Original Owner: 1961 Imperial Crown Coupe

There is no denying that Mopar had some very interesting and stylish machines getting approved through the design department, like this 1961 Imperial Crown Coupe. We can thank Virgil Exner for such interesting and unique machines. Although this Mopar is 57 years old, apparently this car spent its entire life with its original owner. Appearing quite original, but in need of some interior work, this uncommon Mopar is offered for $7,500. Check out this wild ride here on craigslist out of Los Angeles. Thanks to Rocco B. for another wild, unique and solid find!

Although the engine compartment is quite clean, there are no details on the drive-train. I would guess that this is a runner, based off of the crisp blue 413 V8 engine, and the oily steering pump reservoir. A little detailing and wire clean up would do wonders for this engine compartment.

Easily the largest project to tackle with this Imperial is the interior. While it is not a complete nightmare, there is certainly work to be sorted out. The dash looks phenomenal, as does the squared steering wheel. The front bench obviously needs some attention, and there appears to be no carpet in the car. The front door panels are not terrible, but they need some repair as well. While this interior may be a turn off for some, I see great potential in fixing the interior to match the cars survivor exterior appearance.

When looking at this car it is hard to pick a place to start as there is so much going on! The scooped out front fenders with the 4 independent headlights are fascinating. The odd body line on the roof that meets with the very squared rear window is also another oddity of this machine. The immense fins and the taillights are definitely cool and are likely the easiest to digest when looking at this machine. Although this is a coupe, look at how long the wheelbase is! Being a California car looks to have paid off for this Imperial as there are no obvious signs of damage or rust on this machine. All of the unique and special trim is in place, and really if your heart’s desire is a wild and unique machine, this is a grand candidate. Are you a fan of the immense styling on this Imperial?


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  1. Josh_T

    I want it! This thing embodies design ingenuity that we’ve moved away from. What a looker!

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    All hail Virgil Excess! I love it!

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  3. Rustytech Member

    I would fix the interior, clean it up then load up my wallet ( I’d need it to keep gas in this beast) then head out on back road across country trip. These were like riding on a cloud, and every head would turn as I drove through each town.

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  4. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    The most beautiful land yacht I have ever seen!

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  5. Robert Rossi

    Pretty rare to find a one owner 1961 car!! That’s unique in its own. The styling is without a doubt gone in today’s standards. I hope this car gets the owner it deserves……

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  6. PJ

    Christine’s cousin…

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  7. Herbee

    Nice ride for sure.

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  8. Karguy James

    If it was only 2400 miles closer. I love these cars.

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  9. Nick

    What a work of art! I hope it finds a good home. Fix the interior, preserve it, love it, drive and enjoy it!

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  10. John m leyshon Member

    The lines from front to rear of this Imperial convey that it could actually fly ! Nice to see, great feature.

    Among the last of the Imperial line that wasn’t an exact clone of another Chrysler model.

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  11. Chuck Dahl

    I would be on this in a NYM if I was not already doing a 66 Riviera. When I was younger (long time ago) I thought Mopars were ugly. Now they grow on me like the Edsel vert I just finished.

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  12. Chuck Dahl

    I have just perused the listings & like what I see. I understand that B F has an obligation to post many things we are not all interested in, so I just delete foreign & Mustang for the most part. keep up the 50/60 stuff for us real car people. I’m ready for all the negative, hate replies😅😄

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    • ken TILLY Member

      I just delete all the Corvettes, Tri Fives, Trans-Ams, Firebirds, Chevelles etc. and concentrate on what I consider, important stuff. Anything American after 1969 gets deleted without opening it, unless it’s foreign, as to me that’s when US designers lost it. By the way, I love most American cars, especially Buick, Caddy’s, Chryslers, Packards, Studebaker etc, just not the common stuff.

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      • mlm

        Chuck and Ken I am with you 100% but to each his own.I just simply pass on the Corvettes,Mustangs,Tri-Fives,Chevelles,Trans-Ams, etc and look at the rare interesting stuff such as this ’61 Imperial.This is a very nice car and I would do a few things and drive the wheels off of it.

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  13. Howard A Member

    Back in the 70’s, my old man rented a warehouse that had some cars in it, and one of them was a car just like this. It had suffered a ( major) engine fire, and I’m sure the owner didn’t know what to do with it. It had even more options than this, including a full stainless steel roof. I’m sure it was too big a job to re-wire, and was probably junked. Always got a kick out of that “squeezebox” power brake booster.

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  14. Superdessucke

    Jeez. How old was the original owner when he bought it??

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  15. Rock On

    Do you actually delete the posts or just not read them? Myself, I just don’t bother reading anything with a Mustang in it.

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    • ken TILLY Member

      I just don’t bother reading them.

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  16. BOP_GUY Member

    Very cool! 😎

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  17. Lance

    Quick Robin to the Batmobile!

  18. paul oberman

    is that an a/c box on the firewall?

  19. paul oberman

    is that an a/c box on the firewall?

  20. ICEMAN from Winnnipeg

    1970s Winnnipeg. Backlane between Dominion and Downing Streets (was Canada a Brit country in the past or what?). Elderly lady in run down house had a 48 Continental and an early 50s MG in her yard. Neighbors commented these were eyesores and wished the “junk” would be removed. Had to wonder what happened to those cars. PS Never saw what inside the garage.
    Side Note: different neighbor down Dominion Street had a 59 Lincoln. Looked good but out of place in a neighborhood populated by Novas and Darts and Valiants.

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  21. John A COREY

    I have several 61 Imperials. I love them. This is no prize example! The engine is an obvious internet rebuild (fast spray of wrong-for-this car standard Mopar Blue, not correct black). Tell tale rust is visible in several key spots, and it’s a Custom – the lowest of three trim levels (no brightwork on rockers or arches, other minor clues). I’d bet (without knowing) that the tranny and diff are worn at best. Still, like all 61 Imperial’s it has a commanding presence! With a few (or more) thousands of dollars, it could be a decent cruise-in ride.

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  22. Jim Z

    I owned a couple of 62’s/63’s which in my estimation the designers forgot about incorporating tail lights.They just plopped a couple of tail lights on top of the rear fenders and said, “Good Enough!”. Sigh!

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    • dweezilaz

      That was a styling feature of the first Imperials in the 50s: free standing tail lights.

      The 57-60 paid homage to that with the little chrome circles and bullet tail lights.

      Just Chrysler borrowing from it’s own styling heritage.

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  23. Jim Z

    IMHO, my 1960 Custom was by far the best styling of that era Imperials!
    Sitting in a Miami car museum now…it was a beauty!

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    • Pete Kaczmarski

      In my humble opinion, the ’59 Imperial has much better styling and flowing lines.

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  24. Big Ed

    Needs a big hemi and a 4 speed

  25. nrg8

    Looks like a base Imperial but sourcing a stainless trim pack at a swap meet would fix that. If I were closer IE local I would take a chance at 5k, get the interior done, then ebay it. It’s just that baby blue and no detail pictures, I can’t see if its all bondo’d up

  26. Del

    I love thes cars

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  27. Del

    Someone called this a CUSTOM but it is listed as a CROWN ? WTF ?

  28. That Guy

    I’ve always thought Exner must have been experimenting with hallucinogens around this time. His wild ideas worked well on the Imperial though. These cars are absolutely epic.

    I have a ‘63 LeBaron which is probably the most subdued variant of this body, and it’s still totally OTT.

  29. Gransedan

    Magnificent Mopar. I sincerely hope that the next owner fits it with properly sized tires.

    • dweezilaz

      They rode on 15s.

      Do you mean wide white bias plys ?

      • Gransedan

        Wide whites would be fine, bias ply or radial.
        To my eyes the car needs tires that are at least two sizes bigger.

  30. ctmphrs

    I always thought it was amazing that Virgil forgot the headlights and who reminded him.

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    • Dan G

      The headlights were on pedestals by design. A tribute to the way headlights were mounted on classic era cars.

  31. Jim Z

    Dan G, interesting notion.

    How about those 1962 Imperial tail lights mounted atop the rear fenders…what were they thinking?

    IMHO, they spoil the elegant rear lines

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