Parked 36 Years! 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Despite a rather grandparenty paint job, this brown coupe appears to be a true Road Runner, Plymouth’s budget muscle car. True to that mission, this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner in Newton, New Hampshire offers few options. Good news includes the numbers-matching 383 cid (6.3L) V8 remains, and runs! Plus this is an unmolested four-speed car. Bad news includes typical rust repairs, lack of brakes, and plenty of questions after not driving for 36 years. Can’t resist? Click Buy It Now here on eBay and, for $17,500, it’s all yours.

Count on replacing the heater core as this one is bypassed. The K-Mart alarm horn suggests operation during the mid ’80s to early ’90s, roughly corresponding with the claim that this muscle car hasn’t shredded a tire in 36 years. Here we can see the original T5 Bronze Fire Metallic paint. Thanks to and their nifty decoder for some details.

Check out that 8-track! While it looks correct, the installation certainly does not. This budget Mopar came with no radio unless you ordered one, and I’m pretty sure self-tapping screws seen here were not involved. Remnants of the original rubber floor mats remain. That gopher-sized hole in the driver’s floor board might be the easiest repair this car needs. Buyers will forgive a trunk-load of sins for a chance to row through the gears with that factory Hurst shifter.

Hood bulges are original. Only the 440-equipped Road Runners came with hood pins (4), and not in the location seen above. Plugging them before a repaint should be left to a skilled expert. The tan vinyl top may seem odd on a Road Runner but they were not uncommon. The original engine and manual transmission, and this Plymouth’s status as a true Road Runner add interest and value. Balancing that against its rust, zip code, and minimal options, will you click Buy It Now?


  1. CapNemo

    Plug them before you repaint it. Another option is to plug them before it gets repainted.

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    • Chris M.

      True but it may be prudent to leave that decision up to a skilled expert.

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  2. Robert White

    Good find and priced right for immediate sale. Whomever owns it just wants it gone.

    I’d buy it today if I had the bread.


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  3. Motoring mo

    Better not eff with the car – the owner obviously cares a lot about it (see sticker on the dash)

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Looks decent but as always needs a full inspection for ironworms. Not crazy about the vinyl top but that’s me. Hope someone gets it who appreciates it, Freshen up the drivetrain and mechanicals and burn baby burn!! Good luck!’
    Happy Motoring!

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    • TimM

      This one won’t last long!! Pretty clean priced to sell, not as desirable with the 383 instead of the 440 but I’ll take it!! Great ride!!!

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      • Steve R

        The only 440 that came in the Road Runner was the 440 Six Pack, but those are in a different league price wise. The GTX, which came with a 440, 4bbl, probably doesn’t sell for much more than a similar condition Road Runner even though it has the larger engine.

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  5. GP Member

    That gopher must be from Texas. I like the darker brown on this, goes with the inside colors well.

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  6. r s

    With the dash trim panel in place I think you’d find that the radio is in the right position.

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  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Factory – optional – AM/8 Track is in the dash and only the 440-6pak got the lift off hood. Nice put I’ll take the green one.

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    • Gnrdude

      Agreed That GREEN One Yesterday was a STEAL, if it had the Correct Vin Code I would check that As that one SEEMED far too Cheap for it’s Condition. This one they Need to mark it Down to about 12.5K$ in the Condition it’s in cause your Looking at probably 3800-6000$ To FIx that Floor pan properly.

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  8. RoughDiamond

    I think that this Roadrunner is a potential bargain. Bummer no factory tach. Never seen a fender tag do like that. Someone better stop that driver’s side floorpan rust before it gets into the factory shifter hump. What a contrast between the rusty crumbling floorpan and the new shifter boot and trim ring. Well someone forgot to keep looking at their dash sticker. What a shame.

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  9. Tom Member

    What was wrong with these people? Sought after car, sitting out side on a flat tire AND THEY HAD THE NERVE TO ROLL THE WINDOWS UP !!

    Sorry couldn’t help myself !!! Finally someone let a car sit and had the good sense to roll the freakin windows up. Well done!

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  10. JOHN R GOODMAN Member

    Interesting car… The tan interior opens up some color choices if the owner isn’t fond of the original or the top. Noticed a factory 8-track, the fender mounted turn indicators, old Mickey Thompson aluminum valve covers, I dig it!

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  11. Woodrow Medina

    Any car out of NH should be bought with extreme cation. Their was a company called DUSTY OLD CARS victimizing people with the state processing the paperwork. The state has a law claiming cars 1999 and older do not require a title. Do to this the state would not recognize actual titles for actual owners of cars.
    Look at the actual facts. Also look up Woodrow Medina versus George Night and see how the Supreme Court sided against Woodrow Medina
    Thanks and be careful

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  12. Superdessucke

    Mighty big rust hole in the driver’s side floor for 18 grand, in my opinion which, I’m absolutely certain, won’t be shared by Mopar enthusiasts. They seem willing to snap up pretty much anything now.

    These unibody cars really can be troublesome when they have rust issues though, really. I would put this on a lift and see how extensive the rust issues underneath are. I would guess pretty substantial by the look of that floor.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Yea great point Super. The rear torsion bar anchors are in that general vicinity, and they rusted out here in the rust belt. Inspect this Boid well! Good luck to the new owner!

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  13. James Schwartz

    Every time I see a 68 or 69 Roadrunner, I think it’s a ’67 AMC Rambler Rebel.
    Amazing to see just how close their designs were.
    Of course, most people don’t know what a ’67 Rebel looks like, and if they saw one, they would immediately think that AMC ripped off the design from the Roadrunner. But the Rebel was first.

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  14. Jimmy

    I would have to fix that drivers floor pan and those bad breaks before doing anything else. The brown doesn’t look all that bad on this RR.

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  15. bobhess bobhess Member

    Only the 383 and rust…? Even if I was a die hard Mopar fan I wouldn’t put more than 3K in this one until someone convinced me the rust is minimal.

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  16. Skip Middleton

    Who the heck put a vinyl roof on a Roadrunner?? If the rest of the car is this rusty, I shudder to think what corrosion exists under that faux leather grained top…

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    • Trey

      That’s like saying “who would order bucket seats on a Road Runner.” It’s a legit option, and a popular one at that.

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  17. Troy s

    I like the green one from yesterday better, very sharp car, but this one is pretty cool.
    I don’t know why some people think the 440 was an option in the Road Runner, that 440-6 came later in the year and only 1800 plus were actually built in ’69. Totally different animal, not as expensive or finicky as the Hemi but not exactly a cheap priced factory screamer. The GTX came with the big hoss 440 and they were not nearly as successful sales wise as the Road Runner.
    Well, at least no one is lecturing us on how awful these cars are and how ignant we are for enjoying them, ha!!

    • James Burtn

      1969 1/2 were the only yr. for 440 6 packs.

  18. Dave Lewandoski

    spell it with me….brakes brakes brakes brake B R A KES!!!!!!!

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    • JOHN Member

      Give me a brake, haha

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