Packrat Paradise: Utah Warehouse Liquidation

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Most of us, at one time or another, have thought that our one project car was too much work, and that the busted knuckles (and budgets) were taking their toll. What about someone with multiple projects? This 10,000 SF warehouse is packed to the brim with restoration projects ranging from a Volvo P1800 to a Chrysler Imperial and the owner is ready to liquidate. Find the whole collection for sale here on KSL Classifieds in Utah.

Although it seems like a virtual playground of opportunity inside the nondescript warehouse, we imagine that even the most committed restorer sometimes wants to clean house. The listing includes the following cars for sale among many others:

• ‘51 Chrysler Imperial – $4,500;
• ’63 Volvo P1800 – $3,000;
• ’33 Ford 3-Window coupe – $39,000;
• Two ’62 Triumph TR4s – $7,500 for both (one with original aluminum hard top);
• Three ’59 Sunbeam Alpines sold as a package deal for $7,900;
• ‘39 Lincoln Zephyr – $8,500;
• ’49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan – $14,000.

There are also shop tools and trailers up for grabs. The seller mentions that presses and lathes are available, as well as a spray booth and even the warehouse itself! Though it’s sad to see a collection of interesting restoration candidates broken up, we’re glad the seller isn’t letting them rot away until it’s too late to save the vintage sheet metal.

Just having a garage is a dream for some of us, as working out in the cold or having an afternoon cut short by a downpour can severely limit progress on projects. Having an entire warehouse to work inside with room for new projects as they come in would be bliss for many project car owners – at least until the first electric bill came due.

We’re sure that this seller will find a way to clean out his collection while holding onto the cars most important to him. The listing of machinery for sale is impressive, but there are a few cars in the warehouse not listed. How about that 911 in the corner? Is that Facel Vega on the lift for sale? It will be interesting to watch how long it takes this collection to dwindle, and even more fascinating to see how many end up on eBay in the near future. Can you spot any mentionable cars we missed?

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  1. fred

    I loves messes like this. From a 53 Ford Ranch Wagon to a Facel Vega. Fun Fun Fun

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  2. SeanKHotay

    There’s *2* 911 variants right next to each other, a white one and a darker (gray? black?) one to picture right…

    And the white one looks like a SWB ’66-68 version which might instead be a 912 (4cyl).

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  3. Dustin

    I don’t think you mentioned the jag.

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  4. Mark in Wyoming

    What fred said! I just might go down there!

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  5. Stuart

    Looks like a Facel Vega on the lift in that 3rd picture.

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  6. keith

    Top photo car in the middle – looks like my first car, a 59/60 Mercedes 190b, was a very cool car, push button starter, 4-speed on the column, had MB rebuild the motor & it ran great.

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  7. J. Pickett

    Nice old yellow Buick convertible in 4th picture, and a couple of partial cycles. I’m thinking e-bay may get them, some prices are rather high for some of these as projects.

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  8. Wilbur

    I dig the facel!

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  9. Chris Cornetto

    Looks like my place, just did the same after 30 years and in todays world most ended up at the scrap yard, including several late 50s GM convertibles and several socalled priceless muscle era cars including a Challenger convertible which did better as parts than anyone offered. Theres lots of TV hype but the days of the old running project fixer-upper is over, no one wants them. The average guy knows nothing about fixing them and cannot afford the restoration costs.

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  10. fred

    I know the Facel’s had Chryler motors but were the hemis, anyone know?

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  11. Dan

    Looks like a Facel Vega to me as well, I have only seen under the hood of one and it was the early Chrysler hemi.

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  12. fred

    @ J Pickett. I think that yellow convertible may be a Hudson.

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  13. Hank

    Anybody know what the creme yellow torpedo back Is… the one with the split rear window and the missing trunk lid? Yes the Vega had an early Hemi, I was lucky enough to be a valet parking dude in College in San Francisco in those days and I peeked under the hood when I could. But looks like somebody has all the grill work and chrome out. Wonder where all the chrome disappeared to? Some of theses units looked pretty wrecked out, but the Jag and the Porsches looks like they might run. These may be cars abandoned on the road.

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  14. Stephen R. Syson

    I want the Facel Vega.

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  15. kporter

    That XJS look’s just like my mom’s. Waited 6 months for delivery. Broke down that night, With me at the wheel. Cobalt blue with Bisket interior. Am unreliable fast car with a Chevy trans. It was sexy though. It was donated with TONS of paperwork. Including all tanks of gas. LA area !

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  16. Chris in WNC

    red ’53 Ford Wagon is there too. no Buick, it’s probably the Lincoln Cosmo but might be the Hudson mentioned above

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  17. Ron

    The prices appear very optomistic.

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  18. fred

    You changed my mind Chris. I think that yellow convertible is the Cosmopolitan as you suggest.

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  19. TVC15

    @ Dustin , they didn’t mention the XJS because it’s not worth mentioning , they will probably use it to prop the barn door open when they take the other cars out

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  20. milano164Member

    The Sunbeams are interesting to a degree… few people realize that one of the Factory Sebring Alpines disappeared in the Salt Lake City area.

    Not that any of these look to be that car…. but it is always fun to look when I see a Sunbeam listed in Utah or surrounding states.

    BTW< the Sebring car was RHD.


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  21. Larry

    Went to his add, it’s a 1949 Lincoln Cosmo convert.
    The sunbeams and triumphs bring back fond memories of the late 60’s early 70’s.
    Oh to be that young again :-)

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  22. Phil Marley

    When I die, this is what Heaven must look like!

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  23. Alex Elkins

    i want that xjs. i can never have too many in my collection.

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  24. Elizabeth

    Was the regsitration kept up on all these cars? I would imagine most, if not all, were registered as non operational right?

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  25. Richard Van Hoose

    My first reaction: What a mess! But, after further examination: What an opportunity for many projects, hopefully done properly.

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  26. bastiaan hallen

    holland here,i want the vacel,where can i do an offer,or adres to go to?
    gr bas

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  27. mikey

    I love to know what that truck is?

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  28. Hitman

    Many moons I wondered into a garage in Belgium looking for directions, outside the garage was a line up of 1960’s Opel’s and Merc’s, but once I stepped inside my jaw dropped. The guy had 3 Facel’s, a 1930’s Merc, 2 MG’s and a host of Porsche’s. Sadly he wasn’t keen on me taking photo’s, but he did give me good directions to Luxembourg.

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