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Original Paint Pickup: 1980 Toyota Hilux SR5

If you haven’t noticed, old Toyota 4x4s of pretty much every configuration are white hot these days. “Old” even constitutes the mid-90s Tacomas and other basic 4WD trucks that have become quite sought after, especially as modern-day pickup truck prices explode. This 1980 Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickup is the purest expression of the breed, pretty much what you’d expect if the FJ40 came in pickup truck form. It has original paint and some smart improvements, and is listed here on eBay with bids to $15,000 and no reserve.

You love seeing original paint on these trucks, especially in the bed area – I mean, who wants to pay all that money for a truck and then not be able to use the bed for fear of scratching up perfect new paint? This Hilux oozes patina in all the right ways, proudly wearing its battle scars like a vintage pickup truck should. The tan exterior with the correct factory decal kit in place makes for a handsome pickup truck, and one that will still turn heads today.

The seller mentions “subtle upgrades” and I can’t tell if one of those improvements is a lift kit, or if the suspension height is just the result of the upgraded tires. The Toyota does ride on fresh rubber mounted on steel wheels with factory hubcaps. The interior shows some modifications with the additional gauges installed and an aftermarket radio. The rest of the cabin looks largely stock, so even with some modifications made, this Toyota has not been overly modified.

The legendary 22R engine will outwork and outlast almost any other engine of this vintage, and the presentation suggests this one hasn’t suffered through too many massive oil leaks. The seller doesn’t say much about the engine, but do you really need to? These are bulletproof with just basic maintenance, and really, beating back the tin worm is more of a battle. If you find a clean 4WD Hilux pickup in your neck of the woods, grab it before it goes prime time and commands an asking price of $20,000 or better – because that’s where these trucks are headed.


  1. Kelly

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the interior shown is not from a 1980 Toyota truck, that interior is from a ‘84-‘88 model

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    • The Truth

      You are correct that’s the 84 and up dash.

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      • Scott Sherman

        Correct. Exact match to my 85 runner.

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    • The Truth

      You are correct

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  2. R ig18

    I thought the same as I had an 86 4runner.

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    • KevinM

      That is not the interior of a 1980 stock Toyota….hope the buyer does tere homework!

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    • The truth

      Nope the people bidding on it aren’t that smart.

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  3. Christopher Cobb

    Good eyes on that interior I was just about throw A buyers bid on that also noticed it doesn’t have the original carbarator .

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  4. A

    Those are not the correct stripes and that interior is out of an84-88.

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  5. The Truth

    The seller is trying to scam people and needs to be reported to eBay.

    1. That is an 84 and up dash

    2. The 22r was first introduced in 4wd trucks 1981. 1980 is a 20r.

    3. SR5 are 5 speed vehicles which was first introduced in 4wd truck in 1981 (L45 or L50 transmission options). This truck has a L43 (4 speed.

    4. The gear ratio code is g102 (4.37 gears) which is only available in a 20r 4 speed truck and not available in the SR5.

    5. The paint code looks correct, but that’s clearly not the original paint.

    6.SR5 came with bucket seats (which you can’t see here)

    7. Those are not the 1980 stripes.

    8. Truck is missing sheet metal (front spoiler and skid plates)

    9.you can see he repaired the frame and being in Idaho, the possibility of rust is a serious concern.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting or missed somethings and I could give more information on what the came with from the factory if the owner didn’t deface the plate on the passenger fender which holds all the information for the truck.

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  6. curt

    all the previous comments are 100% correct, also in 1979 & 1980 the top of the line was called Sport, not SR5. my first truck was a 79 bought used in 1981. bidders beware!

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