Parked in 1993: 1966 Lincoln Continental Hardtop

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If you want to talk about value for money in a classic car, and consider it on a “dollars per pounds” basis, then this 1966 Lincoln Continental would look like a pretty good buy. With a weight of over 5,000lbs, and an asking price of $7,500, that represents a lot of metal for your money. Barn Finder Ikey H located the Lincoln for us, so thank you so much for that Ikey. Located in Los Angeles, California, you will find the Lincoln listed for sale here on Craigslist.

The original owner of the Lincoln used the car up until 1993, and he then parked it in a barn, where it stayed until very recently. The current owner pulled it from its resting place but has done little to it since. The original Venetian Yellow paint has survived quite nicely, and it doesn’t look as though the next owner is going to have any rust issues to deal with. The owner claims that the Lincoln’s undercarriage is pristine, and it still wears its original California black plates. The vinyl top is also said to be original, but there are a couple of issues with it. It has a real dirty look to it, and it’s hard to say whether it will restore okay, or whether replacement is on the cards. It has also begun to lift in a couple of spots, most notably, above the windshield. This will need to be attended to as a priority, as it could turn into a great old rust trap pretty quickly. The rest of the exterior looks to be really good, and it doesn’t appear as though it will take much to make the car really sparkle.

Overall, the condition of the interior doesn’t look to be too bad, but there are a few things to note here as well. The leather on the seats is looking pretty dry and cracked, but a good upholsterer should be able to bring it back to life without having to replace the covers on the seats. There is also a crack in the center of the dash pad, but this is actually a fairly common occurrence. Once again, there are companies that can fix these problems without resorting to pad replacement, especially when the crack has only reached its current stage. Apart from the leather upholstery, the new owner of the Lincoln will find themselves with air conditioning,  power windows, and a power front seat.

Since it was dragged from the barn, the Lincoln has had all of its fluids changed, but rather interestingly, the owner hasn’t made any attempt to kick this classic back into life. All he’s done (apart from the fluids) is clean the engine bay, and give it a liberal dose of detailing spray. It isn’t clear how healthy that mighty 462ci V8 actually is, as the owner doesn’t indicate whether it even turns freely. That engine represented the largest capacity engine that Ford ever fitted to a passenger car, and in the Continental, it produced 340hp. This was sent to the rear wheels via a 3-speed automatic transmission. The results were quite surprising because, in spite of the vehicle’s significant weight, it was still capable of covering the ¼ mile in under 17 seconds. That’s got to be fairly impressive for a 5,000lb luxury car. The owner does claim that the car has only covered 79,000 original miles, and it does come with a pretty comprehensive catalog of documentation.

If the engine in this Lincoln Continental Hardtop can be revived without too much work, and the rest of the drive-train is also in decent condition, then this could prove to be a pretty good sort of project car. It isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t look like it would take much to return it to its former glory. It is a car with true presence, and with really nice examples attracting prices of around $22,000, this could be a great attention-getter to own.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I’d be dying to get this car running, and it wouldn’t cost much to do it, so why not do it? Maybe it’s like that whole “barn dust” thing…leave the “reveal” of washing the car or starting the car to the new owner. That’s just goofy if you ask me.

    Hell, spend a weekend tinkering and drinking beer and get the car purring, and then ask $10K. I’ve done it to two cars in the last few months and had a blast doing it.

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    • Jim

      These Lincoln’s draw a crowd. This is part of the purchase package. The sedans are easy to fix, unless some butcher ahead of you gets his hands on it, then leaves its mark. Come on guys, where can you get a car like this, for this price, in this condition. Stop complaining about nothing. There has to be something wrong with it, after all its 54 years old. It is also a better car then all responders noted. Doesn’t anyone see value? Well compared to a Lincoln convertible, same year, the sedan is a breeze to get on the road. The convertible, is worth much more, more complicated, and very expensive to repair. In the end the price tags are steep, but worth it. These suiside 4 door convertibles can never be matched. I have a 64 convertible I own, and am working on. There is much more to do getting the drop tops out and working as is mine. The listed car is like easy work. Someone preserved this car and should be noted, not picked apart. Raise the price, then your rid of all boo birds. Lastly there doesn’t seem to be many complainers when a completely rusted and rotted 70’s dodge muscle car so damaged and junky, with just about everything wrong with it, enters the market. The preserved low milage Lincoln, with suiside doors, didn’t get much respect. Oh well, then maybe some people should read about these cars and their history. Suiside 4 door?

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    By the way, I just remembered that the same guy, Elwood Engle, designed the Lincoln and the Newport, and the similarities are easily seen.

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  3. John

    So the owner changes all the fluids but doesn’t try to start it. And he details the engine compartment. So as far as I’m concerned engine doesn’t turn over.

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    • Don Page

      I bet he’s selling it because he knows the engine is locked up. Sitting for 26 years I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

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      • PatrickM

        I’m inclined to agree with you. IF, that is IF, the car is in running condition and the tranny is good, this is a very good price. If not, well then we have a problem. 17 seconds is nothing to brag about, however, put it out on the highway and this baby will run all day long at 75 or 80 mph and all the passengers will be as comfortable as desired. Sure wish the running question could be answered.

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  4. Ken Carney

    Nice car Rex! Looks to be in good shape
    too. She’d sure get the looks over at Oldtown on Saturday nights. Don’t recall
    seeing one like there at all. Is she a 383
    or a 440? My uncle had a ’66 Newport
    That he bought new. His had the 383
    and it was very dependable. Being a
    semi pro bowler, he put a lot of miles
    on it–242K to be exact. Tried to buy it
    from him, but like my late FIL, he wouldn’t
    sell it to anyone in the family. As for the
    Lincoln here, it shouldn’t take that much
    to get it running again. One thing about
    old Fords, they’re easy to wake up from
    a very long nap. With my large family,
    a car like this one would be a blessing.
    Room for everything and everybody.
    Would make a great daily driver too.

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    • Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

      Thanks Ken. Yeah, the running Newport was a pretty good buy at $1250. Where’s Oldtown? You’re in FL too, right? I’m in Tampa.

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    A good-looking luxo-barge that, assuming you can get it to fire up, doesn’t appear to need much. I’d imagine replacement of hoses, belts, etc. are in the cards; probably the tires too, as well as a thorough inspection of the brakes. Looks like a new vinyl top is needed but then it’s ready to hit the road in style. Price seems fair for what is offered but again, only if it can be started without a large infusion of cash.

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  6. KurtMember

    What a great low rider this would make, what a vast canvas for an air brush artists talents. I’d want to check out that engine first though.

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    • Tom Bell

      Yep, a low rider and another classic piece of automotive history is forever destroyed.

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  7. Pete Phillips

    The 1966 and 1967 two-door hardtops are, in my opinion, the most beautiful Post-WWII Lincolns ever made. I owned one back in the 1970s when you could still get leaded premium fuel. Bought it for $1100 at an antique car auction in Atlanta, Georgia in the late 1970s and it was in the same nice condition as this one is–same color, too. With the proper fuel, these things will fly.

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  8. Tucker Callan

    Miles of wiring. Unless Dad sold the car new, he sent all (Lincoln) trade-ins to the auction. We had one of the BEST L-M Techs in the Nation, and could not justify his time.

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  9. art

    Change “all the fluids” but not try to start the car? Odd to me. The battery shown does not look to be 26+/- years old but it might be. If there is no information on whether the engine is locked, the price is questionable.
    I always liked that the wipers on these Lincolns swiped left to right.
    The lines on this car are clean, sharp and stylish and the condition, body-wise is very nice. But..the engine question…:(

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  10. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    Got to stir up some ghosts for Scotty G,,,,

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    • Scotty GilbertsonStaff

      Ha! You’re right on the money there, Mr. G., both good and bad ghosts. What a car, I miss it every day but I’m glad that it’s gone. Paying for storage on a car that’s too long for our garage is not a good scenario, I could literally never have it at home to tinker with it with the door closed (i.e., winter). What a car, though.

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      • PatrickM

        Okay, Scotty… I gotta rib you a little… Build a bigger garage.

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  11. TimM

    If this were a four door convertible it would be in six figures running or not with all the parts there!! This is a stunning car however and I’d be proud to own it!! It would be much nicer if the owner were to get it to turn over at least!!

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  12. Del

    Pretty sweet but :

    Too many questions.

    If fluids were drained or have they leaked out ?

    Not running. Big Flag.

    Get it running and re try the sale.

    Otherwise my offer is 1500 bucks

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    • Husky

      Is the Lincoln Continental 1961-1969 the only car there the 2 Dr coupe is cheaper than the 4 door version?

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  13. Kenn

    Art, you bet that’s not a 26 yr-old battery. It’s new and I’ll bet it was used to try to start the car and the engine wouldn’t wake up. Perhaps didn’t even turn over. At least two pistons rusted to the bores.

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  14. Miguel

    Adam, where did you get that the color is Venetian Yellow? Since I had never heard of that name before, I looked it up.

    In 1966 there was only one yellow offered on this car and they called it Ivy Yellow.

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