Patina And Performance: 1968 GMC C10 Short Bed

1968 GMC

UPDATE 10/16/19 – This sweet C10 has been relisted here on eBay with a $3k price drop. Is that enough though?

FROM 9/20/19 – Is this the quintessential truck of today’s patina and performance fascination? This 1968 GMC has it all and you can buy-it-now for $16,250 or you can also make an offer. It is located in the salt-free climate of Tucson, Arizona. The listing includes and VIN, as well as indicating a clear title, and a posted 118,115 miles on the odometer. You can view more on eBay.

1968 GMC

Powering this short-bed pickup is a 327 cubic inch, small block V8 with 202 heads and a lumpy camshaft, which runs and sounds well at idle. That is connected to a Muncie four-speed manual transmission that shifts smoothly. They have lowered both the front and rear of the truck, giving it a sportier overall look. They do not mention anything about brakes, so you would want to contact them to about how it stops.

1968 GMC

Inside is the true gem of all this truck has to offer. It has been completely restored. A brand new bench seat has been installed, along with all new carpet, trim pieces, and door seals. Something that might want to be asked about is climate control and how well that all works. It is comforting to know that the cabin is complete and inviting which takes the pressure off of buying this truck and figuring out where to start.

1968 GMC

If you are familiar with any of the VINWiki videos on YouTube, you might know “Rabbit” who has a pretty strong passion for trucks like this. I would imagine he would buy this truck in half a heartbeat. It checks all the marks of the desirable features people want in a truck right now. Even if it is not your interest, at least you can appreciate that the hobby as a whole is healthy thanks to vehicles like this.


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  1. Poncho

    $16k? For yesterday’s patina fad? No power brakes means probably drums on all 4 corners. Brake upgrade: $1000, wheels and tires: another $1500 or better. Now you are pushing $20k for a $5000 truck at best, without touching suspension, fuel, exhaust, and drivetrain…my offer would likely be insulting…if i made an offer.

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  2. David G

    Not getting the whole patina fad. Paint like this (or lack thereof) makes any vehicle look like a salvage yard derelict. The interior is restored to showroom condition, but outside? Not a single straight body panel, rust, missing trim, damaged trim, broken tail light, wood bed floor most likely trashed, and so on. These are awesome trucks when they are clean and presentable. A buyer can get one in far better condition than this example for that kind of money.

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    • Dave

      The exterior patina is what it’s all about. The clean interior contrasts with the exterior. If you don’t “get it”, you need to move on. There will always be a market for this genre, there’s plenty of “restored classics” in some museum somewhere, go look at them. Personally, I think this example is very well executed, and is similar to how I would build it. I would go way up on power, and way low on suspension. That’s what Hotrodders do.

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    • Mountainwoofie

      Saves sellers the cost of paint . Nutty price no matter the amount of money he or she have in it .

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’ll pile on. The whole ‘p-word’ thing is okay for the exterior, why not the interior? What, no one wants ripped-up upholstery and crumbling plastic trim and broken gauges and worn-out carpet?

    For this particular truck, that medium green was very common, and I think it would look great with a nice new paint job.

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    • Dave

      Why would you want dirt in your eyes just driving the truck? The interior contrasts the exterior, it’s as simple as that. You don’t “get it”.

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      • Ken

        I don’t “get it” either, and I’m glad. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that rusty POS.

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      • Brent

        I “get it” that I don’t “get it”. For the people that do ” get it ” they can have it. To each their own.

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  4. On and On On and On Member

    Hey Rube/Howard!!……this stuff is your forte, we all need your input and comments and knowledge about trucks, big and small. Hey geomechs and Leiniedude join me on this. Rube’s posts and comments have been a mainstay on this site for years. BF staff too, you guys know the draw he created, that’s the controversy and opinion aspect. Howard, don’t be intimidated by a couple yahoos who can’t expand their attitudes and knowledge to include ideas and opinions and knowledge they may not understand or agree with. Your knowledge and writing ability keep me reading and interested in this site. Let’s all not forget, it’s a forum, a place for all of us to ‘blow off our faces’ whether we’re right or wrong. To the folks who do make personal attacks, and I’ve read them as we all have, try to understand and teach don’t criticize. We all are interested and need your expertise as long as you listen patiently to ours. Everyone who agrees with my thinking OR DOESN’T post that, I’ll always listen and think, even if I don’t agree, but I will never, ever make a personal assessment of you or attack you on this site by saying you don’t know what you are talking about. Please hit the thumbs up for our friend and mentor in Barn Finds. He’s a great guy. And friggin interesting.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi O&O. Might have to put up with just me on this particular post. Speaking for those names you mentioned, we’re all flattered and grateful for the affirmative comments toward us.Truthfully, and again, I can speak for the rest of us, all of your inputs and posts are the reason we keep tuning in. I’ve been a reader/commenter of BF for many years now. I got turned onto BF when one of the Hemmings writers mentioned it and I’ve been here ever since. Good bunch here. Even though there are some who have a hankering to bring out the tar and feathers I’m sure that most of us can sit down after the smoke clears and have a frosty cold beverage together.

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    As I’ve probably said before, “Patina” is Latin for “Paint It.” Never understood the patina craze and I think as Poncho pointed out, the patina fad has come and gone like mullets and leisure suits. Rusty and dented with faded paint looks like crap to me and I’m sure a lot of folks would agree. I don’t care for lowered pickups, either. I think the seller will be disappointed in the offers he gets for this GMC. He might get closer to that if he paints it, though.

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    • Dave

      “rusty and dented” is where the truck came from. That’s it’s history, that’s “where it came from” , why on earth would you disguise the life of the truck underneath 17 lbs of bondo to deny the truck’s heritage? You anti-patina crowd have no respect for the originality of the truck’s life. You think that “factory perfect” is the only thing a truck deserves. You guys have no clue of a vehicles history and think no one else should either. Every scratch and dent has a story, “restored” wipes that story off the face of the earth. There, NO PROFANITY!

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        A vehicle that was abused and neglected then left in a barn or a field for decades isn’t much of a story. Careful ownership over decades or a restoration that took a lot of effort, skill and time are better stories in my mind. Having managed a large antique store and a local auction house here in the Northeast for years, I’m well aware of the importance the history or provenance of any item can impact value. Condition greatly impacts value; excellent original, unrestored condition is generally what brings the most money. Always does, always will.

        I can appreciate that you value patina on a vintage vehicle, that’s fine by me. I don’t. What I really appreciate is careful ownership of an old car or pickup. I own two vintage Fords, one is 47 years old, the other is 55 years old. Both are low-mileage, all original survivors in excellent, un-restored condition. I purchased both cars from their original owners when both owners were in their 90’s. I was able to talk to each old timer at length about their cars and was able to obtain a good bit of paperwork for each car. It’s now my turn to care for these survivors and preserve their stories until it’s time for me to pass them on to their next caretaker.

        Patina adds value to antique furniture, not an old car or pickup. The less “patina” on a classic car, the more it’s worth. And auction records support this.

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      • Mountainwoodie

        Well speaking as someone who drives a ’72 stovebolt with the original paint plus some grey spots when rust was sanded off, I think most of the folks with the anti patina bias are really speaking about trucks that are clear coated to heighten the “patina” look.

        I think we can all agree that nothing is wrong with a truck that has a worn paint job. Its when its a “selling” point and plays into the misnamed
        “patina” fad that some folks (including me) get exercised verbally.

        Sometimes I’ve painted vehicles other times I felt its “good enough”, which by the way is my favorite standard. :)

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      • Ken

        “Every scratch and dent has a story…”

        That’s right. The other day I saw an old truck like this in an Albertsons parking lot. I stopped to look at it, and a dent in the front fender started telling me its life story. I thought I was tripping. Someone at Seattle’s Best must have dropped a tab of acid in my coffee.

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    • Dave

      A restored antique is worth less, you should know that. It’s very odd that you don’t.

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Never mentioned anything about a “restored” antique, though I have seen many that were. What I said was “excellent original, unrestored condition is generally what brings the most money.” That’s fact. Restored or repaired antiques still have value but usually considerably less than ones in fine, original condition with rich patina from age. A rusty antique generally has considerably less value than one without rust. The same holds true for vintage cars.

        Patina: a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period or a gloss or sheen on a surface resulting from age or polishing.

        Rust isn’t patina.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        A preserved original is always in demand. I have an original unrestored ‘49 Chevy Styleline that’s testament to that. Even though it has a few badges of honor it still looks great and I’m always getting compliments (except those personal luxury car jockeys who followed me on the 2-lane for 20 miles) from people I meet. A lot of offers to buy as well…

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  6. CapNemo CapNemo

    I like pie.

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    • Jwinters

      I like to keep a lot of fresh fruit around.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Me too.

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    • 1st Gear

      I like pie , too. And cake , and pastry. and . . .

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  7. GP Member

    I don’t know about anywhere else, But here in Wisconsin, If me and the people I know spend 16,000.00 on an older truck/car we are wanting it to be as rust and dent free as we can get. We already get free rust from the county and free dents from parking lots. Great looking inside and under the hood, body style also.

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  8. Barry Traylor

    Where some might see patina, I see crappy paint. Needs a fresh coat of paint.

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  9. bobhess bobhess Member

    To each his own on the look. I’m on the paint it, drop it a bit, and drive it as is list. Do wonder if the price isn’t a bit high. No room to prevent getting upside down on the total cost to get it like you want it.

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  10. Dave Slater

    And spend another $20,000 in body work!
    Forget it, a waste of money….buy one already finished!

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    • Dave

      Exactly! don’t bother with the paint and body.

    • theGasHole

      That’s probably what the seller is thinking. Unless they can do the paint and body work inhouse, the now astronomical cost of having paint and body work done would push the seller’s money into the truck up another $10k-$15k. That’s going to push the total investment into the truck to what, $25k-$30k for a truck worth around $10k-$12k. Might be fine for someone who is hanging onto it for some time, but as the seller seems to run a business, it makes no sense.
      Not a huge fan of patina, but I think it looks ok on certain vehicles, and on this one it’s not bad.

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  11. Charles Moorehead

    I am with Dave!
    If you pull the motor and trans you have a very rough truck no moldings no power with at least 5k in metal work not to mention another 6k for paint!!! So the interior is sweet the rest nothing special its a beat up old truck $5500 because the interior is done and that is more than FAIR.
    Prices gone to heck why do people buy these c10 pickups for these crazy prices Rat rods is better way to go rough as heck but cheap by comparison!

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  12. Stilbo

    Wow! $11,000.00 worth of surface rust!!!

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  13. David F

    I’d start by looking under this pickup at the frame. Is this really a short bed? If not, how was the frame spliced? Shortbeds bring so much more money than longbeds that a lot of pickups are getting bobbed. It’s ok as long as it’s done well but there are some scary trucks out there!

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  14. Stevieg

    I am on the fence between whether weathered or fresh is best. Either way, this one costs too much. I REALLY appreciate what Fordguy72 said. This one might be too weathered for me, yet I like original.
    Either way, I like the truck. I just don’t like the crackhead price. I am sure someone will buy it. There is an a$$ for every seat, I am just not that a$$ lol.

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I like this truck.
    Love the 327 and 4 speed.
    The original color combo is nice, but needs a new paint job.
    I had a 69 with 307 and three speed manual. I really liked that truck.
    I do prefer power brakes and steering, disc brakes are nice but not necessarily a must.
    A/C is very important to me here in Houston at my current 72 years.
    Overall a nice truck but I’m not sure about the price.
    God bless America

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  16. Wayne

    Ok, my turn on patina. I like the look of a weathered truck. ( trucks and older pre 60s cars) No major dents or rust however. The shock value of a “newish” interior is really cool. People expect the inside to look like the outside and are very surprised to see a nice place to live/ride in. The same goes for opening the hood and seeing a nice clean/pretty engine in a very worn truck. The deal breaker to me is if the suspension and brakes are all original and with no upgrades.
    Just my thoughts.

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  17. Dave

    fordguy1972 won’t let me reply to his posts so maybe he’s afraid? IDK??

    You say you never mentioned a restored antique value, but that’s exactly what you said needs to happen to this vehicle. Why don’t you just sit this one out and back off your hateful comments on patina? You obviously “don’t get it” and that’s fine, my wife doesn’t either. Myself, PATINA IS BEAUTIFUL!

    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      I can’t block your comments or replies, I’m not an administrator or even a member.

      “The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything 100 years or older is an antique.”

      This GMC isn’t an antique, it should be considered “vintage.”

      Congratulations on marrying a smart woman.

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      • Dave

        There is no “reply” button on your previous comment, you obviously have something to hide. Glad you agree you know about as much about trucks as my wife.

  18. geomechs geomechs Member

    My opinion of this truck? Paint is too far gone. This is due for a proper respray. Call this what you want but this is rusty and that means that the metal is oxidizing. If you’re determined to keep it this way then use the WD40. Just don’t let your better half lean up against it in her pretty white blouse. I like the 327 and it warms over just fine. For a number of SBC rebuilds I like to run flat top pistons and a 300 HP 327 (.447/.447) camshaft. It isn’t too lumpy and it gives reasonably good performance. You can run regular gas and not have to deal with a lot of detonation.

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    • Brent

      Never try to paint anything after spraying WD40 on it. You will be in fish eye hell. You’ll NEVER get that out of the metal.

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  19. charlesful

    nice start, wrong price, needs step side’n 4WD, lill lift 4 off rd tires…
    (we all gotsome comments)

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  20. Joad Donnelly Member

    I’ve have made zero attempts at explaining my liking of patina to anyone. I’m fairly certain that it would be like me trying to explain to someone why I enjoy riding a wheelie at over 100 mph down the highway. I used to try to explain the wheelie thing but long ago I decided that damn near 100% of the time if you have to try to explain something that is so subjective to begin with, then you’re more than likely wasting your time.
    Me personally….I like extremes in life. I’ve had a fully restored shiny ‘68 Camaro, a 3,000 horsepower blown alcohol Promod, a patina ‘69 C10 with a 307 & cold a/c that my wife & I have taken on long road trips & a $350 ‘91 Jetta diesel with no outer door handles that’s my go to daily driver, all in my possession at the same time and I enjoy them all for what they are. Do what you enjoy with cars and your life without worrying about what other people think and life is a lot more fun from what I’ve found.

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  21. Duaney

    My first impression? Yuk. My memories of these trucks are of when they were new, and the happy owners who were proud of the nice shiny new paint.

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  22. Pete

    To much $$ I.m sure you slam the door you’ll get your rust worth and body mount shake.etc.

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  23. Eddie Nash

    This “lowered thing” has gotten old to me. I always flashback to the old man who collected scrap for a living with his “LOWERED,” otherwise known as broken or collapsed springs look on his old station wagon.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Eddie. The ‘lowered’ look does get old with me too. This truck doesn’t have a bad stance but ‘laying frame’ is IMHO ridiculous. Anything that isn’t practical to drive doesn’t appeal to me at all. But there are some who think it’s cool and that’s just fine with me in that it’s THEIR truck and they have the privilege of doing whatever they want to it. Of course I might snicker when I see one of them get high-centered on a cigarette paper. I did see one catch his undercarriage on a manhole causing major damage to his front crossmember. He took a rather large bite out of the steering wheel in the process.

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  24. Stevieg

    If your going to lower a vehicle, at least airbag it so you can lift it to use. May not be cheap, but neither is a cross member, oil pan, exhaust…or teeth & a steering wheel lol.

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    • theGasHole

      Well said. The air ride is the way to go. Not cheap, but still the way to go.

  25. jerry z

    Truck is a joke. Patina is another word for lazy.

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  26. Ted

    No matter what any of us say, swb’s are pulling huge numbers. I too hate the word patina, rates right up there with drives like it should as a verbal irritant, but that’s the craze we are witnessing. Combine the two, and voila! Huge ask. I’d like this but most of you know I’m CDN cheap so if I had tripped over this for 8K I’d have snapped it up instantly. But for 20K CDN…….nope.

    That being said, someone will pay the ask for this. Guaranteed. Sigh……at least it’s not sitting on a trailer in the pix…

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  27. theGasHole

    I think the short bed crazy thing depends on the make, or at least that’s what I’m finding out. I’ve had a lot of long bed 60’s and 70’s Ford trucks, and they sell quite well. Had a couple short bed Fords, and they sold quickly as well.
    Recently I bought my first non-Ford short bed truck, a 1977 Dodge Power Wagon. 4×4, 4 speed manual, short bed, with only 97K on the odometer. I thought it would sell like ice cubes in hell. Not restored but in decent shape, green with white & black interior. I’ve been asking less than a third of what the featured truck here is going for. Crickets.

  28. TimM

    I love these trucks!!! This one only has the motor done!!! To much more to do (including paint) for this price!!!

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  29. Gaspumpchas

    great Thread. Love the opinions. Like they say, opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one. This would be cool to run around in as is, but to have it back in its original paint scheme would be drop dead gorgeous, and a testament to everyone who drove one of these every day for a work truck!! Please- get rid of that single master cyl and at least update to a dual MC!!

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  30. Bob McK Member

    I learned a lot reading all of these posts. There are two sides to the story of this truck. Some love it, others hate it, but the majority seem to feel it is priced way too high. I hope the seller finds that one person that feels it is priced right.

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  31. Tempo Matador Ray

    I love the fact that the seller has created such a ruckus amongst the “likers and dislikers” here on Barn Finds with his offering. The mere tally of “comments” alone are a testament to his brilliant marketing ploy. Over time, I have used the phrase “Continue to innovate not duplicate.” I truly believe this is where creativity is at its best. I have worked on many challenging projects over the years and am always looking to do something different from the masses. Prefacing an old cliche, “opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one.” If you take into consideration this 327/ Muncie transmission combination alone, not to mention the incredibly sanitary interior…I support creative builders who get their projects up-and-running without excuses…👍✌️

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  32. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Agree with Keith…..

  33. Eric B.

    Everyone says the interior is restored? I’ve never seen the gage panel painted the same color as the rest of the interior. Restored means “as it was when it left the factory”. It should be semi-gloss black and chrome. I think it’s time people understand what the term “restored” actually means.

  34. Dwayne Lee

    Patina is real.
    Patina is honest.
    A shiny new paint job can easily hide
    BONDO an inch or more deep.
    With trucks like this,
    “What you see is what you get.”

    You want lies,
    go and buy an old truck with a shiny new paint job.

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