Period Hot Rod! 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

For decades, every time a Model A turned up, it became either significantly nearer to stock or someone’s awesome hot rod. As we near 2027, the 100th anniversary of Ford’s mass-produced gem, there are plenty of perfectly restored originals and myriad contemporary hot rod versions. Now we’re beginning to appreciate the specimens and nuances in-between… like this car!  The seller got it running and driving with a Chevy V8 but otherwise, it’s a time capsule with custom touches from the early 1960s, or perhaps earlier. This cool old Ford seeks a new owner here on eBay where at least eight bids have established the market value above $30,000. Thanks to Patrick S. for sending in this sweet deuce coupe!

What looks like original Henry Ford metal wears the same paint today as in 1962. The stance with this wheel and tire selection looks right, and it’s easy to picture smoke rolling off the rears. Even though they give you an effectively slower gear ratio, taller tires resist spinning, always a plus when you’ve doubled or tripled a car’s original horsepower.

The tuck-and-roll upholstery on this San Franciso, California hot rod came from Tijuana. That story makes me picture this old rod on a epic road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in the late ’50s or ’60s, maybe visiting  Revolución, before or after the interior work was finished. That chrome dashboard would have been a pricey job for sure.

This Chevrolet 327 recently replaced whatever engine powered this old five-window coupe to Frontera Baja California back in the day. Maybe a Ford flathead or Y-block V8 would offend fewer people, but the SBC is the cheapest V8 on the planet to modify, and many found their way into Fords and other non-GM vehicles. What epic road trip would you take in this ’60s-style Ford?

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  1. Peter S.R. Member

    Model A, Not.
    For 1932 a four cylinder car caries the “Model B” designation.
    Ford cars 1928-1931 were Model A’s…

  2. Wayne Lyon

    A 1932 is NOT a Model A,first v8 and a one year only car,much more valuable than a Model A.

  3. Derek

    Just leave the engine where it is. There’s an alternator on it!

  4. Dom Colucci

    No Camel hump heads on a 327 and not even power pack heads hmmmmm…

  5. Uncle Bob

    He’s had this advertised on the HAMB (ideal target market) for awhile at $55k……….probably a tad ambitious no matter how neat I think it is. Refusing to sell overseas probably reduces his chances as well. There’s a number of avid US style hot rod enthusiasts around the world just itchin’ to get traditional rods like this.

  6. Sunbeamdon

    On Ebay I almost detected tears in the seller’s eye in the video – that’s as close to a professional grade video as we car-nuts could ever make! Save the patina!

  7. Butch

    It was all stock but one of these in really good condition sold around here about a month ago for ten thousand.

    • Uncle Bob

      That’s like Model A money…………….you positive it was a ’32?

  8. Uncle Bob

    To add a little to the market realities on something like this there’s another somewhat similar one closing in a few hours that’s even lower in bids;

    The likely reasons are that the grey one lacks the “interesting” paint character of the red one that some might value higher. Also the red one has a mostly original firewall. The vintage baby moons hold additional value for some. And a few other detail items that make the red one appear to be a tad more “authentic”. That said, different buyers are attracted by different features. The pluses for me in the grey one are it would be easier to make it into a better appearing car while still maintaining the vintage vibe. Finding and installing an original firewall would be an additional expense and a fair bit of labor. The louvers in the fender could be dealt with by finding someone else who thinks they’re cool and trading tin. The garnish chrome is much nicer on the grey one, and I like a nice interior even if the paint needs work. The 5 speed in the red is better for drivability than the 3 in the grey. So, it’s all about the details and trade offs, who’s looking, and how reasonable/realistic the seller is. My suspicion is the grey owner will be easier to bargain with than the likely higher emotionally involved red owner. To me the grey one is at best a 30k car, the red maybe 35 though that’s generous on my scale.

  9. canadainmarkseh Member

    Personally I’d rather have a 1933 Wiley’s coupe hot rod. Much cooler looking car. I’d want it looking stock with more modern engine, trans, and running gear. I think these 32 fords are over priced. JMO.

  10. Frank Smith

    Boat style impeller water pump… ?
    Note the alt stand bolts into former coolant passages @ pump.
    Most likely 68-69 lg journal, those heads are often referred to as “bolt-hole fuelies”… 😎

    • Uncle Bob

      A little tough to tell which but the water pump is the riser type to get the fan more centered on the core from either Snow White or Zips.

  11. Carl Hutchins

    For sure a car of it’s time. As already clearly stated, an A not a B. The 32’as came with an engine option. A four that was closely related to the a and shared a part or two., But, better in many ways. Lubrication baanced crank shaft, etc. And the V8. A single barrel carb!!! The wheels were one year only wire 18’s.

    The comment on tall tires and slower ratio is confusing…

    • Dennis M

      It’s all a matter of your definition of “faster” and “slower” as well as “higher” and “lower”. To a hot rodder, the term “lower ratio”, ie: 4:11 (rear axle ratio) means better acceleration and lower top speed; a “higher ratio”, ie: 3:08 means less acceleration and higher top speed.

      A larger diameter rear tire means a higher speed for a given engine RPM, hence a “higher ratio” and less acceleration, ergo a “slower” car when all you care about is the acceleration, not the top speed.

      A real life example: 50 years ago in college – auto tech – I had two buddies with identical Corvettes, except one had a 3:08 rear axle and the other a 4:56. (the 3:08 guy towed a sprint car; the 4:56 guy ran 1/8 mile drags). It was 10 miles from our town to the next and they decided to race. I was with Mr. 3:08. Mr. 4:56 vanished into the the distance. Mr. 3:08 said “don’t worry!” A couple of miles down the road we passed Mr. 4:56 while we were still in third gear! We were in the bar with a beer long before Mr. 4:56 got to town. True story.

  12. Doug

    Definitely NOT a Model A ! No gas tank under the cowl, located at the rear. Obviously a 32 grille shell . As mentioned before, it could be a Model B rather than a V8 car, which doesn’t matter at this point. It is a “Little Deuce Coupe” and that’s where the value lies. Today, you can buy a steel body from Brookville and all the parts to make a 32 clone, if a show car is what you’re after – this one will probably remain a “driver” car due to the cost of getting it to show quality, and the fact that it is pretty cool just the way it is. I’d be tempted to have better seats reupholstered to look like the ones in place, just for comfort.

  13. Ron

    Ford produced three cars between 1932 and 1934: the Model B, Model 18 & Model 40. These succeeded the Model A. The Model B continued to offer Ford’s proven four cylinder and was available from 1932 to 1934. The V8 (Model 18 in 1932, Model 40 in 1933 & 1934) was succeeded by the Model 48. It was the first Ford fitted with the flathead V‑8. In Europe, it was built slightly longer. The same bodies were available on both 4 cylinder Model Bs and V8 Model 18/40s. Thank you Wikipedia…

  14. Sam Shive

    NO CHEVY IN A FORD…Nothing but trash. Stick a Small Block Ford In it and then it will be worth something again.

    • ctmphrs Member

      Yeah it will be worth something…. 50% less

  15. v

    since its already red white and blue stick with the red white and blue theme and do a FOOSE type mod.except throw a nice y block in her with dual 4’s… whoa…screamin deamin???

  16. walt

    I have a blk 35 ford pickup, 350 chevy,4bolt main, 57 vette fuelie heads opened up, gear drive, 350 turbo, 8 “, mustang 2 frt end, sway bars frt & rear, handles good, runs great had it now 4 35 years. Chopping the top 3” now, old cars r cool so chop them up, put new stuff in/on & drive, enjoy driving them, get of the computer & get a new girl, I prefer a 4 legged hunting DOG.

  17. johnj

    Thought the raised water pump was interesting. Looked it up, SpeedWay Motors sells a kit. Looks the same as the one used on this car.

  18. Joe Haska

    When I saw a 32 on Barn Finds , I thought just read Uncle Bob’s comments and agree, he is dead on, which he is! Only addition, would you people drop the bitching about a small block Chevy in a Ford, you have no idea (Sam) what your talking about, I have had a number of early Fords, with every engine combination you can think of, SBC, SBF, flathead V-8’s, even a Flathead 6. I have had 39 trans , 5-speeds / OD ,and an automatic or two. They all worked great for the cars they were in. There are lots of reasons to run a certain drive train, just besides you want a Ford in a Ford. But the biggest thing is, if its YOUR car you can put anything you want in it! Grow Up!

    • Dom Colucci

      Your a true Hot Rodder Joe and right you are…

  19. Don

    make’s me sick to think i sold a 32 five window coupe in 1960 for $250.00 and it had a new bright red paint job. the car had a 1951 ford v8 engine that ran great. however, year’s later i replaced the 32 with a stock 36 roadster that i still have, and love it. Don (MI)


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