Original 440: 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

While it might not be perfect, this 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible is a striking looking car that can be driven and enjoyed immediately. The original owner seems to have known precisely what they wanted from their car, because not only is it finished in an attractive paint and trim combination, but there is also something pretty desirable lurking in the engine bay. Take a good look at this, because this is a car that would seem to tick a lot of the right boxes. If it does that for you, then you will find the Plymouth located in Seattle, Washington, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner is asking $18,500 for this beauty and on face value, that could make this a reasonably fair buy. I really have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Matt R for referring this great Mopar classic to us.

The combination of Blue Fire Metallic paint and a White power top really make this Plymouth stand out. The owner admits that the car received a repaint at some point in the 1980s, and the fact that it has survived so nicely suggests that the work was completed to a high standard. The car does have a few minor nicks and marks in the paint, but as the owner rightly points out, the paint is still in very good condition for a driver-quality vehicle. There is no visible rust, and the supplied photos inside the trunk show little beyond a few spots of very minor surface corrosion. That isn’t to say that the Plymouth is completely rust-free, because the owner does identify an area in the front floor on the passenger side that will require attention at some point. He does emphasize that this is very minor. One huge bonus with the Sport Fury is the fact that the power top is all new. This includes the top itself, glass rear window, top pads, well cover, and liner. This lot cost the current owner a cool $2,000, but it is one aspect of the car that the buyer won’t have to give a second thought. Beyond all of that, the exterior trim and chrome look good, as does the glass. One of my favorite exterior features (beyond the paint color) is the Rallye wheels that are fitted to the vehicle. These are neat and purposeful, and on this car, they also appear to be in good condition.

When I said that the original owner knew precisely what they wanted when they ordered this car, I really wasn’t kidding. Nestling under the hood of the Sport Fury is a 440ci V8, pumping out 375hp. Backing the 440 is a TorqueFlite transmission, while the Plymouth also features power steering and power brakes. The only part of this entire combination that doesn’t appear to be original is the transmission, but it is at least the correct one for this car. The engine is numbers-matching, right down to all of its ancillary parts. Beyond the normal consumables such as filters, hoses, and belts, the only component under the hood that wasn’t attached to this car when it rolled off the production line, is the new brake master cylinder. The original carburetor has just been treated to a rebuild, while the vehicle has also been fitted with new wheel cylinders. The owner says that the Sport Fury runs and drives well, and with 375hp on tap, it also promises to be a very entertaining car into the bargain.

For me, the interior of the Plymouth is a bit of a disappointment compared to the rest of the car. It isn’t horrendous, and it is certainly fine for a driver-quality car. However, it just looks tired, and would certainly benefit from a bit of a refresh. The owner says that it is all original, and there are a few issues to attend to. Some of these are purely a function of time, while others are a result of the “seemed like a good idea at the time” philosophy. The former includes issues such as the brittle upholstery on the back of the rear seat, a couple of splits and seam separations on the seats themselves, the cracked dash pad, and the general discoloring that is so much a part of aging white vehicle upholstery. More along the “good idea” front are issues such as the holes that have been cut into the door trims to fit speakers and the replacement of the original radio with something aftermarket. As I said, it isn’t horrendous, but given how nicely the exterior and top present, I would be very inclined to investigate the cost of an interior trim kit. Apart from the dash pad, that would address the vast majority of the issues. One thing that won’t need to be touched is the carpet because that is new.

There is no doubt that this 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible is a stunning looking car, but it would also appear to be a relatively rare one as well. Only 1,579 examples of the Sport Fury Convertible rolled off the production line in 1969, which represents a tiny percentage of the 651,124 vehicles that Plymouth sold in that year. The owner states that there could be as few as 15 of these cars that were built featuring the 440 V8, and while I haven’t been able to positively confirm this number, it is certainly quite conceivable. Even if that final figure is actually higher, this is still a very nice car, and it holds the promise of some effortless top-down cruising once the warm weather returns.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Another fine Mopar land yacht I would love to own. Same trunk pan as my ’67 Newport Custom Coupe.

  2. steviealx Member

    A set of red lines would be sweet.

    • Will Fox

      By `69, red lines were passe. These rolled off the line with whitewalls, which I think look fine; white-letters are OK, but a bit uncommon on a full-sized Fury.

      • Frank Shearer

        I had a 69 Sport Fury Formal Hardtop , little darker blue than this one with a white vinyl top. It had red line tires on it.

  3. ed the welder

    I had a ’70 in blue fire metallic with two tone blue vinyl bench ,318 auto and am radio . i paid 1300 bucks for it in 1989 … fun car and very rare even back then. the problem with these are that they didn’t make many of them so resto parts are hard to come by .

    • Howard Kerr

      Back when I was in high school our driver’s ed cars were a 67 Ford Galaxie sedan and a 68 Chevy Impala sedan. Then, just before I was slated to take driver’s ed the Chevy was replaced by a 69 Plymouth Fury sedan. From the moment I saw that car I was all but praying I would get a chance to pilot that beauty. (In my opinion, the 69 Plymouth was the brands best car up to then…and now for all time.) Just my luck, I didn’t get to drive it.

  4. Easy Money

    At $18,500 it’s a steal!! The best buy I’ve seen on here in a while!! A beautiful car in the right colors!! I see this one selling fast!!

    • Will Fox

      I agree! It’s a VERY good price for what you get here. New top needs nothing, and the body is very decent for a driver. At that price, I’d GLADLY invest in reupholstering the seats in white vinyl, too. Well worth the expense. I’d dare anyone to find a nicer one for the money. You won’t.

  5. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Nice work, Adam! That is one highly-desirable car and I highly desire to own it, but I also highly desire to not have to sleep in a tent for the rest of my life when I get kicked out of the house for bringing it home.

  6. Arthell64 Member

    I bet it drives nice. C- bodies are not that high on my want to own list but this car is nice and I like it.

  7. Weasel

    Are we going to the Brady Brunch thing or not?

  8. SG

    I too would love to own this car. Great colors, cool engine, and the top goes down. I would prefer the “buddy seat” over the center console & floor shift, but I could live with it as it is.
    I really need to unload some of my current toys!

  9. Rhett

    All day long, very cool car. I always had an appreciation for the 69 Fury and Monaco. Next owner is a lucky man with change still in his pocket.

    • SG

      Until it is time to stop for gas lol. That wouldn’t stop me from buying it though…I am used to being broke lol.

  10. Andrew Franks Member

    A good buy. someone do it and enjoy. I have no room.

  11. JCA

    Idk about this one…When it comes to the land yacht parade convertibles, for $15k you can always find a mint one around in way better condition than this. For example, a similar year LTD with a 400 or 429, low miles and already mint condition for this price or less. Why buy this and then add $5k of work? It’s not like you are buying for acceleration, second gear hoonigan slides or fun in the twisties…

    • Jasper

      Growing up by the Fern Valley Assembly plant in Louisville, Galaxies and LTDs were everywhere and even still pop up with regularity. They just don’t stack up to these Mopar C bodies and lack that certain cache and road presence.

  12. Jon B

    This is a 1969 model.
    A guy on forcbodiesonly.com owns it.

  13. John D.

    It looks like it was ordered to be a less expensive 300 convertible.

    To that note, around 1990, my father took on trade a 300 convertible that he sold new in 1969. Being in NW Pa, the body was swiss cheese-like. He sent it out for a quicky patch job and it looked nice while we kept it in the inventory. I drove it a bit and one day pulled out of the gas station behind a new Corvette that was being driven aggressively. I floored it and managed to stay on the Vette’s bumper. So this big motor in this big car should comport itself quite well.

    I think I have seen this Fury on eBay, maybe a year ago. If that is the fact, a close inspection is warranted and Scotty does not need to worry about giving up his warm quarters.

  14. Tom Parker

    I am selling a 1964 Dart Convertible on Craigslist. I live in Seattle. I will have an extra space for another vehicle in my Mopar collection, to go along with my 1969 Super Bee, 1969 Coronet R/T convertible, and 1969 Plymouth GTX. Doesn’t it make sense that I should purchase this Fury?

    • Neal

      Go for it!

  15. JerryKiefer

    Shame no air…

    • bone

      Really ? Its a ragtop !!! put the top down and floor it !

      Why do people here always complain about old cars not having AC ?

  16. Luke

    I’ve got a 1968 sport fury convertible 383 HP four speed from the factory. More fun than a barrel of monkeys. 1 of 75 from the factory. This 69 is a beautiful car. Mine runs really well with a 383…440 with a slush box would be pretty darn good too.

  17. Pete Phillips

    These were well-built cars. Love the way the doors just glide closed and barely make any sound. 20 years ago I had a red ’69 Fury III convertible, white interior, 383 automatic. Those white vinyl shells on the front seat backs are impossible to keep from getting discolored from age. Rare car, 440 high-compression V8, what’s not to like?

  18. don

    The only thing I dont like about this car is that its not painted in its original color , for this kind of money I personally would want that. But it does look great in this color and its a very beautiful car !

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