Original Survivor: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Finished in attractive Champagne Mist, this 1969 Chevelle Malibu is a clean and original survivor with only some very minor cosmetic blemishes. None of these require immediate attention, so the car is ready to be driven and enjoyed. Located in Canfield, Ohio, you will find the Malibu listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding currently sitting at $18,100, the reserve hasn’t been met.

The owner states that this Chevrolet is a solid car, with no rust or rot. there is a light dusting of surface corrosion in a few spots underneath, but nothing to worry about. There are also a couple of rust pimples appearing under the rear glass, so these should probably be addressed sooner rather than later. The Champagne Mist paint and White vinyl top are said to be original and have survived really nicely. There are a few very minor marks on the paint, but none of these are showing any sign of corrosion starting, so could be left as they are.

The predominantly white interior is one of the real highlights of this car. I really like white trim, but it can develop a dirty and discolored look over time. This particular interior has managed to avoid that fate, and the presentation is first-rate. The dash and pad are close to perfect, as is the rest of the interior trim. The car features a factory AM/FM radio, and this works perfectly. The factory air conditioning system is also complete, but the clutch on the compressor is faulty, so this will need to be attended to.

Powering the Malibu is the original 307ci V8, while the car also features the original Turbo 350 transmission and Posi rear end. With 200hp available under the right foot, the Malibu is a pretty reasonable performer. The car is said to run and drive perfectly and has been completely reliable on a few recent long trips. There’s no smoke, no leaks, just a solid and reliable survivor. The white-wall tires are new, with less than 100 miles under their treads.

Talking about the popularity of the Chevelle Malibu is a pretty common occurrence, and even if they weren’t incredibly popular, I’d still like them because they are nicely styled. Alright, this one might not be a hairy-chested muscle car, but it is still a competent car that cruises effortlessly in any situation. The fact that it is such an original and clean survivor is a real bonus, and it appears that the next owner will be getting their hands on an extremely nice classic.


  1. dirtyharry

    A 307 is a 327 crank put into a 283 block. What you get is a poor bore-to-stroke ratio and relatively small displacement. You end up with the displacement of a smaller engine with the rev limits of a larger motor. A better combination is the 283 crank in a 327 block. That combination gets you a 302, as found in 67-69 Camaros. There, you get the rev capabilites of the smaller motor with more displacement.

    I love these survivors with the freakish white top, ridiculous mag wheel covers and whitewalls, Perfect as is and I would love to take my grandkids for ice cream in it.

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    • 70kingswood

      I would rather 307 than a 305 for what it is worth. throw the same speed parts at both the 307 will be the better performer, better yet build a 327 or a small journal 301 as you mentioned. But this would need a high stall converter or a four speed to take advantage of the higher RPM a 301/302 is capable of delivering! it looks nice but the rust under the vinyl top and the cowl area are not so good! also interesting that it has a SS dash not the sweep style most Malibu’s were equipped with?

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      • Rob S


        The 69 Chevelle all had the same dash face, the sport cluster had the Tach and gauges on the right side.

        1968 had a similar setup but had the center mounted horizontal moving tach. (very unique, like the Riviera/Toronado)

        The “wide sweep” you refer to is 1970-1972.

      • JOHN Member

        I believe you are confusing the dash’s with the later 70-72 style. The base cars had a sweep style dash, but the round gauge package with tach was available as an option. The round dash setup was standard equipment on the SS cars, but the gauge package including the tach was an option. The 70-72 Monte Carlo’s also had the round style dash standard, gauges were optional, and the face of the dash was fitted with a wood grained bezel.

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    • Deacon

      My 307 powered 69 Nova would turn 11.18 with slicks in the quarter….7000 rpm shift point….dont knock it till ya build one…..

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    • michael cavanaugh

      307 will use more oil than gas.

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      • 38ChevyCoupeGuy

        @ Deacon…I couldn’t have said it better myself,I was 16, didn’t have much,but did have a 80 Camaro,and a 307, a chrome kit for it,and a Weiand tunnel ram,two Holley 450s,hillborn style scoop..Worked hard,got me some rings and bearings,stall converter,that spring I drove it to the track,12:80 in 3500 lb car. Indeed,don’t knock em. Mr.Cavanaugh,the 307 you speak of must have came out of a 3/4 ton truck with 500,000 on the clock.😁

  2. Jay E.

    Wonder why this grocery getter would have posi?

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    • Big_Fun Member

      The cowl tag says “Made in Canada” , so a person could find out through GM of Canada if it was built with posi or the sticker was added. I wonder if the original intent of the car was for winter driving, so posi was ordered on this car. A/C, AM/FM, and the posi do make nice options on this car. Small block or not, posi gives you something to talk about at cruise night.

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    • JOHN Member

      “posi” was originally marketed as a safety and traction aid useful in conditions such as snow/mud, etc. Positraction was available with gearing as high as 2:56

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  3. Brad G

    SS Dash Board?

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Brad G. – this is the standard dash for 1969. 1970 started the basic sweep speedometer as standard in the non SS models. You could add a clock. Not sure if you could order full gauges with any V8, or if the 307 was excluded.

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  4. Del

    Nice car.

    Is it just my eyes or is the front clip a different shade of color ?

    Car had some add ons. SS dash and posi diffy ?

  5. PatrickM

    This is a nice car. Sure wish I had the cash. Could be used as a nice daily driver. And, yes, it needs a garage—new owner supplied— for proper parking. Leaving this out in the elements all the time would be a disgrace. Keeping it nice would get the admiration of the family and friends The current owner sure has done a nice job keeping this one in good shape. Thanks BF.

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  6. olerascal

    Had 307/TH/AC…power was adequate. Not everything needs to be a hotrod.

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    • Will Fox

      That last sentence of yours will rile alot of gear heads here. I agree with you, but to gear heads, even a Chevy Aveo needs a tunnel Ram and wheelie bars.

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      • CapNemo

        Right on!

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      • Troy s

        Tunnel ram 496 stroker no less with the rat fink character tearing it up! That’s too funny.

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  7. Martin

    A new motor would ruin the story, and you would need to butcher the car to make it into a street rod anyway. But sliding a nice lumpy cam in the original 307 would make it sound amazing while preserving the originality. It would still be slow but who cares.

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  8. Rube Goldberg Member

    You know, big block, wheel standing ’69 Chevelles get all the thunder, but truth is, I bet 90% of all the Chevelles sold were just like this. Stuff the librarian drove. I can appreciate you guys passion for Chevy motors, but in this case, it was just a V8 Chevelle, and was the standard issue of the GM fleet.

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    Well… probably not to popular here, but ANY Chevy V8 fits comfortably in that engine compartment, and bolts up to the TH350. Yes, it would be nostalgic, to keep the 307, but a healthy 350/383, or a mild big block, would make it a much more enjoyable car.
    Before you tell me a big block is too heavy, a big block is roughly 100 lbs heavier than a small block. The factory did put big blocks in these, but with the TH400.
    Again, the nostalgia of the 307 is fine, but a little stop light to stop light fun, would make it a much more enjoyable car… in my opinion.

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  10. Chip

    I cannot for the life of me understand why so many think that EVERYTHING must be rodded. BIG BLOCKS! LUMPY CAMS! Sheesh. Appreciate a nice, original grocery getter in great shape for what it is. Scrounge up an SS 396 and have at it. This one deserves to be unmolested.

  11. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    To me the appeal of this car is that it **isn’t** a hot rod or performance model. It is just fine as is, with the nondescript paint color and the vinyl roof and the mag-style wheel covers.

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  12. Troy s

    So many Chevelles at the Santee car show yesterday. Chevy’s galore really.
    The hopped up Chevelles are just more interesting, entertaining might be a better word, and I feel that is the reason such an out of date car such as this is still considerably popular for both owners and spectators. Nothing against this school teacher model here, it looks sporty alright…open the hood and watch the frowns outnumber the grins 5 to 1.

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  13. Bhowe Member

    From my perspective im tired of seeing modded small blocks and big block everything at car shows. Literally as common as a bellybutton. Im always drawn to the unique, different, and uncommon as cars like this are. The only thing that would make me like this car more would be a six cylinder and 3 speed column shift.

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    • Troy s

      It does get to be annoying where every car, especially the older hot rods, have a small block Chevy regardless if it is a ’32 Ford, old coupe, 50’s pick up,…I get the simplicity of the engine and they do run pretty darn well, but it’s almost like just leave the hood down if it looks like everyone else’s. There was a ’56 Chevy rod at the show Sunday that had a 426 Hemi crammed in there, now that was quite unusual, and much welcomed.

  14. Trey

    Anyone who’d modify this car is going to hell.

    I wonder if the mag wheel covers are stock to this particular vehicle? That and the color combo make it truly special.

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  15. TimM

    It’s clean and well cared for but it is just a basic Chevelle!! It will be interesting to see what it goes for!!!

    • Fred

      Put a nice 350/255hp motor in it beef up the th350 and put a set of 3:73 gears and a set of cragars on it and be done also dual exhausts😝👍

  16. Del

    So looks like the Dash is original. The SS had same config but with a tach.

    The posi could be ordered for winter driving.

    And thats all she wrote…..

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