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Paul Mitchell’s Targa? 1982 Porsche 911

This 1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa is selling for no reserve, and the stickers along the rocker panel suggests possible celebrity ownership. The seller notes he purchased the 911 from a longtime owner, who owned it since 1985 and was based in Nevada. As such, the 911 appears to be quite dry inside and out but not to the point of sporting any sun-related damage. The “Paul Mitchell Systems” lettering on the lower rocker is a strange custom touch if you’re not Paul Mitchell (I can’t imagine anyone is a big enough fan of hair products to get custom decals made up), and given the 911 sports the white and black colors of the iconic brand, one could make the guess that this car previously belonged to the hair care king himself. Not that it will affect value very much, as it looks like a solid driver without many issues. Find the 911 SC Targa here on eBay with bidding at $23,500.

The Targa may traditionally be the least desirable car in Porsche’s lineup, but that’s changed as values have spiked. While it still may be the cheapest, it is by no means affordable according to typical fun car standards. The targa top is usually associated with increased wind noise and reduced structural integrity, but if you’re a fan of open air driving, it may seem more rigid than a convertible and certainly more weathertight than a typical droptop. Of course, this all depends on whether the targa top still seals tightly with the body, and tell-tale signs are usually associated with water damage due to bad seals that let moisture get inside. The interior of this 911 looks quite clean, with nicely preserved bucket seats, door panels that are stock aside from aftermarket speakers, and mostly original details aside from an aftermarket steering wheel.

The big news with this 911 SC is the extensive maintenance the last two owners have carried out. According to the seller, it received an engine rebuild, a transmission rebuild and a new clutch 70,000 miles ago. That’s a fairly long time between major services, and mileage is currently at just over 211,000. To me, however, such significant efforts to preserve the car for the long-term suggests that the previous owner wanted to drive this car until the doors fell off, as you typically don’t embark on that scale of maintenance for a vehicle you don’t intend to keep. While it may be necessary to revisit some of this work in the future, 911s of this generation are generally pretty robust, so I doubt there’s an immediate need to yank the engine out and undertake another rebuild in the short term.

The seller does disclose some minor issues, including rock chips along the front end which are a result of the car being driven (obviously) and still wearing its original paint job. Personally, I’d rather own an original paint car with some road rash than a pristine example that’s been repainted once or twice before. The seller notes that the tires are new and that a bent pulley is causing a small rattle. Interestingly, he notes it only requires simple hand tools and doesn’t necessitate a trip to the mechanic, but he himself has not undertaken the repair. Regardless, for no reserve, this no-rust 911 SC with an engine and transmission rebuild in its history files seems like a good buy at any price below $30,000, and even more so if you find a complimentary hair kit with shampoo and styling gel in the trunk.


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Maybe the tagging was in connection with a hair products sales promotion for top rep. Hair used to be BIG in those days.

    Even I had more back then. At least more on my head, than on my back.

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  2. Mike

    Maybe they were turning it into a company car with the advertising, but didn’t want it too noticeable.

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  3. Steve R

    When the seller makes no mention of Paul Mitchell in the ad, it’s a stretch to assume he was a previous owner.

    It’s a nice car, bidding should be brisk.

    Steve R

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  4. Haig L Haleblian

    Here’s the scenario in my head. Pull up to cars and coffee. Hey this was Paul Mitchell’s car, see the decals? I’ll let the peanut gallery fill in the responses.

    • Euromoto Member

      This is amusing. I have an ‘82 SC Targa in Guards Red. A guy down the road has an ‘82 Coupe, also in Guards Red. We finally met up at the local hardware. While we were having the ritual Porsche chat (secret handshakes, etc.) he let it be known that his car was formerly owned by Paul Mitchell’s lawyer. Go figure.

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  5. William

    Gee, just what I always wanted, a frumpy little over priced car that was once owned by a hair dresser of questionable masculinity. That should really impress the boys at my local watering hole. What to buy next, Idi Amin’s Volvo? Phyllis Diller’s Desoto? People, buy a car for what it is, not who owned it. I heard Leno paid a million for some rotten barn find Harley that was once owned by Elvis. Okay, E farted on the seat, big deal. Could have gotten an equally crummy motorcycle for a few grand and used the rest for the greater good.

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    • Steve R

      Maybe you should read the ad before replying. The Paul Mitchell connection is solely a creation of the author on this site. There is no mention of possible celebrity ownership by the seller. The are two stickers located on the rockers which are visible in two pictures, but aren’t prominent. This is a car that has obviously been well maintained and enjoyed since it’s been driven in excess of 200,000+ miles. As for being overpriced, how do you figure? It’s a no reserve auction that started at a penny.

      Steve R

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  6. EPO3

    Yeah I don’t think there were to many paul mitchell 911sc targa clones out there

  7. Greg

    Why don’t you ask him? Not PM, but his co-founding partner who is still alive, John Paul DeJoria. JPD is a gear head. I’ve run into him at the Rock Store on his vintage Indian. His daughter is also a professional drag racer. JPD would remember if PM ever had a Porsche

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  8. Stan Marks

    At least it isn’t a Mary Kay car. LOL!!
    For some reason, those seats look like seat covers. Anyone else notice that?

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    • Jaker76

      Looks like someone may have put new covers on but didn’t do a very professional job!

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      • Stan Marks

        That’s what I thought, Jake.

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  9. Keven J Kane

    Who is Paul Mitchell?

  10. Joe M

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld Episode where George bought the “Jon Voight” LeBaron lol.

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    • Stan Marks

      Joe, that was a classic. But then they all were.

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