New Sprinter motor homes are closer to $150,000 than $50,000.

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  9. Engident

    Soo, the seller can claim that he *technically* didn’t tell a bald-faced lie.

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  10. Ralph

    Yeah no rust on the outside of these, fiberglass body.
    My nephew builds and rents out complete Sprinter campers, they cost him well over 110K to build and equip. A used bare bones Sprinter can easily be over 50K even a few years old.
    Maybe someone else remembers this: I thought the bodies were molded in the color, not painted. Anyone know for sure?
    Yes, GM should be building something comparable to this now.
    With engine and powertrain advances oner the years a well designed and engineered RV could probably get decent fuel mpg.
    Another one I wish could buy here, but dealers be weasels, buyer beware.

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    • Tom Hill

      Bodies are aluminum with fiberglass end caps. Paint is imron. Roof is one sheet of aluminum.

  11. Rbig18

    Ok unless I am missing something the engine pic with mileage has been taken down. I went through all 24 pics on the ebay add and didn’t see a single engine pic.

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    • Steve R

      Click on the description, there are 73 pictures there. Always check the description, many sellers post additional pictures. Same goes for the sellers completed listings, that will give you an idea of the sellers “expertise”, many “owners” of cars featured on those site routinely list 10 to 12 cars every 90 days, especially the guys selling a car for friends and family members that are sick or too old to drive.

      Steve R

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  12. John L.

    Looks pretty rough, even rougher under the surface. Possibly no service in the last twenty years. Propane tank will need to be recertified, probably replaced. Genset looks pretty nasty. another possible replacement item. This is a rolling money pit. Inspect this with an extremely fine tooth comb.

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  13. kmaggard

    Engine pic gone from Ebay

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  14. doug edwards

    There are some excellent videos on you tube from a shop that specializes in these RV’s. It takes a ton of money to put these in top shape as they were only meant for a lifespan of 15 years.

  15. bpass

    Also looking inside the fuel door this looks like a repaint. Plenty of what looks like original green showing. Didn’t these all come with shag carpeting?

    The engine pic is still on ebay, under the description, scroll wayyyyyyyy down.

    Would also guess that the recliners are not the ones the Rv came with.

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  16. Jcs


    The verbiage of the terms and conditions is some of the most blatant CYA jibberish that I have ever read. Quite entertaining in fact, sure is confidence inspiring.

    Seller also can’t decide if he wants a $500 or $1000 nonrefundable deposit – simply to hold a vehicle.

    Just a brief perusal of the eBay pics reveal evidence to me that she most probably does have over 200K miles on her, and has spent prolonged periods of outside, uncovered storage.

    While these are super cool vehicles and the market is indeed hot, this one is a hard pass, even if it is only because who in the hell wants to do business with such a weasel?

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  17. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    BF Staff,

    Why did you delete my reply to Rbig18 with the EBay picture documenting the true mileage of this motorhome??

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    • Pappy

      @Bluetec320… possibly due to imminent threat of harm, the Oversight Committee at BarnFinds decided to deplatform your comment???

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    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      I don’t see that your comment came through. Sometimes, photo uploads don’t complete and the system just deletes the entire comment as a result. Try reuploading it and it still doesn’t show up, email the photo to me and I’ll upload it for you. Sorry about that!

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        Thank you! I appreciate the explanation as to why it disappeared.

  18. Kerry Smith

    Newby here. Anyone guess at MPG? Would this vehicle have a big battery and/or generator for when parked and occupied?

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    • Tom Hill

      I got 8mpg out of mine but I haul ass. You can get 10 if you keep it at 60 or less.

  19. Ignatius J. Reilly

    eBay listing now states mileage as 132,243.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Yes, you are correct. I posted a picture of that here yesterday afternoon, but Jeff Lavery, or one of the other staff members deleted my post. Yours may be next!!

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  20. John

    This does appear to be a very decent motorhome, but definitely not the unmolested low mileage motorhome the seller would like us to think it is. The two front seats have definitely been changed out because GMC never offered that type of seat when new. The two chairs crowded into the living room probably replace a settee that would have converted to bunks. A queen size mattress stuffed in the back is likely covering upholstered seating area that would have originally converted to a bed but has been discarded. For some it is more usable but for $28,000, I think I would be looking or a more unmolested original unit.

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  21. T. Mann

    Engine picture is back in the full size pictures.
    118,000 miles in March of 2010

  22. Howie Mueler

    Seller has all vehicles only for sale, nothing sold in the last month. Has a overpriced Bricklin listed with no engine photos.

  23. chrlsful Member

    always makes me think: 12v & allison, gut the inside start over w/modern closed cell spray, etc~
    Vixen, Realtia OK also – as even smaller. Minimum is best but 12 pass vans (not sure ona Sprinter as $) westfailia, etc a lill too sm (Bath rm w/3X shower, 3 burner & 9 sg ft fridge are some minimums 4 me). Sleep 2 – OK, lots of windows. Even asa 5th wheeler would B OK.
    I remember Max Factor had 1 of these. The astronauts were seen exiting for the gantry upa rocket, etc…

  24. MBorst

    132,000 miles on a big block 454 most likely. It is still a collectable. They were beautiful in their day and really still are. I have a friend that was the main mechanic on these babies back in Michigan. Total pain pulling the engine thru the motorhome ! But this one still looks clean. The I do know there’s many ways to make them look great that dealers use and it is only temporary. Then the fade starts. If still like it. Awesome to travel in. ! Let’s go glamping !

    • Joe Padavano

      It’s a 455 Oldsmobile motor. The FWD drivetrain is lifted from an Olds Toronado. The cam gear in these motors have nylon teeth for low noise. They need to be replaced at 80K miles to avoid throwing the timing chain.

  25. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Denver, Colorado,

  26. Rob

    You know who’d love this? RUSSELL!!
    (Another Stripes reference)

  27. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking GMC Motorhome. I love the colour. Very nice. This is my idea of what a class A motorhome should be. It’s small enough that you could drive it anywhere without feeling intimidated. But it’s large enough that all but the tallest person could walk around in it upright. Two adults could live in it in comfort while travelling the country. I hope it goes to a good owner.

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