Parked in 1993: 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

There is no arguing the fact that some barns will provide better finds than others. The owner of this 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible located it as part of a cluster of hidden classics. It has been parked since 1993, but all of the indications are that it has been a much-loved classic that needs comparatively little work to return to active service. It is located in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The auction was set to open at $5,500, but there have been no bids up to this point. It does appear that this is a No Reserve auction, and there are currently 56 people who are watching proceedings closely.

The Plymouth is finished in Mist Blue. The owner concedes that the vehicle has received a repaint at some point in the past. The finish is showing some obvious signs of deterioration, and I can’t help but think that another repaint is in this car’s future. The convertible top also shows significant signs of deterioration, but it does go up and down as it should. A replacement will be on the cards, and the cost will depend on a couple of factors. They start at around $350 with a plastic rear window, although this can push past $700 if the next owner prefers glass or a more luxurious material. Onto the subject of rust, and this is where the news is excellent. There are no apparent exterior problems, while the photos of the Plymouth’s underside show little more than a light dusting of surface corrosion. It is safe to say that the barn that this car spent 27-years in must have been nice and dry. The exterior trim and chrome appear to be in good order, while there are no apparent issues with the glass.

More often than not, classic convertibles that have been unearthed from barns can show some significant interior trim problems. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case with this car. It seems that someone has been careful to protect this vehicle during its life because the seats wear clear plastic covers. Beneath those, the upholstery is said to be in as-new condition. In fact, the entire interior looks to be well preserved, and I suspect that a deep clean would have it sparkling once again. There have been no aftermarket additions, and the only item that doesn’t function is the fuel gauge.

With a 383ci V8 under the hood, the Convertible would be quite a respectable performer. Backing the 383 is a TorqueFlite transmission, while the vehicle also features power steering and power brakes. The 383 would be capable of producing 290hp, which would see the ¼ mile devoured in 16.5 seconds. That might not make it lightning-fast, but it would still feel pretty impressive with the wind in your hair. The good news is that the owner has been able to coax the 383 back to life, and it is said to run well. It currently utilizes an external fuel source, but the owner is going to attempt to clean the system if he gets the opportunity. The car does drive, but with badly cracked tires and brakes that aren’t the best, it isn’t roadworthy. However, the information that the owner provides tends to suggest that it won’t take much work to get the Convertible back on the road once again.

If this 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible can be returned to a mechanically sound state, then there is still enough warm Summer weather left for its new owner to undertake some top-down cruising. The listing and supplied photos paint a generally positive picture, and they suggest that this could be a straightforward restoration project. Clean examples have no difficulty in achieving prices over $25,000. The lack of action so far makes the prospect of securing the car with a single bid to be a real possibility. If that happened, it would be quite a score. Even if bidding works its way well into the teens, that still leaves plenty of space to undertake a financially viable restoration. That has to make it a tempting prospect.

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  1. PaulG

    Nice car, if bought right (about the starting bid) would make a nice summer cruiser.
    Nice wheel cover collection in the barn…

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    • yes300ed

      Looks like mostly MOPAR wheel covers.

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  2. Vince H

    I thought the 64 was the right size car but this size Fury are great cruisers especially with the 440. The top could use some work that could wait till winter after all it is summer. Just leave it down. Yhe plastic seat covers have save the seat. Just a little yellow from age.

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  3. Maestro1 Member

    I had one. Took a beauty with me on a ride on US 1. California Coastline. Top Down.
    Thanks for the memories. They are great cars. If the price isn’t on another Planet and its bones are good, buy it, give it what it needs, and you’ll have sexy transport at I hope is a reasonable price. I have no room.

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  4. Jim

    Wonder if he’s selling the 4 door that was on the trailer with the convertible.

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    • PaulG

      Jim, Checked sellers other auctions on eBay and it’s not listed. However, he’s got a 73 Roadrunner w/ a 4 speed that needs a LOT of work, but a pretty rare “Bird”…

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  5. Jerome Kurek

    I have a 1968 fury 3 ,hawiaan blue white top,318 la engine runs great!

  6. Phil D

    It took a while to solve the mystery of whether someone spent their time, effort, and money to make a Sport Fury look like a lesser Fury III by adding the moldings, or made a Fury III to look like a Sport Fury by adding badges and a trunk applique (it’s definitely a Sport Fury). A strange choice, but what’s done is done.

  7. George Louis Member

    As for the fuel gauge not working an inspection would be in order to check by the fuel tank to see if the ground strap is still there bridging the fuel tank and the fuel line rubber hose connection. Some times it needs to be rotated to get past the corrosion so that you get good connection for ground.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      And expecting to pull the tank anyway….

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  8. Vince H

    The sender may be gummed up from long storage. Probably will need a new one.

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  9. TimM

    Another sweet ride!! I really like the idea of driving US-1 with the top down!!! It can’t get much better than that!!!

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  10. P. Crafton

    Winning bidder …me

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    • Stevieg

      Congrats P. Crafton! I am more than a little jealous, but happy for you. Keep us posted on how things develop with it.

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  11. On and On On and On Member

    Well done. $5500. Smart buy. You’ll get miles of smiles out of this one.

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  12. 73 XR7

    Huge congrats P Crafting! Please send pics along the way!

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