Original 400: 1967 Pontiac GTO

If the front-end styling doesn’t give the game away, the badge that you can just see peeking around the center of the grille should leave you in no doubt that the car parked in this garage is one of the most desirable American classics ever built. This is a 1967 Pontiac GTO Sport Coupe, and it is a complete vehicle that needs the right person to return it to its former glory. Making it more tempting still is the fact that it is numbers-matching. Located in Powder Springs, Georgia, you will find the GTO listed for sale here on Craigslist. You could become the next proud owner of this beauty by handing the seller $18,000. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Arkie for spotting the Pontiac for us.

It’s easy to see why the GTO has become such a legend when you look at this Champagne Gold example. Pontiac hit the nail on the head with the vehicle’s styling because it looks muscular and purposeful. This one will require some work, but the buyer will be commencing their journey with a completely original car. It has never had any repaint work, and it appears that it is a project that stalled pretty early in the journey. There are a few dings and dents, and there is some Bondo in a couple of areas. These aren’t locations usually associated with rust problems, but I would probably grind the Bondo out and check to be on the safe side. There is also an extra front fender included in the sale to replace one that has damage. The big news here is the rust because there isn’t much of it. There is some in the lower rear quarter panel on the passenger side, but I believe this could be addressed with a patch. There is also some around the back window, but that appears to be it. There is none visible anywhere else, and the seller doesn’t mention any problems with the floors or frame. The GTO was ordered with tinted glass, and this appears to be in good order. The owner has all of the exterior chrome and trim, and the wheels that the car rolls on look to be new.

This is the quarter panel that I referred to, and as you can see, it isn’t that bad. One thing that the owner doesn’t supply is any engine photos. This is a surprise because the engine has been pulled, so getting a shot should have been easy. It is a 335hp version of the mighty 400ci V8. The GTO also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This is a potent package and would be capable of firing the 3,648lb Pontiac through the ¼ mile in 14.8 seconds. That’s the sort of figure that confirms this classic’s muscle car credentials. The owner states that the GTO is a full numbers-matching vehicle, right down to the starter, intake, and carburetor. He doesn’t indicate why the engine has been pulled, although I suspect it was probably done as part of the stalled restoration. With a touch of luck, it won’t need anything more than a clean and a detail before it can be slotted back into its rightful place.

When you take a look at the Pontiac’s interior, you begin to appreciate that it is nicely equipped. There are bucket seats in Black, along with a console and a His-N-Hers shifter. Throw in factory air conditioning, and this would have been a pleasant place to spend some time. The interior is mostly complete, but it will require some restoration work. However, it remains original and unmolested to the point that the original radio is still in situ. That suggests that someone has treated this classic with a degree of respect because it’s common to find the radio gone and an aftermarket stereo in its place. This photo shows that a new carpet set will be one of the things on the shopping list, but the lack of carpet affords us a clear look at the floors. This seems to reinforce the owner’s claims about a lack of rust problems.

At first glance, especially for the uninitiated, the asking price for this 1967 Pontiac GTO might seem a bit high. However, you begin to see that it is a classic with a lot to offer when you delve below the surface. Its general lack of rust is a huge plus, while its originality and numbers-matching status help its cause. It comes with PHS Documentation and its original Protect-O-Plate, and these serve to confirm its originality. With pristine examples regularly selling for more than $40,000 and $60,000 not being out of the question, this looks like it could be a project that would be well worth the effort.

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  1. EPO3

    This is a real nice project keep it stock since the motor is out give it a few more horse power seems to be a no brainier

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  2. Skorzeny

    Compare this to that red ‘67 Mustang fastback (6 cyl) a few days back. That car sits at $30,300 and this one is only $18,000. Easy choice.

    Like 18
  3. Keith

    Nice car and looks to be priced to sell fast.If I did not have a major house project it would be in my garage.

    Like 2
    • 8banger Member

      What is your house project? We had one that was so fun, we had to convert our upstairs bedroom into a dorm room and cook/eat eat dinner in there…

      Like 2
      • Keith

        We live on Siesta Key and bought a house that did not have a pool. SO the pool is going in . Looks like about 90k when this project is finished.Big Tiki hut and outdoor kitchen made the price go up. Looks like the permit is approved and we should start in the next couple weeks.

        Like 5
      • Nick P

        What’s the address Keith? My place is a few in on Beechwood at the south bridge. Should be making it down soon from Albany, NY and would love to come see the new tiki bar!! LOL

  4. Dennis E Fitzmorris

    Having owned eleven 67 Goats and scrapped quite a few decades ago that were much better than this one, I’m still kicking myself.

    Like 4
    • Jason

      I think theres more than a few on here that would like to kick you too Dennis😊!

      Like 1
  5. Keith

    Always open to car people to talk to at this house.I have a big 4 car garage with two lifts and just trying to drag myself from the beach to finish up the last couple little things on my 69 427 Biscayne. I bet you are ready to get out of that state with the way things are and I mean not just the weather.

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  6. Al

    Nice. My bro had a ’66 back in ’68. Had the 389/360, tri-p ‘XS’ package w/ optional M-21. Always liked the ’66 style better of the two 66-67. The ’66 blacked out grill vs the cage look & lower sides, straight body trim chrome & the tail lights. Trivial, I know.
    What’s strange is it seems I see ’67’s like 6:1 over the ’66s for sale more often however there was something like 81k ’67s produced & 96k something ’66s, go figure.

    Like 2
    • Keith

      The 66 tri-power made a beautiful sound at wide open throttle but once the ram air option came around in 67 they just were not as fast. Might have been the standard rear gear for a ram air GTO in 67 was a 4:33. I did not own a 66 but my good friend did and that noise the tri-power made at full throttle was music to anyones ears.

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      • tommy okonski

        Keith I had a 66 and you are right about the music. Still mad at myself for selling that 1966.

  7. Tinkertoy Member

    67 GTO’s are known for rust and the windshield down in the front right corner floorboards and in the trunk especially the rear window underneath the trim and also the tail lights on the metal strip across the back that holds the tail light rotted out super fast. My son has my 67 that I bought new off the showroom floor and those were major issues

  8. B-Boy

    I’m a MOPAR guy, but I’ve always considered this the meanest looking muscle car ever made. The design is almost perfect.

    Like 4
  9. Clement

    1967 GTO’s are truly the best of the best, but I’m not a big fan of the “post coupe” as opposed to the hardtop roof versions.
    But I know folks who love any of ‘em.
    It’s a big project but I’ve worse things to start with.
    …although $18k ain’t small change.

  10. Phlathead Phil

    GTO: Gas, Tires, Oil.
    GTO: Good Times Overall.
    GTO: Grease, Tickets, Overpriced.

    I could go on, but why? Was never the 🍎 of my 👁

  11. erik johnston

    Great bones to start with.

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