Over 700 Barn Finds Up For Grabs!

Until just yesterday I hadn’t ever heard of a Ron Hackenberger, but thanks to reader Wade G, it’s probably a name I will remember for years to come! You see, Mrs. Hackenberg has spent his life amassing an incredible collection of cars. His collection gives the Portugal Find a run for it’s money. From the time he turned 15, Ron has had a serious passion for cars. And thankfully for him, his wife Eunice enjoys the hobby as well, and together they have filled their barn and the property around it to the brim. After 50 years of collecting, they have decided it’s time to liquidate, so they are having a massive auction starting July 14th in Norwalk, Ohio! You can read more about it here on Ron’s site.

Ron’s passion for cars started with a 1948 Studebaker. He had to borrow the money to buy it, but it started him down a path that has included lots of Studebakers. He hasn’t limited himself just one make though, he has everything from motorcycles, to European micro cars all the way to a DeLorean. He truly has a little bit of everything, but when you own 700 cars and enough space to house them all, why not mix things up a bit?

I would absolutely love to just a day or two walking around this collection, there are just so many interesting cars to look at! You can visit the best auto museums in the world, every car show you can find, and you still wouldn’t be able to find a collection as varied as this one. I don’t know of any collections where a Tatra shares a roof with a ’66 Dodge Charger, a ’57 Chevy and a whole slew of vintage tractors!

I won’t lie, I’m a bit jealous of Ron and Eunice’s collection! If I’m ever lucky enough to be able to afford it, this is the kind of collection I would want to own. Not because of the overall monetary value, but because of the wide range of vehicles. You could literally experience every type of vehicle ever built, from sports car to trucks, all from the comfort of your very own barn!

Special thanks to Wade for the tip! You can find more information about the event at Vanderbrink Auctions. So will you be going to this auction? If so, be sure to make it on the 14th so that you can meet Ron and Eunice before having a look around.


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  1. CJay

    I would love to explore their treasures!!!!
    It would be great to be if one was able to purchase some of these before the auction.
    Greed and auction hype could drive the prices out of the price range of the average guy.
    But all collections must move on…

  2. C Brand

    I would be like a kid in a candy store. Have to take some bibs and depends with me cause im sure i would have to use both. I would love to go thru this collection I just cant imagine the amount of toys he has..I am envious to say the least

  3. nessy

    Very nice find. I like the bumper cars. Everything from a Pacer to a DeLorean, a Camaro to a micro car. It’s bittersweet when the time comes to sell off a man’s life long collection. However, I’m sure cars like these will find a good home and it’s better while the owner is still around to know his collection will be saved.

  4. Bob

    WOW! Just wow!

  5. James Scott

    Is this auction in July of next year ?

    • Kurt

      Auction is July 15 & 16, 2017. Preview is July 14.

  6. Allan

    Absolutely incredible.

  7. BillB

    It’s about a 40 minute drive from me. We’re hungry for rust free classic cars up here in the rust belt that we don’t have to have shipped up from the south, so that alone will drive up the prices. It’ll be nice to see some new metal at the local car cruises too! I’m excited on all fronts, except I’d have to liquidate one or two of my own to make room!

  8. JW

    Love the bumper cars, remember riding those as a kid and I’ve seen a club that has made them in to novelty street cars. This collection is amazing.

    • Andrew

      I find it interesting that the bumper car tail lights are of real 1965 Opel Rekord cars, if you look closely.

      • Andrew

        …..and a close up.

  9. Bobsmyuncle

    Could someone point out the Tatra to me? I don’t see one in any of the photos.

    • That Guy

      Go to the Vanderbrink Auctions link. It has a lot more photos than the owner’s site. The Tatra is in at least one of those photos. It appears to be a Tatraplan.

      • Bill McCoskey

        As somewhat of an expert in Tatra cars, you are correct in that this car pictured is a T-600 Tatraplan, and from the looks of the various trim pieces it’s a late one, probably about a 1952 to 54. The yellow lens marker lights on the front fenders are from the later T-603 cars starting in 1957, and that light assembly was used all the way to 1975.

        This car has a flat 4 air cooled engine, the basics of which began in the mid 1930s. VW appropriated this engine for their own use, as evidenced in the 1962 German court ruling against VW, with Tatra being awarded a royalty on EVERY VW air cooled flat 4 engine ever made! Yes, that’s correct, Ferdinand Porsche did not design the VW engine or trans axle, nor the backbone chassis pan, they were the product of Hans Ledwinka of Tatra.

        A VW engine will fit into this Tatra with NO modifications. It’s a bolt-up! And that’s why so few Tatra T-600 engines are available today, because it was cheaper just to switch out the tired Tatra engine & slip in a VW one.

    • SM Jens


  10. Capt RD

    I already made reservations to attend all weekend. Only want one.

  11. Rocko

    I think we’ll all be there….

  12. That Guy

    Although most of them clearly haven’t had much use for a long time, it’s great to see a huge hoard like this which has been well stored. Almost everything looks like a good quality car, just a general recommissioning and safety check away from being on the road again. This is going to be one of the auctions of the decade, I think. What a fabulous find.

  13. Rod

    Wow what an amazing collection. Not only did they collect all of these it appears they were well taken care of. Never fails to amaze me how someone can amass such a collection. Would love to wander through this.

  14. Lincolnluvr

    I’m about 35 minutes from this site.. I WILL be there for that preview for sure !

  15. Dolphin Member

    Yes an amazing collection. No, maybe the right word is accumulation.

    I like cars as much as the next guy, but I wonder how many of these get registered and driven. I would rather have a much smaller number of exactly the cars I like to drive, instead of many vehicles of all kinds that look like they probably never get driven.

    But, no question, this man’s passion—and his large wallet and large warehouse—has saved a lot of vehicles that otherwise would probably have been crushed. I hope they go to lots of different people who will R&R them and put them back on the road, preferably before we all get inundated by self-driving rolling computers that run on electrons.

  16. Racingpro56

    Mind Blown.

  17. S Ryan

    This guy definitely wins for best collection.
    I guess I will spend the next few days looking at his cars and figuring out where in Ohio this is.

  18. David Wilk Member

    What an amazing collection. I am in awe of this couple. While I live in Connecticut, this is an auction I would love to attend. Norwalk, Ohio is located in what was once the state of Connecticut’s “Western Reserve” and I guess if our colonial forebears could make the journey, so can I. I wonder if we might plan and organize a get together of Barn Finds readers in connection with the auction weekend.
    If I were to be able to buy one of these vehicles, I’d need help getting it home. Anyone from Connecticut or nearby with a trailer planning to attend?
    – David

  19. Woodie Man

    Amazing. Ive always been a serial car buyer. When I have more than 2 I feel guilty like…there’s only one of me…what am I doing! Protestant work ethic. lol. Maybe I’ll make this just for the thrill of so many cars in one place.

    Perhaps there should be a secret BarnFind high sign………

  20. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    A treasure trove for sure. This appears to be the same auction outfit that handled that car dealership auction. Prices will be driven up as I am sure WC and lots of other heavy hitters will be present. Good luck Capt RD!

  21. Paul R

    How much does 700 batteries cost?

    Unbelievable collection! I will take the Advanti or Super Hawk.. Ya’ll can fight over the rest!

    • Woodie Man

      Hey! I want the Avanti!

  22. Woodie Man

    Look at the Stude airport limo behind the wildly colored 48-50 Packard ambulance (?)

  23. milotus

    I have a big 2 car garage that has three cars in it.
    I once had 13 cars around here,mostly English Fords.
    Needless to say,my neighbors WERE NOT impressed.
    This is why people like me shouldn’t own property like this,
    or have lots of money to do cool stuff like those.

  24. Woodie Man

    here it is

  25. Jason

    Based on the first pic, I thought this was another collection of Hot Wheels cars!

  26. Wagon master

    Hmmm, the Pontiac Tri-power nationals are in the same town a couple weeks latter. I think it’s finally time for me to head out there to experience a few weeks of Autofornication during the perfect storm.

  27. Arno D.

    At least two Citroën 2 CV, one DS and one HY (picture 15), one Renault 4 CV, that would be a nice collection in Europe or even in France…. But that’s just 0.7% of his collection !

  28. Adam T45 Staff

    Not wishing to appear to be greedy or anything, but could I have one of everything please?

  29. Jay E.

    The standing figure in the first photo blows the perspective and does make it seem like a diorama of hotwheels! Check out that collection of Divcos. This is going to be an event!

    • Wayne S.K.

      It definitely DOES look like a Hot Wheels collection Jay E. Who stands a giant garden gnome amongst their automobile collection? And more importantly, WHY?

  30. Howard A Member

    Ok, perhaps we’re dancing around the obvious ( to me, anyway) amazing collection, but what did they do, invent the disposable diaper? Sheesh. I mean, these things weren’t free, IDK, lot of cash laid out here over the years, those things always make me wonder. I hope the auction remains affordable ( I mean no disrespect, but Vanderbrink auctions tend to be a bit pricey, remember Lambrecht?) Truly overkill, wouldn’t know where to start.

    • Woodie Man

      Howard.looks to me by the Van DerBrink site explanation that this seller had a series of successful businesses…..good on him…for every one of me that feels guilty with more than a few cars….there ‘s him! He’s saved a lot of iron ! Worthy or not

  31. tom driscoll

    Marking my calendar and looking for a holiday Inn!

  32. Randy V from the Northern/Lower

    I really would love to go and meet this couple and hear a short story that is behind each and every thing they have. I have MS and l use a wheelchair and it has six (6) wheels on it. And l’ll never again will be able to drive a four on the floor ever again. So just hearing a story of how they got this one, and that one. That would be the Best Thing just as You started out there story. That It was Not given to them they had to do it the old fashion way get a loan and work hard on paying it off. And starting all over again on the next one, and who knows how many more times they had to do that, over and over again. And who knows that they, just might have some of the 1960’s & 1970’s that l had. And l also have a lot of good stories behind them in my driving days.
    So l wish them, and to all of you going to see & maybe buy one or more, a safe trip there and back. Maybe you will fine that one car, or whatever you always wish for is sitting right there in front of you with a great Story behind it, and most of all the price that you can afford. Now it is yours and another Great Story is Starting again that is Yours… Good Luck, be Safe, and put a picture on here of what you took home, with a short story of it……. Randy

    • Jason

      Cheers to you, Randy.

    • Wayne S.K.

      Godspeed, Randy! I’m dealing with a bit of a situation myself. Physical limitations can never put a damper on memories though… ;)

  33. scottymac

    Norwalk, Ohio? Did someone say Dragway 42? SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!! 700 cars? I couldn’t afford the shingles to house a collection that large!

    • OGK

      Not Dragway 42 but Summit Motorsports Park (formerly Norwalk Raceway Park). Home of the NHRA Nationals, Night Under Fire, etc. And oh, by the way, the Blue Suede Cruise will be going on the same weekend as this auction. Tons of cars to view and others tearing up the strip!

      • David Wilk Member

        Assume motel rooms will be in short supply then, any recommendations for best places to stay nearby?

      • OGK

        David, hopefully you check back for this info. I would look for a hotel in Sandusky, Avery, Huron, or Vermilion. All are along or near major highways and are less than 30 minutes from Norwalk. Besides the two events going on in Norwalk out of towners will also have vacationers going to Cedar Point to contend with.

      • David Wilk Member

        Thanks OGK! Good advice to have. I have always wanted to go to Cedar Point too. Sandusky here we come. Hope to see some of you in Norwalk in July.

  34. Brian Joseph

    I’ll be there. I like microcars and he’s got plenty of them. I think this will be the Woodstock of car collecting,an event of a lifetime.

  35. David Miraglia

    First class collection. I’m in auto heaven

  36. Dennis T

    I live about a half hour away. As a local historian I have been working through thousands of old aerial photos in the county for which the location maps have been lost. Route 250 in Norwalk was thoroughly photographed back then, I have photos of this property going back to 1964! At that time it was owned by someone else and listed as a storage business and shop. Still a few of vehicles around back then, but only one building. Image courtesy of VintageAerial.com.

  37. John brown

    I wonder if Jay leno will be there.I live in ohio and at 71 have just pared my collection down.When i expressed a desire to attend i got dirty looks and a scowl from my wife.I wonder how many times this scenario will be repeated in households far and near.They just dont understand.

    • Horse Radish

      John , If it was a gigantic doll collection, she’d be there …..

    • MikeH

      Sometimes I wish my wife would give me a scowl. If I say “I really shouldn’t”, she says “if you want it, get it”. That usually dissolves my resolve. I’ll be going, but hopefully, I’ll resist taking a trailer.

    • tom driscoll

      I suspect Jay Leno, WC, and other high rollers will arrange a private viewing and have their picks long before the auction date…not too concerned, I’m sure they’re not interested in the same cars I would be interested in.

  38. Horse Radish

    I hate to tell you, but “over 700+ cars” is an understatement.
    I haven’t even seen the 200 + ‘other’ Studebakers.
    There is close to a 1000 cars here, maybe more.

    • tom driscoll

      Can they possibly sell 1000 cars in 2 days?

  39. RollerD

    I would like to see a list of available vehicles. No longer anything posted on Vanderbrinks website.

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