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Parked 30 Years: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

When I first spied this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS, I thought, yeah, it’s an RS alright, Really Sad. Upon further consideration, however, maybe there is something here with which to work. Let’s look it over and see what you all think. This Camaro is located in Los Angeles, California and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $27,000.

The seller tells us that this Camaro has been snoozing in dry storage for 30+ years and it is bone, solid, dry. It’s always hard to tell for sure what kind of condition the body of a car is truly in when it’s covered with rental storage center dust. Fortunately, there are no obvious signs of panel rust-through or corrosion and no evidence of crash damage either. All of the unique RS trim pieces, including the hideaway headlights, are still attached so that’s a good sign. Even the original RS fuel cap, an item that frequently goes missing, is still guarding the fuel entryway.  Both the trim tag and the seller do agree, this Camaro used to have a black vinyl top which is a sharp contrast to the code Y Butternut Yellow hue. And who knows, a deep cleaning may reveal that the code Y finish is still presentable. Curiously, the driver’s side tires have what looks like Butternut Yellow overspray adorning their sidewalls. Perhaps some touch up at some point in this Chevy’s past? Tires from another car? Or maybe just a coinkydink.

The seller advertises this Camaro as an all original, numbers matching car but states that it has a Turbo 700R which I think he means a 700R4, automatic transmission. That unit wasn’t introduced until about 1982 so the numbers matching claim cannot be completely true. The original automatic transmission should be a Powerglide but I suppose he could be confused by the name. There is no image of the underside so the trans. ID cannot be accurately verified. The seller does state that the engine is a 327 CI V8  and two were offered in ’67, one at 210 HP and the other good for 275. There’s not enough of the installed motor in place to tell, with certainty, which version it is and the engine ID is not disclosed so an accurate ID cannot be made. That said, the cylinder head casting marks look more like those for the 210 HP version. The valve cover sticker, however, is wrong for 1967. Chevrolet went to air cleaner decals to denote engine size, on small-blocks anyway, starting that year. Of course, the existing “Chevrolet 327 Turbo-Fire” sticker may just be a later add-on, or the valve covers are from a different, earlier engine. This is a Van Nuys “L” assembled car and it appears to have been domiciled in California most of its life, thus the A.I.R. “smog” pump is still front and center. Those frequently got the bum’s rush at some point over a car’s long history – and usually sooner instead of later.

The seller claims that besides the engine and paint, the interior needs restoration too. No problem believing that but it would have been nice to have included an image of the inside so a prospective buyer can figure out how much of an interior restoration is really needed.  The only slight clue regarding the interior’s condition is the claim of “dry floor pan(s)“.

While this ’67 Camaro RS is not Really Sad at all, but it’s going to need work, specifically with the engine and the unknown interior. This car definitely seems to be a strong jumping-off point for a restoration project but a firm, according to the seller, price of $27 large ones seems to be a pretty high entrance fee for this rather average Camaro RS don’t you think?


  1. Steve Clinton

    $27,000? April Fool’s Day isn’t for 3 months.

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    • Angrymike

      Too many people have watch Jackson-Barret and expect a lot more money then it’s worth, it’s really sad at this point.

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    • Mountain

      Lets put it more forcefully: Get off the dope!

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  2. Steve Clinton

    What’s even sadder is there are people willing to pay these prices!

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    • Steve R

      Nobody is going to pay this asking price.

      Steve R

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      • Mike

        Yes they are going to pay. Have you seen the movie Brewster’s Millions? :)

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  3. Mark

    That’s a lot of coin to spend on storage all those years . Probably why the price tag is so high . Trying to recoup the losses . It my behoove the owner to splash a little water and soap on it unless they were trying to prove it was parked all that time. A before and after photo could have been the smart thing to do.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Nobody said sellers (and buyers) were smart. LOL

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    • Steve R

      Just because a car is photographed in front of a storage unit doesn’t mean it’s spent much time in one. It’s a convenient place for a flipper to keep a car for a short period of time. Not everyone has garage space and many cities in California have ordinances about “storing” a non operational car in a driveway, which can kick in after 72 hours. With move in specials offered by many storage companies, it can make sense to put a car in one.

      Steve R

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  4. john b

    Nice 7000.00 dollar car

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    • ten50boy

      Like Richard says…..” how much for that $2000 car?”

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  5. Ray Perkins

    I have the identical car in my back yard exept mine is all matching numbers 327 210 auto. including the trans. It has only 48k miles and is from west texas. I paid 750 for it 27 years ago. Someone hit a curb and then they parked it. Gold interior. I wouldnt pay 27 k unless it was restored.

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  6. Robert Smith

    If that car is worth $27K, I have a 67 RS convertible I’m selling for $32K with 47K original miles!

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    • Helmo Member


    • Bobby Member

      Robert Smith Where is your Camaro located?

  7. Mark hatch

    Small vibration damper indicates small h.p.

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  8. Marc

    Very nice project piece but 27K is a tad bit steep… It’s a dog gone shame what money can do to some folks minds…
    Making such an AWESOME hobby/ passion harder and harder for the folks that can’t afford to make their dreams come true…

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  9. Bob

    Heads are not 67

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  10. Jeff L

    For a little more cash you could buy a nicely restored ’67

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  11. Jerry

    The small percentage of rich guys who PAY top $$ for these cars is what ruins the hobby for the rest of us working stiffs because it drives these cars prices out of our reach……I hate it.

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    • Steve Clinton

      If people stopped paying these ridiculous amounts the sellers would start offering them for realistic prices.

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      • Jerry

        True……its just like the housing market in California, although its so screwed up politically I wouldnt want to live there anymore (I left after 33 years there)
        If people stopped paying krazy prices for homes the average price for a home in Ca. wouldn’t be $777,000 ,like I heard on the radio last week!

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  12. George Louis

    Camaro RS Really Sick. $27000.00 Kit Car and do not have all pieces to assemble.

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  13. gaspumpchas

    Jerry is right- the little guy who would like one of these is pushed out by the big money. 27 large and they werent smart enough to clean it up. Primered tires, better look it over good, it might be a mud queen. I bet someone buys it. Good luck and happy new year.

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  14. Timothy Youngberg

    2000 tops.

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  15. T-Bone

    Nice for $5000.00, at $27,000 you will be upside down on the car before you even started. Add in the $50,000 to have a decent restoration and you will have yourself a nice $40,000 car. Makes perfect sense.

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  16. James Bishop

    It’s really sad the owner doesn’t have more photos and more info on the car like the most important — the cowl tag ,interior pictures , mileage of car ,options etc… . Once again it appears to be a real RS but without the cowl tag photo showing 3SL on the cowl tag it wouldn’t be a real RS . This car without more info and photos is hard to say what it is worth for sure and no motor numbers , and a 700R transmission it’s not probably a all numbers matching RS , unless there is more original parts /trans . It looks like at best around 4k -5k . Sellers need to do more homework on the cars they sell . The price they are asking is way off base . JB

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  17. James Martin

    Shoot for the stars, everybody else does these days. I would say for 27000 atheist clean it up some. But you what they say polish a turd it is still a turd.

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    • Steve Clinton

      He must not believe in a god, or else he would have taken better care of this classic.

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  18. Jerry

    When you’re asking primo dollar u should be providing primo information/pics and at LEAST wash it, this guy doesnt know how to sell a classic vehicle!

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  19. James Bishop

    No cowl tag photo, or other photos , like interior , more motor info , seller should provide more info in order to sell car . $27k is way off base , 4k-5k if it is a real RS cowl must have 3SL on the tag and it will tell what the car had from the factory in 1967. The price may go up a little depending on the unseen info and photos . ( if it is a A/C car with more options , original 327/ and the original power glide lying around ) Need a lot more info on body condition . You still could easily put 35k in this car. JB

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  20. norton rider

    James, did you not look at the F/B ad? It shows the cowl tag with 3SL

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    • Steve Clinton

      NEVER go by barnfinds info!

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  21. PL

    $27000.00? 🤣🤣🤣

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  22. Johnny

    $27.000 for alot of work and headache. Half that you can see some cars and trucks in alot better shape on Craigslist. To me–he can put it back in storeage. Is he or she on dope?

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  23. BigDoc Richard Van Dyke Sr

    Seller just because it’s in California doesn’t make it worth your exorbitant price.

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  24. chuck

    Great start for a resto mod…but not at that price.

  25. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Just looking at the tires I’d say it wasn’t stored well…..

  26. Terry

    ” numbers matching” but doesn’t have the original transmission and probably the engine? Numbers matching what?

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  27. scatpack

    $27,000 is a reasonable price ……….if you are using it to launder money.

  28. fireball

    $ 5000gs fair price, its has rs front & rear trim, certified appraiser for 30 years, keep hunting

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  29. tommyboy2

    $ 5000gs fair price, its has rs front & rear trim, certified appraiser for 30 years, keep hunting

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