Parked Since 1978: Rescued 1970 Chevelle SS454

After being parked in a barn since 1978, this 1970 Chevelle SS454 was in danger of being crushed as the barn was slowly collapsing. Thankfully, it was rescued in time and is now for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached reserve at $16,000 as I write. If you take that bidding higher and end up with the car, you’ll need to transport it from Leitchfield, Kentucky to your home.

As you can see, the car is safely stored now, and has actually been the subject of a Hot Rod magazine article (picture below) since it was extracted from the barn. Unfortunately, time and exposure has done it’s damage to the car and there’s a lot of cosmetic help needed.

You can see the crusty edges better in this picture. On the bright side, all the sheet metal is readily available from specialists. But that’s a lot of welding to do if you want to restore the car. I’m sure some of you would say leave the cosmetics alone, but I’m not a fan of that when the car has deteriorated this far.

Looking closely at the area around this badge, you can have a better idea of how much of a challenge you will be facing.

And then there’s the interior. Close up shots of certain areas look even worse than this distance shot. I really don’t think much of anything could be used in a restoration if you wanted it to look nice.

Whoops! Something minor missing here. While the seller doesn’t explicitly say so in the auction listing, I’m pretty sure there’s no engine or transmission along with this find. Since the odds of finding the original matching drive train are worse than finding a needle in a haystack, you’ll never have that “matching number” car that so many folks want.

But what you will have is a car that has an unforgettable story and one that’s already been featured in a famous national magazine. Not only that, but once you put the car back on the road I’ll bet someone would want to publish another article. And besides, best of all, your car will have been featured on Barn Finds! Let us know if you’re interested in this rescued find!


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  1. Mark S.

    It seems to be in just slightly better condition than the barn it was found in. A lot of work needed for a Chevelle even if it was a 454.

    • Ron dump

      A lot to pay for a 454 badge……

  2. Classic Steels

    Wowsa Litchfield KY and a car for 16 grand ….nice to see something make money from that lil town nestled past Clarkston .

    So let me get this straight no engine and all new metal required plus paint NOM motor and bargain day🤤

    Good luck on the sale of this fixer upper infamous magazine excerpt

    I have a 396 punched to a 403 Chevy big block for it. Hmm let’s see at the price and marketability of this sale then I will take eight grand and throw in the turbo 400 😜

  3. SAM61

    The reclaimed barn wood has more profit margin potential if you wanna talk bidness.

    Legend of Ricky Bobby tribute…you could do car show pictures with a cardboard cutout.

    Pretty rough.

  4. XMA0891

    I have yet to put my finger on the root of the phenomenon, but there are days when I look at your finds and feel that, no matter the condition, the featured vehicle is salvageable – Today ain’t one of ‘em.
    Sixteen Large? Good Luck New Owner!


    Hard to believe this wreck only was on the road 8 or 9 years. IMO junk.

  6. Steve R

    There is a thread on the Chevelle forum about this car right now. Someone said they looked at the car a few years ago and that the frame is broken. If you look how the passenger front fender curves up, that seems plausible.

    This car has been through the internet hype machine, either by the current or previous seller. Documented NOM 1970 454 Chevelles come up on a regular basis in better condition for less money.

    Good luck to the person who buys this car.

    • Dennis

      This one of those projects that does even thinking about unless you want to be upside down right from the get go!

    • Henry Drake

      The buyer doesn’t need good luck, he/she needs to hire a financial manager to help begin a new path of not throwing money away.

      Should have let the barn keep this one.

  7. Mark

    It has a title which makes it worth more with vin tags I guess, otherwise looks like crumbly junk.

  8. Mark

    Without the original engine or transmission I see nothing more than a rusted out Malibu. Curently $16k because it has the same string of characters stamped in more than one place?
    Congrats to the seller…looks like a major score is in sight.

  9. JimmyJ

    Thats an expensive cowl tag

    • Steve R

      The cowl tag doesn’t give any information as to whether a 1970 Chevelle started as an SS or not, neither does the VIN. You need one or more of the following, protecto plate, build sheet, dealership paperwork, or matching numbers. This car has a build sheet.

      Steve R

  10. sunbeamdon

    WOW 8 – 9 years to reduce the car to a pile of rust and broken frame major redo – I can’t believe it, bid price has one too many zeros

    Now on the other hand – I have a complete machined 1970 454 with both oval and square port heads for sale if the buyer follows this post. I acquired it in 1980 to put in a Kellison Stallion Cobra Replica but couldn’t stoop to that level of sacrilege

  11. Rustytech Member

    Another over priced VIN tag!

  12. Adam T45 Staff

    Being from Down Under I have a question. Title, VIN tags and a Dynacorn shell. Is it worth spending that sort of money in the US, or are you throwing money away? Just asking out of interest as this sort of project is beyond what my own body will let me do these days.

  13. Ron

    I have to admit I don’t see paying that much for that car. I guess it’s worth it to someone. It needs everything. Basically just buying a vin. If it had the motor and tranny then maybe because you could say 100 percent original when done. Ah love is blind !!

  14. Jbones

    Like they say “there’s an a$$ for every seat”


    This thing is J U N K

  16. Jeff Hartman

    If this was a Mopar, people would be arguing to the death about it being well worth it. Do we even know which 454 was supposed to have been the factory engine?

    • Mark

      Sadly, you are correct.
      Regardless of the make, it used to be where a young car guy could buy a piece like this and with some long term toil and spending here and there, get it back to a driver. Nowadays, the only people who can afford to buy junk at insane prices like these are either after the numbers or prepared to sink a huge pile of money at a full blown restoration. Yes, a car might be saved and demand among the rich collectors will continue to drive the prices. But in the end once restored this car won’t change hands for less than Barrett Jackson money.
      And we wonder why the younger crowd gravitates towards the imports.
      We’re killing the hobby by pricing cars out the realm of reality.

    • Steve R

      Yes we do, the build sheet, which is featured in the eBay listing shows what engine was installed at the factory.

      The only reason this car has been bid this high is because it was featured on Hot Rod magazines website and had a video of the car being pulled from the barn. Documented non-matching number LS-5’s projects in much better condition routinely sell for around this much.

      Steve R

    • James

      Correct. I just saw a 1969 Charger R/T, original 440 magnum, 4sp, super track pac car – no engine, tranny, interior and rougher skins, sell for 20K.

  17. Steve A.

    Way too much. Either somebody has too much money or is a complete moron. Never going to be correct, so why not start with a new shell. Makes no sense to me.

  18. sluggo

    I usually defend the prices on stuff like this, but even I am perplexed on the price for this one. Sure it can be saved, but way overpriced and a bit sketchy.
    Need a Personal inspection for sure on this

  19. David Ulrey

    I had a 1970 El Camino back in 1980 and have always loved the front ends on the 70 models but in truth I would take a decent 4 door six cylinder or station wagon over this any day of the week. This poor thing is basically a piece of crap.

  20. Beatnik Bedouin

    Was rusting when parked…

  21. Nrg8

    Right. Where was the build sheet located? Seems almost too good of shape. With all the hype, I think I read about last year, why didn’t the flipper push it through BJ’s or MeMe’s? Oh that’s right people are actually able to inspect stuff there. Good luck to the next owner.

  22. Troy s

    This is a tough one here, must have been a hard driven car back in the day to be parked and left to rot. They only made a little under ten thousand of these 454 Chevelle’s back in ’70, a few more LS-6’s than the civilized LS-5’s, so when we all send it to the scrap yard it will be one less unreplaceable factory built pavement pounder. That absolutely sucks, really does.

  23. benjy

    Junk, Should have left it in the barn.

  24. Jason K

    I really like the look of the 1970 Chevelle but $16000 is a lot of money for a project car.

  25. Dovi65

    $16K+ for this?? Whatever the bidder is smoking, I’ll have some. My guess is someone is planning a VIN swap.

  26. Steved

    I’m 53 and will never likely restore another car. I went from gto ragtop and 69 Camaro to rare iroc ragtop. Had a nice rare 97 ss Camaro convertible. The more modern had ups and downs. I kept the rare iroc and sold all else. I bought an orange 09 viper rag with the wing. 600 hp monster with air and power windows. It’s scary off the line. Turns like a track car because it is. I don’t get money pits. This market will tank. I do love them. I do respect them. I have some favs but I am out. Good luck on this heap.

  27. Mark

    Let the barn fall on it

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