Original 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 427!

Chevy’s shark-like third generation Corvette (C3), new for 1968, brought revolutionary new styling to America’s Sports Car compared to the C2. With horsepower wars still in full swing, the *base* 1968 Corvette packed 300 HP, and buyers could choose from three different 427 cid powerplants. This highly original 1968 Chevrolet Corvette in Los Angeles, California retains its factory paint, numbers-matching 427 engine, and nearly everything else fitted at the factory. Parked since the 1980s, this classic is not a driver, but it runs from a gas can, The listing here on craigslist asks $18,500 for the privilege to determine this ‘Vette’s destiny. Thanks to readers Chad & Pat L. for submitting the tip on this well-presented survivor.

Take a look sellers; this is how you present a long-parked classic to get top dollar. Tip your hat to the seller for composing a listing worthy of the vehicle and potential buyers. A host of pictures show a clean undercarriage with some surface rust. Primer on the right rear suggests bodywork there, but overall it presents like a car that left the road in 1981, as evidenced by its last registration sticker. In addition to the removable roof panels, the rear window also pops out for flow-through ventilation. Chrome bumpers carry a classic look that some enthusiasts prefer over the later C3 models’ molded-in and painted bumpers.

The classy Silverstone Silver theme carries over into the Gunmetal interior. Well appointed, this high-roller features power windows, air conditioning, telescopic steering wheel, and an automatic transmission for casual cruising. Are those power lock knobs? Though largely irrelevant compared to condition, the car’s mileage is not listed. Sales brochures call the 1968 Corvette a “Sting Ray” (like earlier C2 models), but no such script appears on the ’68. Beginning in 1969 the name returns in script form, a single word, “Stingray.”

The L36 427 cid (7.0L) V8 retains its factory carburetor, California emissions equipment, and other original details. Thanks to gmheritagecenter.com for some details. Would you fix only the necessary mechanical and safety items on this first-year C3 or go for the complete restoration?

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  1. Steve R

    Nice find. Well presented by a smart seller. I’d get it running and drive it as is, at least for a while.

    Steve R

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  2. Dave

    What’s not to love? It’s even got a Speed Warning Indicator. My mother had a 58 Buick that had an annoying buzzer that went off when you hit 60 mph. She wouldn’t let Dad adjust it for some reason. But, I digress…

    It’s a 1968 Corvette. 427. $18,500. It’s been in California all its life. I’m surprised that it isn’t sold already.

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  3. cidevco

    Theres more to this car as listed. First off, for those of you who don’t live in California. The license plate is a Trailer License Plate so I would be worried that this car and plate don’t match. Second. If this car hasn’t been registered since the 80’s there will be one hell of a registration update if you re register this in California again. As for the rest plan on spending a small fortune replacing all of the rubber and all of the other parts on this car.

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    • Chris

      Im the owner of the car, all fees have been taken care of and has been titled non op. It was my fathers best friend’s car. I have photos where it sat in the same spot since 30+ years. It was started 10 years ago. Look at the California Emissions under the hood

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    • Llouis200

      I restored Corvettes back in the 70 and 80’s . We couldn’t give away a 68 back then . Very bad body integrity along with other issues. I would look at another year first unless it was an L88

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  4. Blackcat

    If it left the road in 1980, it will be out of the CA DMV system and won’t incur the State’s egregious back fees assessment.

    If I had space, and wanted an automatic, I’d chase this one. But I don’t, and I’m not!

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    • Scuderia

      That used to be the case but no more.. California has put all those vehicles back in the system. Ask me how I know….

  5. TimS

    Bonus points to the seller for not trying to pass it off as GranPappy’s hot rod or some such stuff.

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  6. Chris M.

    Certainly one of the best Corvette projects that has surfaced in a long time. Beautiful original and you could probably get it functional to drive while you set aside funds to do the eventual, well deserved restoration. Great as by the seller as well!

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  7. gerald felsing

    It is missing the ignition shields around the distributor and plugs.

  8. JoeNYWF64

    Interesting the ’68 is the only 1 of this gen with 2 red tailites. Kind of a custom look – i like it. Virtually impossible for both tailites burns out on 1 side while driving.
    Wonder how many owners got pulled over & got a ticket in ’69-81’s with 1 of the 2 total red tailites burned out.
    Easiest way to ck if any lite is burned out is to turn them on & also turn on the 4 way hazard lites. But that is no guarantee 1 of the 2 total taillites wont burn out when you are driving a ’69-81. lol
    Why am i seeing brown & grey inside! I can’t believe that was 1 of the color combo choices!
    I do not think those are hi-performance tires at ALL. lol

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      The fiber optic system in the earlier C3 models help out with that too, if it is still operational.

  9. Karl

    I have done frame off restorations on 2 C3 Vettes and will be the first to say the workmanship in the mfg left a tremendous amount of room for improvement, I can say that when I was done with the cars they were a giant leap better than brand new! I like this car a lot, if the cage is solid everything else can be relatively easily fixed. I would have to fight the urge for more power though since in my experience the rear drive train is only reliable to about 400 HP max go over that and BE GENTLE is my advice! It’s a really nice car with a whole lot of potential for the right person!

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  10. C5 Corvette

    Nice find, but why let it sit in the CA sun for 35+ years.

    • Steve R

      Just because it was the backyard doesn’t mean it was sitting in the sun. I have a friend who is closing in on 70 that has a 33 Willy’s and 55 2dr Chevy that have been sitting under the covered patio of his parents house in San Leandro California since the late-60’s. This car did not sit in the Southern California sun for 35 years.

      Steve R

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  11. Scuderia

    if it was a manual it’d be gone by now….
    nice just the same but limited audience for an auto.

  12. Geoff

    I would give it a mild resto including paint and use it as driver assuming the engine isn’t rusted solid.

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  13. Clay Bryant

    Been partially under water? Carpet doesn’t look good………….

  14. TimM

    The 67 corvette with a 427 and a 4 speed is my absolute favorite corvette but ”tis one has the same mill and it’s a little less desirable to me due to the automatic transmission but in my mind the price is right and it’s worth saving!!!

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  15. dogwater

    Good bones to work with, price is fair go for it .

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  16. Comet

    At first blush, that seems like alotta original big block Corvette for $18.5K.

  17. Eric

    If I didn’t live 1500 miles away I would buy it tomorrow, regardless of the auto tran.

  18. John Oliveri

    Nice car nice price,all the amenities you could want, I like big block automatic w a/c cars,

  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Ad is now deleted, must have sold, good for the buyer.
    It sounded like a good car for the money.

    I would have liked to have seen the ad to see what is considered a great CL ad. I had no problem selling my ’70 Convertible via CL a few years back. Honest descriptions and posting the maximum of really good pics will do the trick. Quite easy. Did the same with my wife’s ’08 Beetle Convertible last year.

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