Package Deal: 1969 Opel Rekord + 1967 Commodore

This 1969 Opel Rekord C is a rarity on U.S. roads and clearly owned by an Opel enthusiast. The pretty coupe body is still handsome today, and despite having some rust issues to deal with, still looks quite solid considering the seller apparently used the car regularly until recent health issues forced him to park it. The Rekord comes with a spare parts car, in this case a Commodore sedan with a complete drivetrain. Find the Opel combo here on craigslist for $8,900.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Roger for the find. The Rekord C has a pleasing body line, with the little bump right by the rear buttress. The tail lights bend at an unusual angle, with a mild vertical fin coming off the sides of the rear quarter panel. Chrome bumpers and glassed-in headlights tell you this a European market car that escaped federalization.

The interior is in excellent shape, with gorgeous bucket seats and door panels. The seller notes an extensive list of ongoing maintenance, including a redone cylinder head with hardened seals to accept unleaded gasoline. The seller also notes the ignition points, belts, and water pump have all been refreshed recently. The dash does appear to have a crack behind the wheel.

The Commodore sedan comes with good body panels, a healthy 2.5L inline-six engine, and plenty of chrome, lights, and glass to donate. The seller bought the car to always have a treasure trove of spare parts nearby, which is why it makes sense for the next owner to grab the pair as well. This Rekord C coupe is a rarely-seen offering in the U.S. and worthy of a closer look.



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  1. Miguel

    We have these Opel’s in Mexico but nobody wants them.

    I have seen a really clean one for around $4000.00 USD

    Does anybody know if they are any good as a car?

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Where in Mexico do you live Miguel. I used to go to Oaxaca every year, a beautiful place with unique and awesome food. Good fishing too.

      • Miguel

        I am in Sinaloa. I know, I know. It is safe though.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      A beautiful country with wonderful food and people. Alas, the whole world has changed my friend. I grew up in Chicago in the city. We never worried back then, went anywhere day or night. Now I avoid it in the city, only go there for the different food and old friends.

      • Miguel

        I know what people think of Sinaloa. The reports we see on the news about Chicago make it seem much more dangerous than we have it here. I think the media tells you the same about us here, especially where I am.

        We will always have the name El Chapo connected to us, with good reason, but still.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      We’ll take good care of El Chapo for you guys, I worked in the jail system in Chicago back in the 70s, where he’s at now BF doesn’t stand for Barn Finds.

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  2. Jeff

    They are very reliable.
    Got a Rekord Wagon from 1967 since 12 years as a daily driver, never failed me.
    Rust is a problem though.
    Friend of mine has the Coupe version, very nice bodyline in my opinion.

    Nice pics:

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    In 1971 my Dad bought a brand new Opel sport coupe, the “SS Fiera” it was a reliable and comfortable car but no match for the V-8’s of that time: Mustang, Charger.
    Dad said that it has the best braking of any car he ever had until this day. When I see the interior pics I’ve remember that I ended between the bucket seats after a hard braking. Lol.

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    • local_sheriff

      Autovisa; was the SS Fiera a Mexican Opel version of the Rekord/Commodore? I didn’t know until I read your post; what drivelines are we talking about?

  4. local_sheriff

    I remember these Rekords were just as common as Volvos as I grew up in Scandinavia. I also remember hardly seeing any of these from the early 80s-up without major rust, so rust is definately an issue with these as with any Opels of the era.

    Though I have no personal experience with them, it’s a typical straight-forward FR user-friendly design. Its simplicity is probably also the reason GM utilized the same body for production of the IMO even better looking Chevrolet Opala in Brazil. Propelled by Iron Duke or 250 I-6 they were made up to ’91 proving the design was durable indeed! Too bad I cannot add pics as I have several images of sexy Opala SS’s.

    I’ve always wondered why GM even cared to develop the Vega – I think they would be better off if they had tooled up for a US-version of the Opala/Rekord instead. IMO they offer much, much better lines and proven technology

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    • Jeff

      Good thought on the Vega-Opala/Rekord matter – they definately would have been better off!

      Lots of nice pics of Opalas:

      Unfortunately I also can’t add pics of my Rekord Caravan or my friends Coupe, that’s why I added the link to

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      • local_sheriff

        Thanks for the links Jeff, there’s a plethora of period Opala ads there. I also like the fact you’re referring to your longroof as a Caravan; that’s indeed what Opel called their wagons back then!😁

        Sadly I have never owned a Rekord; however I was seriously considering a grey-head’s HT coupe survivor I had on hand 7(?) years back. The fact that it was only a 1700 eventually made me pass…

        Any intel on how your Caravan got to the US ?

  5. Miguel

    Here are some pictures of the Opel in Mexico. He wants around 5K for it US.

    It astounds me how much people ask for their cars in the US for the condition they are in.

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  6. Miguel

    Here is the engine.

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  7. Miguel

    Here are the seats.

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  8. Miguel

    And the dash. As I said, I don’t know anything about these cars although this one looks pretty original apart from the steering wheel.

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  9. Jeff

    @ local_sheriff:

    My Rekord Caravan is also a 1700, but for me that’s more than luxurious cause I drove a 1600 VW T2a Bus before and yeah, “Caravan” is written all over it.

    The Caravan has never been to the US (as far as I know), cause I’m living in Switzerland and the car was actualy made in the GM plant in Biel (CH) where they made the Swiss-Montage GM cars.

    What exactly is an HT coupe which you once almost bought?

    • local_sheriff

      That explains it all as I was under the impression Rekords/Commodores never sold through GM dealerships in the US.

      Apart from the Rüsselsheim facility I know Opel had plants both in Antwerp(Belgium) and Switzerland not only making Opels but also building US GM cars out of CKD kits like they did in South Africa and Australia.

      The HT coupe was excactly like the one Miguel posted above, only tan in and out and black vinyl top. I’d figure it’s the same configuration your friend has. I passed on it as I knew I’d miss a six and it was simply ‘too nice’ to hack up for the conversion

      • Jeff

        I always found it strange that they sold the Kadett’s in the US but not the Rekords, they suit the US market much better as they are not as small of a car as the Kadett is.

        Indeed the GM plant in Biel (CH/Switzerland) did also build other GM cars for the swiss market and these GM-Suiss built cars are the most valuable here in Switzerland, because everybody thinks they are much higher quality then the imports, but who knows…

        My friend actualy has the Commodore, which is the one with the six zylinder motor, and this is much faster than my Rekord 1700, although I could swop an 1900 engine in it, which was also available in the Rekord.

        But what exactly stands the HT for, we don’t know such a model here in Europe.

      • local_sheriff

        Jeff; HT means hardtop ie pillarless coupe. I know they were built in Switzerland too; stumbled upon a Commodore HT on youtube a couple years back

  10. scottymac

    ” The tail lights bend at an unusual angle…”. Back in the Eighties, after being stationed in West Germany and picking up a pair of these lights, adapted them to a late model Corvair. Thought they looked pretty good, but I can’t post a photo.

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  11. Miguel

    Here is a 4 door model the guy wants about 2,100 USD.

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    • Miguel

      The back.

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      • Miguel

        And the interior. It looks clean enough.

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  12. Miguel

    My supplier does have new turn signal lenses and tri color taillight lenses for these cars, but I have never sold any.

  13. Stevieg

    Miguel, I really want to meet up with you once I move to Arizona (I know, not real close but way closer than Milwaukee). You find such cool cars down there, whether you buy them or not. I would really enjoy tossing back a beer or two with you, talk cars & share stories about mutual acquaintances.
    I would also be willing to pass along a finders fee for some of these treasures that you choose not to buy. These Opels you are finding are outstanding!

    • Miguel

      Steve, I would enjoy that, not the beer thing, but something to drink.

      If you think the ones I post here are good, I have set up a site that shows Mexican cars I have found over the past months. (Please excuse my crude coding skills) The cars are not for sale. I just list them to show the condition and compare the prices with their US counterparts. You won’t believe the cars on that list.

      If you want to see that please send me an email at and I will let you know where it is.

      This is not meant to step on anybody toes here. None of the cars on this page are for sale.

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      • AUTOVISA

        Miguel, I would like to check that car list too, can I send you an email as well?

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      • Miguel

        Sure, and anybody else that would like to see how weird our Mexican cars are.

        I will say again. None of these cars are for sale. I don’t want anybody here to think I am trying to sell cars without paying the fee. This is just for comparison, and generally the prices, according to Hagerty, seem to be getting a number 2 or number 1 cars here for the price of a number 3 car in the US.

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