Outdoor Find: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Let’s say you’ve been looking for an early Mustang fastback to restore and you come across this one. Would you have the fortitude and budget to attempt a restoration, buy it for parts, or simply move on? That decision will face anyone considering this ’65 Mustang which has long since been in its prime. Located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (where the door tag says it was built), the bidding on this first year fastback has reached $1,575 here on eBay. What would you do?

Although the Mustang got a mid-year start in 1964, 1965 was the car’s first full year of production and Ford built nearly 560,000 of them (that works out to more than 1,500 cars a day working 365). The fastback, which wasn’t offered in the very beginning, quickly picked up steam at about 77,000 copies. We’re told the door tag and apron stamping are still with the car, telling us this story: it was built at Ford’s Pittsburgh plant on March 15, 1965. It was painted Honey Gold (but not anymore) and was paired with a black Luxury interior (which would narrow production down to under 6,000 cars). It came with the C-Code 289 V8 (2-barrel, 200 hp) and an automatic transmission.

Which brings us to this 1965 Mustang fastback. The car has not been registered since the 1970s and no paperwork has survived with it. The buyer will have to come get the car and its assorted parts and components as the seller will not attempt to ship it in its fragile state. The sheet metal is in poor condition except for the roof and transition panel to the trunk lid which is also good. The floorboards have large gaping holes in them. Some of the photos show the front end still attached. It has since been removed to make the car movable. In the before photos, it looks somewhat bent, perhaps due to severe rust or collision damage.

The engine looks rough and likely was pulled out long ago. The seller says it’s locked up, so rebuilding it in its present state is huge question mark. All the interior panels look to still be around, but not inside the car. Both doors have been removed and made be good if you have another project you want to move them to. The seller says the glass is all good and the chrome moldings are present (somewhere). Before this car was dissected, it’s said to have had under 78,000 miles on it. It would be hard to determine what, if anything is missing, with the pieces of the puzzle in in different places.

Mustang fastbacks from 1965-66 are sought after cars, even though a goodly number of them were built.  $30,000 looks to be an average figure in today’s market. Do the optimists here see restoration potential (at big bucks) or do the pessimists win about by saying the car is too far gone to save? BTW, thanks to our reader Larry D for sending this find our way!

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    If I needed a fastback top I’d buy it…. for no more than the bid is now.

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  2. JTHapp

    They say that ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ …. this looks as though ‘Rust Had Insomnia’ and worked overtime!

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  3. Steve R

    This is a parts car or might be used for a VIN swap. At least the seller is realistic, this is a no reserve auction with an opening bid of $1.00.

    Steve R

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  4. Jamie

    Take a look on Youtube at Peterson Restorations. He takes mustangs that are just as bad, and sometimes worse, and makes them whole again. Interesting to watch. Very nice work and very knowledgeable guy.

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    • AMXBrian

      Peterson could definitely fix this. I really like his videos. He does great work with goners like this. It’s even in his state. I wonder if he’s seen this and is considering a bid.

  5. Ike Onick

    What I would do is find the names and addresses of the folks who bid on this lump, print up some deeds to the Empire State Building and start making some calls.

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  6. Husky

    It might be a Fastback, but it ain’t Fast Back…

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  7. James427

    It will be used for a coupe to fastback conversion. Most of the parts to do so are included, including the hard to find interior trim parts, the fold down seat and trap door. Fold down seats are worth at least a grand.

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  8. Larry D

    There were no ’65 Mustangs assembled in Pittsburgh. This particular car has the letter ‘F’ in the 2nd VIN position indicating it was put together in Dearborn, MI.

    The other two assembly plants were in San Jose, CA. Those carried the letter ‘R’ and finally, the third plant used the letter “T” and was located in Metuchen, New Jersey.

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  9. walter mcclurg

    I’m a100% ford Mustang fan [Luv all pony cars] & have 2 Fastback Mustangs now, these car is TOAST! It’s already parted out &/so don’t stop now

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  10. Steve Clinton

    He should have kept the windows rolled up.

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  11. Eric B

    Right, everything needed to do a coupe conversion, including the door glass.

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  12. RNR

    And you make fun of us MoPar guys……..

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  13. MDW66

    Standard response: Call 1800 GOT JUNK!

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  14. Vince H

    I hate to hear VIN swap. It is illegal to swap VINs. Get caught you could be facing jail time.

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  15. Toogargone

    Not a lot of parts left on this parts car

  16. lefhandlugnut

    save the rear glass and stainless trim, say goodby…

  17. Kenn

    Numbers matching?

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  18. Chris

    I’ve sent better fastbacks to the crusher. Only worth rebuilding if it was a Shelby Mustang with a clear title. 35 years ago I bought a wrecked GT350H for $1000.00. It only took 1500 hours to put it back together and it was nicer than this one. I used to be a sucker for basket cases, but I like to weld, lead, wrench, and paint. If you had to pay someone to do the work you would have over 200K just in labor.
    Some people like to take on challenges. Good luck!!

    • walt

      Shame on U! If u can find a Sucker out there why not. Lots of good parts still on it, like the [roof & glass]. If u throwing stuff like this away throw it my way, I got 20 acres in California foothills, trying 2 catchup with Jay Leno. LOL

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  19. Jon

    $3,400. 43 bids… 04/13/21 & 2 days left … People want these things ! 1st gen & s Fastback = SHOW ME THE MONEY ;)

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    • walter mcclurg

      I should b able 2 get $40-45,000 4 my 65 Virgin fastback surviror w/84 302 HO motor, T5 stick, 9″ rear end, any suckers out there?

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