Perfect Parts Hauler: 1976 GMC 1500 Sierra Grande

We’ve been thinking about getting an old truck just like this to haul parts. Obviously, you don’t need anything fancy when you’re transporting greasy engines or bulky rearends so this thing looks about perfect for the job. The short bed makes maneuvering easy and the crate engine should be cheap to maintain. It’s located in Manheim, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay where bidding starts at $200.

This is a half ton truck (1500) with the midrange trim package (Sierra Grande). Even with the highest trim level this was nothing like the luxury trucks of today. That means it won’t be as comfy to cruise around in as a modern machine would be, but that also means there’s less that can break and you might even be able to buy it without having to take out a loan.

There’s some rot in the quarters and underneath that should be addressed soon. If this thing goes cheap enough though, I’d just spray the bad areas with POR and start saving my pennies for some new sheetmetal and paint. This isn’t a super valuable truck, so I wouldn’t want to go nuts. Plus, you don’t want to have to worry about scratching up your work truck.

The “L” in the VIN tells us that this truck did leave the factory with a 4-barrel 350. Power ratings were down by this point in time, but the original V8 has been replaced with a Goodwrench crate engine that surely has a few extra ponies. This small block is one the of the cheapest engines to hotrod though so it wouldn’t be hard to squeeze a lot more out of it.

Normally, the lowered stance wouldn’t be a bonus, but I think in this case it adds a touch of cool to an otherwise plain looking pickup. This is one of those projects you can drive while you address  the problem areas. It’s not perfect, but it might just be the perfect parts hauler! What do you think?

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  1. Andre

    Love it. It’s perfect.

  2. Mark Hoffman

    Love the color. I had a 77 Chevrolet C-10, stepside, long bed, wooden bed floor. Not a common truck, but it was painted this color. I had it from 1991-1994. Was still running last time I saw it in 2002

  3. JW

    Looks good from the top but under side rust is taking over slowly.

  4. M/K

    long bed=parts hauler. short bed=hod rod

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Quite typical to rust out around the rear fenders. I’m somewhat surprised not to see the popout above the fender well. Good truck otherwise. The Goodwrench/Target Master engines weren’t any better powerplants than the motors the trucks left the factory with. They were essentially the same motor you would’ve got with the F-44 package: 4-bolt mains, exhaust valve rotators. Good enough motors—for a basic truck….

  6. Cris Carver

    Love it & would change nothing! Ok, maybe a green metalflake slotted steering wheel out of the MQQN EYES catalog, but that’s it… ok maybe….

  7. Jubjub

    I really disliked the trend where so many of these ’70s model Chevy trucks got tarted up like this with ’81-87 side trim. Just never looked right.

  8. CJay

    Reminds me of when I worked at the local Buick/GMC dealership, they took a 1977 GMC short bed with a cap as a trade in. Faded, Medium Blue (no metallic) paint, plaid vinyl bench seat, rubber floor mats and full wheel covers. They let me use as the shop parts vehicle for about a week. Then someone (an a-hole, who didn’t drive the truck) let the dealership owner know that it had a BIG BLOCK! in it and was a sleeper. And my toy was taken from me….

  9. juan

    It remind me my 1980 Silverado, God I miss that truck….

  10. Justin

    I now own this truck

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