Period Hot Rod: 1936 Ford DeLuxe 3-Window Coupe

Things are not always what they seem. This 1936 Ford DeLuxe Coupe is a wonderful looking car, and at first glance, it could be taken for a nice survivor or an older restoration, but this car is holding a secret, and we’ll get to that shortly. The Ford is located in Upland, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

Overall, this old Ford looks quite clean, and the only really obvious issue is the fact that it appears that the rear bumper may have suffered damage at some point, although it could also be the angle of the photo. The panels and paint look good, as does all of the glass and external trim. The owner has supplied a number of clear photos of the underside of the car, and it’s as clean as a whistle under there.

The interior is in really good condition, but that trim is not as it left the factory. There is some stretching of the upholstery on the seat, and it looks like there might be some deterioration of the padding, especially on the driver’s side, but this should be easy to be addressed. The rest of the interior presents nearly perfectly, and the car could be used as it is. The owner also supplies a photo of the trunk, and it is spotless.

This is the secret that I mentioned earlier. This Ford was customized in California in 1956! That’s when the paint, panels, and interior received their treatment. At the same time, the original engine was removed and a 292ci V8 from a Thunderbird was slotted into its place. The engine was adapted to a 1939 manual transmission, while the car still wears its original steering and brakes. The car rolls on new Firestone Bias Ply tires and the owner says that it needs nothing.

This old Ford is a real sleeper. From the outside, the only real indication that it isn’t standard is the dual exhaust. It really needs nothing, as it does represent a true vintage hot rod. Part of me would want to paint the wheels red, while part of me wants to leave the whole car exactly how it is. As for attracting attention, the car has already done that on eBay. Bidding opened at $5,000, but it has soon spiraled to $58,900, and the reserve still hasn’t been met. I have no idea what the final price is likely to be. Do you?

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  1. Sidney

    I would like the car better with the original flat head V8, but that is just me.

  2. healeydays

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  3. King Al

    Can’t see any damage to the rear bumper. Perhaps, you are commenting on the center dip, which would accommodate an external spare, and is consistent with the center dip in the front bumper.

  4. Woody

    Ford power in a 1936 Ford,what more can be said? Yes this is a rare ride!

  5. Fred W

    Rare beast- a period hot rod DONE RIGHT- I see why the bids are getting up there.

  6. AZD

    What an incredible find. This thing is perfect. The style is understated and well executed. While that Y-block isn’t the prettiest engine it would have made the old flatty feel like a slug in 1956.

    Assuming the “original brakes” are mechanical? While I’d be tempted to change to hydraulic, the overall authenticity of this one might prevent me. Otherwise, this is about as good as it gets.

  7. Andre

    That would have been a rich build in 1956. Cool car.

  8. Bob C.

    Those Y blocks are gaining new popularity in resto rods these days. They have their own unique sound at idle, kind of like a Harley.

  9. Woody

    Yes a flat-head would look great too! Ford power for this beauty,just don’t like to see dime-a-dozen tin SBC’s everywhere!

  10. mlm

    This baby is a beauty.I wouldn’t mind having this ride,but I don’t have that kind of scratch lying around!

  11. Gaspumpchas

    Sure is good to see a beautiful period correct (I refuse to use the overused term Old School) hot rod that is in such beautiful shape. The Y block was all you had from Ford in 56. I can hear the lifters clacking Now. Good luck to the new owner!!!


  12. Ikey Heyman Member

    Currently bid over $60,000 and reserve not yet met. I can see why.

  13. hoghead426

    What,no Chevy small block under the hood? What is this world coming too?
    A Ford engine in a Ford coupe? What next,someone will put a Dodge engine in a Dodge Coupe…. What is this world coming too………*snicker*.

  14. Tirefriar

    This is a real time machine. Roll up a pack of Lucky Strikes in the sleeve of your white T, slip behind the wheel, put into first gear and cruise your way back into American Graffiti. If I had the extra scratch laying around that’s exactly what I would do…

  15. Doug

    It would be nice to hear who the owner is, or, at least the history of owners. My father bragged about driving his ’36 3 window around the Upland and Ontario, CA. areas, mainly running from the police, after breaking storefront windows with his ‘Smitty’ dual exhaust.

  16. David Rhoces

    you are on a roll today

  17. ctmphrs Member

    I love this car, but I would have to change to hydraulic brakes at the very least.

  18. Bob Lichty

    Love it, ’56 build, plus Ford engine, right look,

  19. Mark P

    This is the same car the Stooges wrecked in the episode where they were firemen. It was the chairs car.

  20. Comet

    What a beautiful car! Leave it just as is and drive the wheels off.

  21. Stewart

    It’s gone,anyone see the final figure?

  22. George

    Nicely done, especially with that T-bird addition.

    I had one (1959) that still had its flathead….love that sound. I paid $175.00 for mine.

  23. 64 Bonneville

    This is as close to “perfect” as a car can get. Looking at the pictures on e-bay, looks to be “hand rubbed” Lacquer. There are spots here and there on it where it appears the lacquer is lifting, mainly from age. LEAVE IT ALONE!!! Don’t do anything except drive and enjoy it as long as you can.
    The 39 stock transmission was stout, but in the early 50s’ and up until the early 60s’ the ’39 LaSalle tranny was the preferred choice, since it was like a Timex, “could take a licking and keep on ticking” (for you youngsters Timex was a wristwatch, ask you Grandpa what that is LOL!

  24. Bob Member

    What a BEAUTIFUL car. I want it… However it may cost a bit more than I am able to pay.

  25. ctmphrs Member

    They will also have to ask what a LaSalle is.

  26. Chasman358 Member

    I’d prefer the original flathead, however, it is a Ford in a Ford. Quite refreshing!

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