Original 307: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

This 1971 Camaro might not possess the glitz and glamor of an SS or a Z/28, but it is a tidy survivor with its original V8 under the hood. A close look reveals that it has no significant issues and that taking it to the next level of presentation will be a cheap and easy undertaking. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Rocco B for spotting the Camaro for us. It is located in Henderson, Maryland, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $19,000, but there is the option to make an offer.

When you examine the supplied photos of the Ascot Blue Camaro, it shows a lot of promise. Thankfully, those photos don’t flatter to deceive. The owner admits that it has received a repaint in its original color, and while the body isn’t perfect, it still presents well. There are no significant issues or problems and no signs of any previous accident damage. The other thing that is lacking on this classic is rust. The panels look clean, with no evidence of problems with the lower extremities, nothing visible around the back window, and a cowl that also looks clean. The chrome seems well above average for a survivor of this age, and while there are some rub marks on the passenger door glass, the rest of it looks impressive.

The exterior photos tell only half the story with this Camaro. The owner supplies a few shots of the underside, and you will struggle to find one that is cleaner. The factory undercoat is still visible, and there is no evidence of significant corrosion. The trunk pan is in a similar state, so it appears that the buyer will be able to retire their welder and grinder on this one.

The Camaro’s interior presents well, and this is the only place that the buyer might want to spend some money to bring the car’s presentation to the next level. There is a split in the driver’s seat, and I’m not sure whether it can be repaired. If it can’t, a simple set of slipcovers would hide it successfully. However, I would be sorely tempted to splash the cash for new covers. A set of fronts can be found for $290, but if the buyer wants to ensure consistency, they could throw in an additional $130 for a matching rear cover. That would have the seats looking perfect, and they would complement the fresh carpet set and dash pad. The rest of the interior looks tidy, and there have been no aftermarket additions. The original AM radio functions as it should and the only item with a question mark over it is the fuel gauge. That could be the sender unit, and it will be pretty easy to prove.

The classic is a numbers-matching vehicle that has received no mechanical modifications. It is powered by a 307ci V8 that should be producing 200hp. Bolted to this motor is an automatic transmission, although it isn’t clear whether this is a 2-speed Powerglide or a 3-speed Hydramatic. The Hydramatic offered the option of better performance, but the car should still be capable of covering the ¼-mile somewhere within the 18-second territory. There is also power steering to make light work of the twisty bits. The Camaro has been sitting for an extended period, but the owner has returned it to a state where it runs and drives well. However, he does suggest that the buyer should have the brakes checked before they attempt any long journeys. He also includes the original Protect-O-Plate, Warranty Book, and the original Dealer’s leather key chain.

When you search for Camaros in the market today, more often than not, the cars you will find will be performance-focused derivatives. There will be no shortage of SS and Z/28 examples for sale, but finding an unmolested base model can be a battle. That is what is on offer here, which means that if you would like to park a slightly different Camaro in your driveway, this might be the car that you’re looking for.

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  1. alphasud Member

    How in the heck did they manage to keep from rusting? I hope who ever buys this car continues to keep it original and not modify it. Funny how in 71 power steering was chosen but not power brakes. Where these still 4 wheel drum in 71?

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    • Steve R

      All second generation F-body’s had front disc brakes.

      Steve R

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    • J_Paul Member

      My first car was almost identical to this, except for color and some comfort options. It also had manual brakes and power steering. And yes, mine did rust despite being garaged…the vinyl top didn’t help in that respect!

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    • Big will

      Yes on drums all four corners

  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Nice example of a Camaro that made up the majority of those actually seen on the streets. Are those the original style hubcaps? They look like Mopar.

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    • Joe Fair

      Mopar wheel covers were convex, not concave…remembering from a Duster.

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  3. doug

    Correct hubcap for Camaro and Chevelle, maybe even Nova.

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  4. Skorzeny

    Z-28 clone.

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    • bone

      no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jcs

    Beautiful car just as presented. The Ferrari lines really come through loud and clear on the base models like this.

    This one appears to have made it through life without getting hit as evidenced by the straight front and rear ends. Very rare, and very cool find.

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    • Steve R

      Don’t be so sure that of that. There is something off where the taillight meets the quarter panels below the rear bumper. There should be a visible seam where they meet. That area was prone to rust and collision damage, substandard repair shops filled in that area, making it smooth. That’s definitely the case in the drivers side and looks to be the case on the passenger side. This car has been prepared for resale, I have a hunch it looks better in the pictures than in person.

      Steve R

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      • Jcs


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      • Steve R

        My opinion still stands. I’ve had a few of these, there are telltale signs this isn’t as nice as it’s portrayed. It’s not a rust bucket by any means, but is far from the cream of the crop. The seller should be happy, the buyer might not share in that delight once it’s sitting in front of him.

        Steve R

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      • lowell madsen

        I agree with Steve R. Drivers side door has a low spot in what should be a sharp crease .

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  6. Classic Steel

    While it would be tempting to put a reproduction console it should stay on the column.

    Canaro “I luv u just the way u are” 🎼🎹

    Cheesy…. yes but leave it stock please ….

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  7. Troy s

    Yes, we rarely see Camaros like this anymore, an everyday type of car like so so many other cars. They were used up, traded off, recycled, forgotten about really. Or they wound up in some of our hands…..mods, wheels, tires, different colors of primer…fun stuff. They were nice cars but they weren’t interesting like the SS and Z/28. Not a bad ride here at all, especially if you’re in no big hurry.

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  8. Steve Clinton

    I remember when the 2nd generation Camaros were introduced I thought they were the most beautiful design I’d ever seen. They reminded me of exotic European makes, like Ferarri and Maserati. It’s a shame exciting car designs like the ’71 Camaro and Firebird are no longer produced by manufacturers.

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    • Jeff

      I owned a 77 Camaro, they were pigs. Slow, squeaky, and the doors were pathetic. The doors were so heavy that the hinge pins, would sag, and you had to lift the door to close it. Now lifting the door was a problem because eventually the door handle’s white metal would break. Glad they don’t make crap like this anymore.

  9. Mark

    Nice car. I had a 71 Chevelle coupe ascot Blue and a 307 from 1978-1981.

    One I wish I had kept. No Air conditioning though

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  10. Paw


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  11. Larry D

    Don’t overlook how hard it would be to replace those hubcaps on this car. Most of these cars ended up wearing mag wheels and thus the hubcaps seemed worthless and were thrown away.

    So, now, they are scarce and pricey.

    I realize I’m talking about a different kind of car right here but just to prove the point, look at the price for a set of original factory hubcaps for a 1970/71 Datsun 240Z. You will NOT believe it!!

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    • Steve R

      There are over a dozen sets of these listed on eBay, search “1971 Chevelle hub cap”, complete sets of 4 start at under $25+ shipping.

      Steve R

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  12. Peter F Member

    This was sold yesterday.

  13. S

    This is a nice car in a nice color, but wow, $19,000…

  14. James Bishop

    These pictures show the very little on the rear valance panel that meets the quarter panels . And if you would have rust exactly at the rear of the car it would be either wrecked or a total rust bucket . I think the the car is probably legit , don’t see any signs of smooth over at body lines . I had several Camaro’s of these years and this one seems right per the pictures provided . Price is a little high for what the car is ,but nice for a basic model of 1971. Need more pictures .

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  15. Big Steve

    I would go over this car with a magnet before purchasing. I have a feeling there is more filler in it than meets the eye. There is something wrong with the left front corner and right rear 1/4, it just doesn’t look right to my eye.

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  16. Larry D

    It’s just odd to see a Camaro with automatic on the column. Ford never did that with the Mustang.

    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Yes they did on like years – sister had a 1971 Grande.

    • Ray Wilson

      but chevy did with the Camaro.

  17. bikefixr

    Wait a year. It’ll be back here as a mint, numbers-match Z/28 at $50K. These cars are just to easy to fake.

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  18. Kevin

    One thing I have never done, is buy a car without physically seeing it,and looking it over, very thoroughly, especially on something 50 years old.

  19. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep – that body tag looked a little yonkey….oh well sold maybe with an offer.

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  20. jrc

    was front tag bracket blue from new,agree check rear valance to 1/4

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  21. bone

    no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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