Parts Pair: Two 1984 Hurst Oldsmobiles

These cars aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you’ve been looking for parts for your 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile restoration project, here are two cars for you. This eBay auction is for two 1984 Hurst Olds t-top project cars, or most likely, parts cars; they’re in rough shape. The seller is asking $4,500 for both cars, or make an offer, and they’re located in Walkerton, Indiana.

I have no clue how cars end up in this condition, they both look like a group of silverback gorillas used them as something to beat on. That’s a shame, there are some useful, rust-free parts here but whether there are $4,500 worth is up to the potential buyer and/or restorer who has been looking for a couple of parts cars. It’s hard to to picture either car looking like this at one time, isn’t it?

The silver car appears to be in the best condition, if that tells you anything about what the orangish-brown car will look like. By 1982, GM had a Cutlass with front-wheel drive, the Cutlass Ciera, and the Hurst Olds was based on the rear-wheel drive Olds Cutlass G-Body cars. 1984 would be the last year for the Hurst Olds based on this classic body style. They sold 3,500 of them in that year.

You can see that this car appears to have more rust on it, and it also has a cracked windshield, among other troubles. There are most likely quite a few usable parts on this one even in it’s somewhat dire-looking condition.

At first glance I thought that was part of a roll bar system, but it’s a driveshaft! I’m assuming that the elaborate “Lightning Rods” floor shifter system is gone from both cars. It was an automatic but also was somewhat of a precursor to the paddle shifters of today, sort of, kind of – allowing drivers to shift up or down a gear with either the center or right shift lever. In any case, this car doesn’t have those unless they’re in the back seat or trunk. I’m guessing that they were sold off already but I could be wrong. Maybe the silver car has them in tact, but there are no interior photos of that car and there are also no engine photos of either car so that’s a crap shoot, too. Have any of you owned a Hurst Olds? What do you think of this pair, are there enough usable parts here for the price?

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  1. Mitch

    Good luck in finding unique Hurst Olds replacement parts. They are as rare as they say, as the dealers only got one. A friend of mine’s Dad had one, but he wrapped it around a pole swatting at a bee.

  2. edh

    These were never very good or fast cars.

  3. Dave Member

    No, they were not.

  4. Rossco

    The gold one was on Barn Finds in March of 2016 for 700 bucks and had the shifter in it then. I’m not sure if I would pay that for both of them now lol.

  5. rumpfox

    you can thank the cash for clunkers project for ending up with all the g body cars and the parts on them.

  6. scooter8

    was gonna say ; no respect. but. i used mopar muscle cars like beer cans. geez.

  7. steve

    I respectfully disagree this time, a G body t top is rare as hens teeth and here we have TWO…..and the are Hurst cars. All the sheet metal is generic so who cares about fenders and rust. The price seems high, but I think these cars deserve saving.

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  8. George

    these cars are worth that

  9. Ryan Schneider

    The cheapest Hurst Olds. This car was in another post entitled just that from July 2016. Except it had the lightning rods in that post and a t-top missing

  10. ToniM

    Safety first! Always fasten your transmission’s seat belt before you let it drive!

  11. Fiete T.

    Plenty of parts missing…that being said it you wanted to make a hot rod/clone and had a clean Cutlass G-body, here are your parts donors. But not $4500. Maybe $1500 if you are drunk

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