Original 440! 1970 Four-Speed Six-Pack ‘Cuda

Whether completely stock, tweaked for road racing, maxed out for drag racing, or modernized for your favorite charity power tour, the Mopar E-body is hard to beat for its aggressive looks and performance potential. The description of this 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda in Manahawkin, New Jersey reads like the dream of anyone who’s ever wanted a unique second-generation Barracuda with all the trimmings. Let’s begin with the hot V-code “6-Barrel” (aka “Six Pack” in Dodge parlance) 440 cid (7.2L) V8, then add the four-speed manual transmission, the impossible-to-ignore FJ5 Lime Light (aka Dodge Sublime) paint, and the very interesting choice of a Saddle Tan Leather bucket seat interior. Add the fact that this car shows no evidence of having driven 70% of the way under a dump truck *and* it retains its original engine, and you’ve got enough to drive bidding here on eBay above $39,000.

Damage in the roof and quarter panel (at least) will require some skill to repair, but the undercar pictures graciously provided by the seller show a highly repairable car compared to many we’ve seen.

Indoor storage nicely preserved the motor, transmission, and hood, but here you see the result of an engine compartment exposed to the elements. Sadly someone scavenged the trio of two-barrel carburetors and intake manifold, so fire up your browsing skills and open up your safe to the tune of $2000 or more. Take heart, though; that might be the easy part compared to totaling up the labor.

Nearly everything visible will be replaced before this hot pony car dazzles young and old at a car show or 1320 near you. Interesting options (kindly decoded by the seller) include Interior Light Package, Fender Mounted Turn Signal Indicators, Super Track Pak (4.11:1 gears and Sure-Grip), front disc brakes, handling package, and overhead console.

In case the monster engine and 4.11 gears didn’t give it away, the sticker collection (applied after a color change to blue) certainly attest to previous owners’ interest in going fast in a straight line. Confession time:  I’ve never driven a 440 six-pack car. I’d love to wring this one out, and I hope the new owner does too. It would be a shame to restore a Super Track Pak car and relegate it to a life sentence of car shows and the occasional goose of the throttle to get a rise out of your golfing buddy. When this fluorescent green Plymouth was new, no one had to guess whether it would throw down in a Traffic Light Gran Prix or not. Don’t keep this wild animal behind bars; let it loose! Where do you think this once-angry E-body will end up?

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  1. bobhess Member

    No car comments but Happy Holidays and a great 2020 to everyone on the BF site who keeps life interesting and informative.

    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Back at you, bobhess!

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      Happy Holidays to everyone! It’s fun to write about cars, and often the comments turn into a handy permanent reference with key details and great personal stories from our experienced readers. You all are the best!

      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Todd, you and the rest of your staff are a class act; the writing abilities you all have that bring out the information you and many of your readers have-and look forward to reading from others- is exemplary.

  2. Howard A Member

    Ok, I’m not going to blast this one. Market being what it is, this, at least, is a plausible investment. These, when restored, are 6 figure cars, easily, and for good reason. Someone may correct me, but I seem to remember, the 1970 440, 6 pak, 4 speed Cuda, was the fastest production car you could buy, even beating it’s hemi cousins. Hollywood restores rust buckets like this all the time, but even they know, you have to start with something, unlike the rusty hulks we’ve seen.Yep, 440, 6 pak Cuda, one of the fastest production cars of all time, and it was short lived, making this worth every penny,,,to someone.

    • Ken Member

      Motor Trend called the 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 “the quickest American production car we had ever tested.”

      • Michael Ridley

        My 1970 W-30 outran the local Gsx 2 out of three times. very close. Modified ever so slightly it took a race prepped car to run with me in the early 70’s

    • Dave

      Bone stock, the main problem with muscle cars was getting them to hook up with the skinny bias-ply tires of the era. Front-heavy, overpowered, two tons of inertia easily boil the hides. Impressive, but not good for 60 foot times.

      • Camaro guy

        You’re right Dave however check the new issue of Hemmings muscle machines the pure stock drags those people are running some incredible times on skinny bias-plys even the high HP cars put up some good numbers

  3. George Mattar

    Looks right out of the 70s with those speed shop stickers inside the trunk lid. This is how I remember these cars in high school inn the 70s. Great description by the seller. I am an hour away from this car but can’t see it Christmas Day. Got to go to in-laws. Would rather jump into a vat of acid. Needs total resto. You can find an intake. Carbs being reproduced by Holley. Good pics of the floor. Not sure it’s worth close to 40l large in this state. Sure there are little parts missing that add up to $$$$$$

    • Dave

      Jegs and Summit both sell the Edelbrock manifold and everything else you need.

  4. Classic Steel

    Wow 😮 i luv it!
    Its the holy grail with engine, four speed and six pack mean even with missing parts …i predict 70-75 sale price.

    Sweet potential for a great Muscle car .

    I of course would like to drive it original and enjoy driving back roads with scenery. (Something read early today) driving slow is truly nice to enjoy at times

    I also would enjoy some drag racing and just taking off by myself on a lonely road .. stopping then jack rabbit from pushing 5500-6000 rpms while popping the clutch smoking the tires and power shifting like the good old days every now and then 😏

  5. Troy s

    Six barrel, Six pack, whatever you wanna call it…that’s the killer street engine right there with more curbside eye candy than anything made in fifty years. Too bad some one borrowed parts here.
    Saddle interior, seems better suited for a Duster or Satellite. Happy Holidays!

  6. Bob S

    I wish all the writers and posters a very Merry Christmas and the best in the new year.
    I always enjoy reading the comments and experiences, and have learned little things about the presented vehicles that enrich the hobby for me.
    As for the ‘Cuda, I always respected the MOPARs on the street, but the only models I would have wanted to own are, the big block ‘Cudas and the big block full sized hardtops from around 1967. I would love to have owned the Hemi version of this car.
    Considering the rarity of the car, there is no question that a knowledgeable restorer will turn this car into a good investment, but it is going to take a lot of work.

  7. Andrew

    Numbers-matching stick shift 440 6-pack in Sub-lime green (yes I’m aware I just used the Dodge names twice!), for once that’s a car worth that kind of crazy money, as others have said.

    Compare with the Hemi one (non numbers matching) in a (IMO) lesser color and with a slushbox that was featured a couple days ago – bidding not over yet and that one is at a nonsensical 65 large.

    Out of curiosity, could one order any interior color with any exterior one? This weird sand brown combined with the lime green paint, that car must be a one of one if that’s the original dashboard and interior door panels!

    • TimS Member

      A 727 is no “slushbox.”

    • Mike

      They did have some color combo restrictions though they didn’t make sense. One I’m aware of is no saddle interior in a red car which I personally think would have been a nice combo.

  8. JOHN Member

    A high school buddy of mine traded in his 68 SS 396/375 car for a 70 Challenger 440 Six Pack. Plum Crazy, white interior, white vinyl top and a white side stripe. It was also equipped with E78 whitewalls and wheel covers. It looked like someone was trying to pretend they had a Six Pack car. He beat that car to death from the moment he drove it off the lot, the original engine let go right around 11k miles, but that was a really, really fast car in the day, especially after he got some rear tires under it. He said to “break it in the way you plan to drive it” Good times.

  9. Gaspumpchas

    Worth the dough without the six pack ? Looks like this sucker spent some time under water? Rust like that under the hood, trans tunnel and floors? Of course no pics of the underbelly. maybe just being outside for years. 39.9 and still hasn’t hit reserve and the guy “isn’t sure he even wants to sell it”…Another one “testing the waters? Test this. Wonder what the reserve is? Good luck to the new owner. Good inspection needed.

  10. Robert White

    For $39k USD I could buy a brand new GMC 1500 longbox.

    Just say no to rust.


  11. Dave Slater

    A money pit with too much rust! Sure is has value, but unless you do most of the work yourself, you will be into the negative numbers on this Cuda! Let the rust finish it off, it has a good start!

  12. SirLurxaLot

    I don’t have the money to do anything like this but if I did this would be the car for me. 440-6, 4-spd, 4:11s, and in green! I’ve drooled at the thought of a car like this for officially 50 years now. But in my dream I don’t care about re-selling it and I’m putting a black interior in it. The next guy can put the Saddle Tan in he wants it.

  13. TimM

    It is a good day and my best wishes to everyone here on barn find!! Weather good, bad or indifferent it’s what makes the world go round!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Festivis for the rest of us!!!

  14. Del

    Isn’t sure he wants to sell it ?

    A new years joke ?

    I would be taking present bid money if I owned it.

    Reserve will be too high.

    Fishing trip on a Cuda Fish.

    At least there is a fender tag and build sheet

  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $50,200.

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