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Parked 30 Years: 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Well I have always had a thing for Impala convertibles, I have even owned two though never a 1959 model like this seemingly all original example, located in Hooper, Nebraska and available here on eBay, with a current bid of $105,199, reserve not yet met.

The late ’50s were years of excessive largess at GM and Chrysler; Ford, not necessarily Lincoln,  seemed to take a more moderate approach to styling. As radical as the new for ’58 Impala was compared to the ’57 Belair, the ’59 Impala took another quantum leap forward in what can be best described as outrageous styling.

Now, to squash the urban legend, ’59 Chevies did not get rear airborne above 60 MPH in spite of their rear wingspan. But that’s a whole lot of metal that’s mostly parallel to the ground so you can see how these myths get started. I have always been amazed at the amount of steel pressing that went into forming those rear quarters and fins. Whether you are on the “love it” or “hate it” side of the isle, it’s impressive bodywork.

The interior shows very well and is typical for the late ’50s. Unfortunately, the description on this car in its entirety is really light so one is forced to make judgment calls from the images regarding the aesthetics. The interior, for example, looks sound but no idea what kind of shape the floors or underside are in. Speaking of the images, there are few that are really comprehensive, they’re more like snippets of the subject, not it in its entirety. The seller states that he doesn’t know the mileage yet the listing reads 487 so no telling what all of that means. Of course, all of this said, it hasn’t stopped 43 bidders from pushing the bid over 100 large!

There is no mention made regarding the engine room. I can tell it is a small block V8 and if it is original, it is a 283 CI of either 185 or 230 HP. I think it is a two-barrel equipped engine so that it would mean it is the lesser of the two options. How’s it run? Don’t know but it does have AC which the seller says is rare. Being a 1959 convertible, I would agree with that statement. While there is no reference to the transmission, the steering column shift indicator clearly shows that it is a Powerglide two-speed automatic.

The body is straight and the finish looks great – I see no reason to assume there is anything substantial lurking behind that white lacquer finish and huge expanse of steel. The seller states that this Impala has won many awards and I don’t have a difficult time believing that.

As I mentioned at the outset, though I have owned a couple of Impala convertibles, I have never owned a ’59. For years they seemed to get no respect except by those that appreciate ostentation in their auto styling. And this one, with its continental spare, fender shirts and wide whites, is ostentatious. It doesn’t work for me but $105,199 worth of bids beg to differ – I have never seen a ’59 Impala, regardless of condition or body style, reach what I consider to be so stratospheric a price. So, am I behind the times? Is this in keeping with current market and pricing trends or is this really over the top for a ’59 Impala convertible?


  1. TimM

    Really nice car looks well cared for but I prefer the 58!!

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  2. art

    Very nice 1959 and of course, very rare for factory A/C and in a convertible but $105K and counting? Wow, sorta catches me off guard….do 1959 Corvettes even reach this money plateau?
    Not a fan of the “Continental” kit either and the left corner of the rear bumper looks pushed up slightly. It also desperately needs a new top or this one properly installed.
    But as they say…”You pays your money and takes your choice”. I wonder who might have buyers remorse the morning after with the wife saying…”You did what?”…lol

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Parked 30 years. I couldn’t leave this car parked for 30 minutes.

    There are several nice 59s at Cruisin’ Classics in Columbus, not for sale but being stored. There is a handyman wagon if I recall correctly, and a convert, and one or two others that have been stored there for years. Absolutely the apex of GM design, if not automotive design period.

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  4. IkeyHeyman

    *Sigh*….I’ve just sort of given up trying to determine what a classic car is “worth” – it’s a moving target anymore.

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  5. Ralph

    Needs to be de doo-woppped, but a nice car, dump the skirts and conny kit, throw out the 2 “time out dolls” and the “Time Bandits” satin jacket in the trunk and you’ll have an awesome car…..

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  6. Robert White

    At $105k of bids we are all assured that the vintage car market will most assuredly undergo mean reversion fairly soon ushering in the next recession & Second Great-er Depression.

    I’m calling the market top!


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  7. Pat


    Numerous awards and parked 30 years. hmmm

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  8. Bob S

    I had to look at some other sites, and that is the price range they are selling for. I wouldn’t have believed it. The hardtops, which are prettier, are selling for around $60,000.
    All I can say is, wow.

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  9. Chas358 Chasman358

    Very rare to see Anything with Factory Air in 1959!

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  10. Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

    There is no way that I could have left this gorgeous convertible standing in a garage/barn for thirty years. I would be driving the wheels off of it at every opportunity. As for the urban legend re the tail lifting at anything over 60 mph, I used to regularly hit 95 mph on South African outback roads and even getting a blow out at that speed wasn’t too much of a handful. The worst part about owning it in Rhodesia was that no insurance company would cover the rear end of the car from the bumper up to the rear window.

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  11. Dean Zawacki

    I would love this! The ’59 is one of my all-time favorites! For that money, it would have to be perfect, and for me, that would mean a red interior. If money were no object…

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  12. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Very good looking car (from what’s visible) but whether it’s worth $106K that’s up to the buyer. Wide whitewalls, fender skirts, dual rear antennas and continental kits were “in” during this time frame. A 283 will run just about forever and though only a 2 speed, a powerglide is a fairly solid transmission also.
    Rust would be something that needs to be checked for and the pinched frame also needs to be looked at. I’ve read there is a place that is making replacement frame for the 59/60 Chevy’s without the pinch in them.
    Overall – looks good and I’m sure a joy to drive but the coins required for purchase is awfully steep IMO.

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  13. Will Fox

    $105K, the reserve not met yet, and the top doesn’t even fit right? Plus, he couldn’t even zip up the plastic back window? He’s nuts. If it were a tri-power 348 perhaps, but not a 283. I don’t care if it has AC or not; the seller is anything but realistic in his reserve. The chump that meets it has more money than brains.

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  14. Lance Nord

    This ride is badass with the skirts and continental kit. I love it! I’m not a Chevy fanatic but this would be fun to cruise on PCH to downtown Huntington Beach (California).

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  15. Joe Haska

    I agree with almost all of the comments about this car. I started getting curious about the pricing on them a few years ago and I think the really nice cars ,have asking prices of over 100k.

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  16. Del

    According to NADA guides this car is not over priced.

    Its around what NADA considers high retail for this model.

    And lets face it where are you going to get another beauty like this ?

    A car is only worth what someone will pay and bidding still going. Love it.

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  17. Bob McK

    All I can say is wow!

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  18. Jim Z

    Over $100 Large and climbing?
    Leaves me out!

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  19. G.. Velez

    In this market turn key convertible 59s can fetch $100 for a plain Jane and up to $125 if they are loaded with options. These are usually resto-mods.

    An untouched original in good shape with no rust can fetch more.

    Hard tops: subtract about $35-40 k …

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  20. Dave

    One of my favorite cars. Dad bought a new bronze colored one with cream top, dual antennas and 348 engine. I was eight at the time and we kids coaxed him to peg the speedo on the Oklahoma Turner Turnpike and he did! Good thing Mom wasn’t with us. I can still smell the interior today at 68 yrs. old. LOL

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  21. P Wentzell

    You got your Fender skirts, you got your dual antenna (antennii?), you got your Continental kit, and no outside mirrors? Was there a trim option I didn’t know about? For over 100K, I’m out.

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  22. Tempo Matador Ray

    Chevrolet’s iconic, aeronautical styling with the 1959 and 1960 units. Ready to taxi down the runway into position for flight…

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