What A Pair! 1967 And 1969 Volvo 1800S Finds

How about this–over 30 years ago, the folks that owned a Volvo dealership put some cars away after giving up the dealership they had owned for 35 years. These two Volvo sports cars (yes, they are!) have been stored ever since and are now up for sale here on eBay. Amazingly, both cars are said to run and drive! Bidding is starting at $6,000 and there’s no reserve. You’ll be sending a transporter to Toledo, Ohio to pick them up if you’re the lucky winner.

The darker car (I’m not exactly sure what the color is) is a 1969 1800S, and is considered the better of the two cars. If the engine is original, this will have the first year of the B20B engine, the 2-liter variant of the basic Volvo inline four cylinder. While the body looks solid in these pictures, it’s really hard to tell its condition in general.

Honestly, the interior of the dark car doesn’t look as nice as the interior of the earlier one.  However, if this is a black or dark gray car with a red interior, it would be very striking once cleaned up and/or refurbished. I really love the dashboard on this generation of 1800–all curves and “modern.” There are no pictures of the underside or engine of either car.

The earlier, 1967 car is said to be very rusty, and you can see that from the pictures. The seller is calling it a parts car despite it running and driving. Of course, this car will have the earlier, 1.8 liter engine, and while many of the parts are similar, as you can see the grille is different and so are some other components. Not to say they won’t fit, but they might not be exactly correct for the 1969 model.

Here’s the interior on the 1967 car, which does look to be in nicer shape, especially  the driver’s door panel. I’m just not sure how much I’d like black on black if you were to transfer the 1967 interior to the 1969 car. Regardless, what do you think about these projects? Would you try to save both, one, or are you not interested at all?

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    They say “put away for 30yrs” Where, it surely was after they were beat to hell and all used up.

    • JYA!

      Let’s try and stay positive here. They may have been used by the Swedish Bikini Team. Remember them?

  2. redwagon

    agreed that initially I thought the cars were unsold unregistered examples from their now defunct family owned dealership. clearly not the case. the fact that they are being sold as a single lot indicates the light colored one probably has severe rust issues.

    also selling a ’66 pv544 on ebay

  3. Doug Towsley

    I am not a Volvo guy but these are highly sought after by hipsters and fashionistas in Portlandia. These will find a home with a true enthusiast.

  4. Anthony

    Love these P1800’s. But starting bid is too high.
    Look around you’ll find better and cheaper.
    Had the S and the E and the ES
    Very nice, who would have known they would become classics back then?

  5. Wayne Thomas

    So want one of these with a Volvo B8444S V8 swap.

  6. DRV

    I’ve had 7 of these over 45 years…these are done. After seeing one being restored last week with half the rust visible of these 2, you need these for free to come out even. Trust me.

  7. Paul

    Other then Camaro’s, Mustangs, and Corvette’s its hard to come out ahead on restoration cost. Those cars have enough parts available at a reasonable cost. Also a good following to sell once completed.
    I am not saying impossible just harder.

  8. Rex Kahrs Member

    These cars will probably end up in Europe, where there is strong interest in the model. But DRV is right, you will spend a fortune fixing the rust on these. Still, my ’69S attracted attention like no other car I’ve ever owned.

    One other thing about these cars is that every component is twice as beefy as it needs to be…thus the car weighs a lot and isn’t that fast. But, that never bothered me.

  9. Cordeau


    Je suis intéressé par votre Volvo breck de chasse pouvez vous me dire le prix que vous en désirez et si vous voulez bien vous en occupe pour me la faire parvenir en France

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