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Patina-Farina: 1955 Rambler Farina


When you think of Pininfarina styling Rambler is not likely to be a car that comes to mind but Nash used several European designers. The Nash Rambler was introduced in 1950 as a sporty convertible. A hardtop and station wagon were added the next year. When the Rambler was restyled in 1953, the design was by Pininfarina. For 1955, Nash opened up the front wheel arches for a more conventional appearance and tighter turning radius. These Ramblers also came badged as a Hudson. This Nash is listed on craigslist for $3,650. It’s located somewhere west of Denver, Colorado. The unclothed lady hood ornament is original and was an extra cost option.


The upholstery looks original and usable. There is a tear in the drivers seat. Daylight is indeed visible through the floor.


The dash is typical Nash. The shift lever pivots at the base and has a very different feel from other column shifts of the time. right-above

This Rambler looks straight and the paint appears to be original. Here you can see the distinctive roofline. This Rambler has not only a continental kit but factory air conditioning as well as the lady on the hood.


There’s no word on the state of the engine, but things look complete and original. Even the A/C compressor and plumbing are still there.


The left side looks pretty straight as well. It’s showing a number of dents and surface rust, but this Rambler looks like it’s all there. The floor is rusted so there is likely more rust elsewhere. If there is enough left of this old Nash it could make an interesting daily driver, especially if one could get the A/C to work. There are lots of original parts, so if the engine is stuck and there’s a lot of rust it could at least be a good parts car. Perhaps there’s a dedicated Nash fan who would take on the restoration or perhaps fix the floors and drive it as it is.


  1. Bingo


  2. Fred W.

    Lots of work to be done, but certainly not an insurmountable project. Factory a/c an extremely rare option. Chances are good it can be made to work again, as all refrigeration systems are sealed, and if they stay sealed can last and last.

  3. VT MAR

    Hudson badged Rambler based on the front grill.

    • MikeH

      In ’55, Ramblers were badged Nash or Hudson depending on the dealer selling it. After ’55, all were badged simply Rambler.

  4. Leroy

    I learned to drive when I was 11 in a 53 model that looked just like this one. Notice the tip of the turn signal stem. The green tip. Ours would blink when the turn signals were on.

  5. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Love, love, love it! Nice find, David!

  6. Woodie Man

    The naked lady is soooo offensive! But a nice addition to the car. It’s a Nash extra cost option? Really?

  7. Chris

    Very cool car!

  8. Pfk1106

    They didn’t change much, styling wise. The dash looks identical to my moms 60 American. I remember the radio knobs without the viewer, the shifter that was hard to engage. My mom drove the car for months in 2nd, until my dad drove it and realized the linkage was off. You had to put the shifter on n to drive in d.

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  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    How is it that BF has more photos of the car than the CL ad?

    • Jeffro

      Barn Finds is actually a CIA operative. Making a registry of all the gear heads and their fast & gas guzzling cars.

    • Dominique Legeai

      …good question!

  10. Mark S

    Very cool car it wouldn’t take much to do a driver quality restoration. The floors in these cars are pretty much flat sheet metal so you really don’t need to buy pre stamped floor pans. There probably not available anyway. There doesn’t look like the exterior has any rust threw issues but a closer look would be needed. I’d go threw the mechanical issues first and get it running and driving, then fix the floor and seat. Then I’d paint it ( single stage paint of course ) this car looks like a good DIY project for someone with minimal skill and a tight budget. Finally a little trick for when your welding sheet metal if you hold a piece of aluminum behind your weld it acts as a heat dam to prevent blowing threw, and if you do it won’t stick onto your sheet metal. I’ve welded right on top of the aluminum to close a blow threw and when you look at the back of weld it will be completely flat with a little chunk of aluminum to grind off.

  11. Leaf36

    On top dash…are those two clipboards? What is it?

    • SamM

      Ash trays, I believe

    • AAAZDAD Member

      I thought maybe the A/C vents???

      • Leaf36

        Thank Sam & AZDAD. A/C vents make sense, although weirdly done. I couldn’t see an interior unit, so possibly…

  12. Eddie

    I Saw The Rusted Hole In The Drive Floor Bad News Very Rusted Out Car !!!

  13. Peter Hollinshead

    Check the VIN. Steering wheel emblem is the Nash N; grille badge is Hudson.

  14. Loco Mikado

    Well it was one of the years of the Hashes so it makes sense, all the same car and they were known to come from the factory with mixed parts. Nash Ramblers and Hudson Ramblers, who is to say which one is worth more money which is not that much in the collector car world. I am a pre ’67 AMC fan but I a realist when it comes to prices. Compared to a ’55 Chevrolet in comparable condition an AMC is worth 1\10th to 1\5th(if you are really lucky) the value of a Chevrolet. That is the reality of it. The auto transmission is a GM 4 speed hydramatic. The opening of the front wheel wells made for a 6 foot reduction in turning circle diameter over the 54’s

  15. Rustytech Member

    This is a rare and interesting car & would make a nice driver and conversation starter at the local car show. That being said, at this price one could quickly find themselves upside down on a restoration. I would definitely want to see some underside pictures , or perform a close personal inspection.

    • Mark S

      Cars like this are not about the ROI they are about the love of vintage car hobby . It can’t always be about the money.

    • Dominique Legeai

      ….extremely difficult to find parts! I live close to where it was manufactured (Kenosha, WI) so you would think you could find parts cars in local salvage yards….no way! Brake drums are very small, wear fast, no replacements available (4 only lug nuts!). I drive mine about 2,500 miles/year, I love it but it requires a lot of attention…!….after 3 years of ownership and 8,000 miles driven, no restoration, just keeping it on the road, it is a money pit. Granted I do not do all the work myself, just some light duty repairs, but still…..think twice!

  16. Rando

    NEVER BY A CAR AS AN INVESTMENT. Just my thought. I don;t care if it’s a 70 Hemi Cuda or Superbird. The market could flip tomorrow and everyone want Civics. Not likely, but it could all go south and you’re stuck. Buy it ’cause you love it. If you happen to make a profit, great. If not, you have a car you love. Or at least can tolerate. Kinda like getting married, right??? LOL

  17. Dominique Legeai

    I own the exact same car, badged “Nash”…same color, 3 speed + overdrive. Paid $9,500, picked it up in Maine, drove it to Illinois (with a number of mechanical issues on the way…)…3 years and about another $10,000 later I can drive the car everyday, not perfect, but nice. and that does not include a paint job either! I agree with Rando: only buy it if you “fall for it”….very costly at the end, just like marriage, good analogy! FYI: the car would still be worth only $10,000….and then again….

    • Leaf36

      Dominique; I inquired on previous post about the listed car’s two black (?) on top dash. Is yours the same, and if so, what are they?

      • Dominique Legeai

        …they sure look like clipboards! I don’t have those on my car. They have to be related to the a/c which my car does not have. The picture makes them look rather large but the depth of the dash, from base of windshield to outer edge, is only 5.5″. I would venture to say they are a/c vents.

    • Leaf36

      Thanks! Sweet ride you have!

  18. Ron

    Close to one of my favorites. I always loved the metropolitan.

  19. Dominique Legeai

    ….sure can see the family resemblance! like a larger 4 door Met….or is the Met a shrunken Rambler Super? The nice thing about this car is the fact that most people have not clue what it is contrarily to Fords and Chevys of the same era; which is weird because they were made in Kenosha, close to where I am North of Chicago. Also it features a number of “firsts” in the design and engineering department.

  20. Rick Beenen

    I had one back in the mid 60s. I remember in order to start it you turned the key on and then pulled the gearshift lever towards you.

  21. John White Sr.

    I HAVE A53 2DR , Made In Canada Rambler Custom . Has small oval back window Vin DT2345 . All I know it was mfg’d in Toronto On. How many of these models were produced I have no idea.Has no hood ornament , no dash clock and no continental kit. Would love to have more info on this vehicle as I am Sooo in Love with it . Tried all the VIN decoder sites with no luck.I’d appreciate any info regardless . Thank You. Respectfully , John .

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