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Parked Since 1990: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

It is always quite sad to see a highly desirable classic that has been left to go to rack and ruin. That has been the fate that has befallen this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, but thankfully, it has been caught before it has deteriorated beyond redemption. Restoration of the Plymouth will be a big job, but if you feel that you are up to that challenge, you will find the Road Runner located in Meridian, Mississippi, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at $4,150, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

The Road Runner started life finished in Yellow Gold but underwent a repaint in its current red at some point in the past. I guess that the person who did this had their reasons, but it isn’t a decision that I would have made. It isn’t surprising that there is rust to be dealt with to bring the body up to scratch, but these issues aren’t as bad as they could be. The owner says that the frame and the majority of the floors are solid. Rust is confined to the usual areas such as some areas in the floors, the quarter panels, the battery tray, and below the rear window.

Decoding the VIN reveals that this Road Runner started life blessed with the 335hp version of the 383ci V8 engine. This was backed by a 3-speed Torqueflite transmission. The original engine is long gone, and the owner is unsure of what sort of engine is now residing under the hood, except that it is a small block. Okay Barn Finders, what do you think that it is? It’s a shame that this isn’t a numbers-matching car, so if you are searching for originality, the best that you could probably hope for is a date-correct engine and transmission.

The familiar theme that has been set by the external condition and the engine bay continues over to the interior of the Plymouth. There are no seats present, and what is present will either need to be restored or replaced. If I’m going to search for one positive aspect to discuss, it is that the dash itself does appear to be largely complete, with only the original radio missing. Otherwise, there’s a bit to do to bring the interior back to life.

I’ve always liked the look of the ’69 Road Runner. Plymouth successfully made the styling look both clean and tough. This one will need a lot of work before it can once again be described in either of those terms. However, it would certainly be possible, and it could eventually be a brilliant car again.


  1. treg forsyth

    It’s got the wrong hood, looks like a satellite hood, road runner had the long fake hood vents on either side

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    • Gnrdude

      I suspect the #’s have been Switched on this car, cause it definitely has A Satellite Hood the wrong Motor, Data-plate & Build sheet Are missing Some TING WONG here!!! Trust me I’m an Expert on these cars, it’s NOt hard to Switch a DASH & now you have a Valuable Road runner Instead of a Junky worthless Sport Satellite.

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      • Dave

        I wouldn’t even be so generous as to label it a Sport Satellite. No interior, no build sheet, no fender tag, 318 under the hood. Maybe a Belvedere. Satellites had fender blinkers and chrome trim pieces. Buyer beware, expensive clone material only.

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      • Charles Christie

        I was part owner of a 69 RoadRunner (Hemi) lots of years ago. What I am looking at here is a two door Satelite or even cheaper,a Belvedere….Check the numbers….This does not seem right.

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      • Sandy Claws

        “worhtless”? You people sound like snobs. You also sound less like car enthusiasts then profiteers. Thoughts like these are spoiling the party for those of us who understand that a Satellite was a higher end car then a runner, and could be had with all the same equipment up to and including a hemi. (Though don’t think it was a Satellite, in 1970 at least I recall there was silver paint in the back of the car below the trunk lid, this is solid colored. yay, maybe a low end Belvie) But, who really cares? Unless all you are looking for is profit, you could care less as it is the same car! Put the engine of your choice in it and drive, but no, you all want bragging rights and to make money. that kind of thinking has greatly spoiled the party and most of us have gone home. Of course, I do agree something smells fishy here and perhaps someone is trying to pull a fast one and you should be careful, but even if it were a true runner, it still is only a grand or something, at least that is what it should cost in the perfect world when our hobby was for fathers and sons or best buddies working on an old car together and then enjoy it together. Prices were low and satisfaction was high. I think some of you young guys really missed out on the true hobby that once was,, before the money boys stuck their noses in it.

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      • Chris

        Sandy, I have to wonder what kind of life DON’T you have to post such long winded, opinionated, bathering posts on a an old car web site? It sounds as if everyone in your immediate social circle has learned to either ignore you or told you to shut the hell up so often it’s left you with no choice but to spout your special kind of B.S. online. Lol Damn man, nobody cares that much so find something else to keep your dirty little fingers occupied!

        Maybe if you kept your mouth quiet long enough the old lady will lift her dress up once in a while and let you take a swing! Takes the edge off pal!

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      • Sandy Claws

        Chris, you sound a tad bitter. Haven’t been getting any I suspect. Hang in there, there is companionship for all, even people with a small phallus and a big chip on the shoulder. Have a blessed day.

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      • Chris

        Bitter Sandy? Says the old man who laments on every other post about the old days when some of these cars sold for $350! Boo hoo because the rich bastards ruined the hobby by driving values up on these old heaps. Lol You keep saying your out of the hobby but you show up here, what gives?

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      • GP Member

        A friend of mine had a1969 Sport Satellite with a 383 and 4- speed. It was dark green metallic with black inside. It had crager ss wheel’s and it was better looking then the Road Runners that were around.

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  2. John Wilburn

    It may be legit, but not enough proof for me. I’d want to see the stamping on the trunk rail.

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  3. Troy s

    Just a guess but I’m saying that’s a 318 2 barrel under the hood, car has been around since Nixon was in office; you know that really was a long time ago by the way, so any number of things could have been changed. Without the standard 383 335 horse engine it’s just another old Plymouth with neat curves. Hate to see it junked.

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  4. hemidavey

    Trunk is gone, bet the floors are too, heavy frame rail rot, 1500 max, at 4k, theres too many people drinking the kool aid out there

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  5. John Oliveri

    I smell Satellite

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    • dweezilaz

      Satellite was offered as a two door hardtop, convertible, four door sedan or wagon not as a coupe/two door sedan.

      Belvedere, perhaps.

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  6. dweezilaz

    This was just a clapped out old car [muscle or not] when it was parked. Not a pristine specimen left to rot.

    It was rotten when parked and rotted more over nearly 30 years, nothing to be sad about. All that fender muck and color change, engine swap and abuse it took, happened during it’s first 20 years on the road

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  7. TJohnson

    Almost has to be a Satellite or Belvedere with the VIN switch. A big block to small block switch would require changing the K frame. I don’t know why anybody would go through this much trouble to add a small block.

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  8. RobB

    What’s with all the paint rubbed off where the rivets attach the VIN plate? Humm. And who the hell would take the 383 out, change the K-member and put a small block in it? Oh, and $4500, reserve not met!!

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  9. Charles Christie

    That’s Right !! I did not think about the big block / small block motor mount positions on the K member…good catch….This car was never a RoadRunner.

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  10. John B

    Gotta love a car with an engine that still has a lifting chain attached…a factory accessory? It’s listing to starboard too! Did they even bolt it in place? This RR sure looks a lot better than the other one currently on BF.

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  11. stillrunners

    Big Dave…….fender blinkers were an option on BBodies as well as the hood blinkers on the Cuda’s don’tchaknow .

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  12. PRA4SNW

    No sale at $5201.99. Seller should have grabbed that money and ran quickly to the bank.

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    • Sandy Claws

      Couldn’t agree more, or perhaps, he had a sudden flash of conscience.

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  13. Chris

    Nary a word from our resident “comedian” Kieth. He’s been absent, quite thankfully, lately.

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    • Sandy Claws

      Gosh, you have kind words for everyone. What is your game, not into free expression of ideas? Are you making money in the Mopar Hustle? Constipated? Come back son when you grow up and can show some respect for others opinions, truly a grown up thing to do.

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