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Panther-fied: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette


There’s little doubt that some cars truly reflect their owner’s taste when it comes to examples like this 1971 Corvette found here on eBay.  Supposedly hand-painted, the seller says it’s time to move it along after 40 years of ownership. I think after that amount of time, you’re allowed to do whatever is necessary to keep your interest in the vehicle alive. Overall, the body looks fairly straight and I love the turbine-style wheels, but how do you think this car will find a buyer with such a personalized exterior? Underneath, is this ‘Vette desirable enough that someone will throw a bid at it? Personally, I’d rock it in its current form. There’s something about vehicles like these that resonate with me as emblematic of an era or the type of car, and while panther spots wouldn’t be my first choice, it’s better than a neon green desert scene


  1. TRP

    RE: “…it’s better than a neon green desert scene…”

    How… how dare you!?!… You bite your tongue, Mister! I’ll have you know that neon green desert scene is the stuff that lovely dreams are made of. That green car is one unicorn shy of the perfect paint job.

    That spotted thing above is supposed to be a leopard! Leopards – spots. Panthers – No spots. Panthers are long, low, shiny, and black. If anything it’d be a leopard-fied Panther. Silly seller doesn’t even know his big cats.

    /me shakes head and walks away mumbling about the ultimate vette. Green. Desert Airbrush. Unicorns….

  2. Will

    The perfect car for Peg Bundy.

    • jd


  3. MIkeG

    HEY Babe, wanna make your dreams come true?

  4. Dolphin Member

    Car is in No Dakota? Maybe there might be a couple of people interested in that neck of the woods, but if the seller really wants to move this POA* get it to LA, preferably Hollywood. That, or maybe the Art Deco area of Miami Beach. If you don’t find a buyer there you probably won’t find a buyer anywhere. OK, that’s the sum total of my knowledge of the potential market for this car.

    *Piece Of Art

  5. Joe Gotts

    Get out a Weatherby and put the poor old Leopard out of its misery!

    Joey G…

    • randy

      I know a dentist…………………..

      • The Chucker

        Classic…wish I would have said that. :-)

  6. jim s

    no i would not own, drive, ride, stop to look at, or let park in my driveway. sorry.

  7. Mark E

    Hand painted? With an airbrush! Personally I think this car is great. It has way more personality than if it was a stock or even special candy colored paint. To me the paint job makes it way more unique than if you hopped up or chromed over the engine. Plus it’s part of the history of the car. If I bought it I’d want to take the owner out for dinner and get the full story of his ownership of the car. S/he must love the car very much and I certainly hope it goes to someone who appreciates it rather than painting it over and making it a boring plain-jane stock ’71 Vette…

  8. moosie Craig

    I’ll be nice and say it is different, ’71 with a ’75 nose, wrecked bad enough to change the nose, pass on this one.

  9. High Hope

    Wow. It’s funny yet creepy and it has too much gold chain and Rayon shirt, but…I like it.

    The paint conceals the shape better that the black and white op-art that BMW and MB are now using on test days at the ‘Ring.

  10. joeinthousandoaks

    Drum roll please….would this be a cage find?

  11. George

    Buy it cheap and lease it to a rock star for big bucks! At least for their videos.

  12. jeff6599

    Aren’t all repaints done by hand?

  13. Doug Towsley

    Hmmm, I think its an interesting car, But might be a great deal if it checks out, be interested to know what really lurks underneath if in fact thats the wrong nose. However, good year, small block and a manual trans. With a paint job, and, im sorry, but id put side pipes on it, you have a super cool period corvette. Im in the middle of selling off projects otherwise i would be seriously tempted by this.
    Only thing before keeping me from a vetter purchase is cost of insurance. This would have me checking rates.

    • moosie Craig

      ’71 ‘s had chrome front ( & rear ) bumpers, also side vents on the front fenders were different, in the ad it clearly states that the nose has been replaced. So yeah, it is the wrong nose .

  14. JimmyinTEXAS

    If I was drunk when I bought it maybe I would have sobered up enough before driving it home to at least stop at the media blaster and clean it up some…

  15. Axel Caravias

    Aren’t panthers pink?

  16. jd

    Might stumble out half awake and shoot the thing~Another cat in my yard! is just not acceptable~

  17. Blindmarc

    Bold ride . Com has this car featured today.

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