Original 1962 Willys Wagon 4X4 Exclusive!

There is something truly special about the Willys Wagon. Its square body isn’t flashy, the interior isn’t particularly luxurious and the engine isn’t all that powerful, yet there is something endearing about these 4x4s. During a fairly long production run, there were name changes, engine upgrades, and various little changes, but the basic formula stayed the same. Reader Russell S has decided to part ways with his Willys Wagon, which technically is a Jeep 6-230 Traveler 4×4, that is a fairly original truck and should prove to be a great rig to own! If you’d love to have it, you can find it in Hutto, Texas and you can contact Russell via the form below.

What Makes It Special? This Willy’s wagon is an honest original 4×4 that still has its original Peacock Blue exterior paint. The interior is original except for the recovered front seats. Minimal rust found on the seam where the left rear wheel well metal is joined.

Body Condition: The body condition is original. The glass is not cracked and is correct for this Willy’s. The chrome shows well and the bumpers are original and have not been cut or altered.

Mechanical Condition: The I6 Super Hurricane is dependable and always starts. It has had a recent tune-up, new exhaust system, steering box, tie rod ends and brakes. The brake job consisted of new drums, backing plates, adjusters, shoes, rubber brake lines, and wheel cylinders. The windshield wiper motor has been upgraded to an electric motor.

This really is a great looking Wagon. The fact that it has survived so well, seen 100k miles and is still in such solid shape is a testament to how well these were built! With just basic maintenance, this truck will probably still be going strong in another 57 years. If you’ve been on the hunt for a Willys Wagon survivor that you can enjoy, be sure to contact Russell about this one!

  • Asking Price: $17,500
  • Location: Hutto,Texas
  • Mileage: 106,000
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Howard A Member

    Nice truck. I had a couple of these, this one sure is clean. Unless something was done to the gearing, again, mine had 4:88’s and 55 was about it. They made a jillion of these, so I suppose some were bought and stashed away. At this price, I’m thinking leiniedude is feeling pretty good right now, hey Mike?

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    LOL Howard! Thats a lot of coin. If he gets that much I would still not put mine up for sale. To much fun for putzing around out here in the country and going to the Village. As you know, they ride like a cob. I like the electric wipers on this one. That wet snow is rough on the vacuum wipers. The only modification I have planned to do, years later, still in the planning stages! LOL. Take care, Mike.

  3. IkeyHeyman Member

    To those who generally comment about their handling characteristics, how they can’t keep up with modern traffic, or how they rattle and shake, you either “get” these wagons or you don’t. If you ever owned one, you know about their “go anywhere, do anything” capability and most likely grew to appreciate their quirkiness.

    • David

      I can echo that sentiment as the former owner of a WWII-vintage MB.

      Some folks will never “get it”…others can’t get enough of it!

      • Maggie Mae

        The Super Hurricane in this wagon is a 226 flathead.

        The Tornado engine that was available the last couple years of producton was the 230 OHC.

        Entirely different beasts.

  4. JerryDeeWrench

    For electric wipers 55 to 57 Chev fits with no alterations.

  5. Blyndgesser

    The closest thing you could buy in the 1960s to a brand new Model A.

  6. KSwheatfarmer

    Just last week I saw two of these on a trailer headed down I-70, unrestored but looked do able. I’m guessing these might be the next “Big Thing” kinda like .Broncos,Scouts,Wagoners are now. Still have my pickup tore down,damn this cold,ice,snow,wind,mud,work.

  7. Chevy Guy

    So what were the wipers before?

    • Howard A Member

      Pretty sure most were vacuum.

  8. Dan B.

    “Reader Russell S has decided to part ways with his Willys Wagon, which technically is a Jeep 6-230 Traveler 4×4,”

    I’m totally confused. That is not a Traveller with the 230 OHC Tornado. A Traveller is based off the slab-sides Delivery, has rear barn doors, flush side windows, round rear wheel arches, and flat-topped rear wheel wells with sideways jump seats.

    That is a very nice “regular” Willys Wagon. It does look like it’s in excellent shape. GLTTS.

  9. Camaro Joe

    The owner needs to spend some money and send it to Barrett Jackson. It looks like show quality from what I see. It’s a pain to pay the entry fee and get it there, but this one looks like it would bring a ton of money (not that I’m a fan of B/J) but I go there just to see the circus.

    One like it, but with a 265 Chevy motor, brought around $55K at B/J Palm Beach in 2018, it was Staluppi’s collection. I was on the stage looking at it when the bidding stalled at $18K and I was thinking about bidding $20K. Before I got the chance, somebody bid $ 20K, and it went at $5K increments to over $50K. If I really wanted one I can find it on eBay for $28 K all day and I already have too much stuff.

    I had one with the “Super Hurricane 226” in high school (1970), a SBC would make it a much better driver. I thought the gears were 5.13:1 in most of them. Mine was clocked at 62 MPH one time, but that was down a BIG hill with the clutch pulled in and most a band’s equipment in the back. The vacuum wipers were a problem. Going up a hill the “Super Hurricane 226” worked hard and lost vacuum, so you had to let off of it to get the wipers to work.

  10. Vudutu

    Some is wrong here, this looks too good. That said I had a 48 I flipped the axles on, put in a chev 6 engine and drove as a daily in Colorado for years. Got me over many high mountain passes.

  11. Robert White

    Don’t forget the Limey that drove a Willys in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, eh. That’s the movie where I first recognized the Willys Jeep uniqueness with regard to production in the 60s.

    The Norco GMC 4×4 56 & 62 Willys Wagon are my favorite trucks of all time.
    Woody Wagons used to be my favorite but they are just too impossibly rare to even dream about owning unless one lives in Southern tin territory in Arizona.

    P.S. We can’t even post car pics here in the comments section anymore, eh?

    Bummer, man!


  12. Camaro Joe


    Do 57 Chevys have windshield wipers? I’ve had mine since the 1970’s, but never tried the wiper switch. It did make an 850 mile round trip from NW PA to Richmond VA in the early 1980’s when the QuadraJunk 4 Bbl. on a couple year old Chevy 4×4 failed, it was the only option.

    But It didn’t get rained on. I’ve probably washed it a couple times since then, that’s the only time it’s been wet. Maybe I should try the wipers sometime in case I need them.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wow – am I wrong to think this is a little high priced ? Buddy has the same color but in a two wheel drive. Guess we will see how it goes or stays .

    • Dan B.

      Texas and California seem to have higher asking prices. What buyers actually pay is unknown. This seems to be a very nice original Wagon. Worth a closer look, indeed.

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