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Pony In Distress: 1972 Ford Mustang Mach I

We feature a lot of Ford Mustangs here on Barn Finds, and with the length of time the car has been in production and all the changes it’s gone through over the years, there’s a wide and diverse fan base for the Mustang and usually just about any example will have some sort of potential for somebody.  However, I’m not so sure about this one and am hoping some of our readers can help me find what it is I’m missing here.  This poor pony is a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach I, and if you’ve got a strong stomach it can be found here on eBay, where bidding is currently sitting at $1,025.  We’d like to thank reader V for bringing this one to our attention.

My first thought is I truly hope nobody was inside this car when whatever occurred happened, ’cause I’m guessing they received more than just a minor bump on the noggin.  Maybe the best-case scenario is that the car was in a junkyard and had some other vehicles stacked on top of it, but we really don’t know as the seller doesn’t give us any history about the Mustang and no explanation about how the car got into its current state.

The seller does mention that there were only 366 R-Code Sportsroof models made in ’72, and even fewer with the Mach I package, but when things get this far gone it’s hard for me to understand how this matters.  Again, maybe some of our Mustang aficionados can help shed some light on any value here.  One of the things I’m wondering about the outside is how the rear glass managed to stay intact, although the spoiler, gas cap, and back bumper are all MIA.  Even so, the back is its best side for sure.

Under the hood was once home to a 351 R-Code engine, which was paired with a 4-Speed manual transmission, and outback was a Trac Loc differential, definitely a nice combo.  But it’s all gone now, even the original 9-inch rear end has been replaced with an 8-inch model, but at least there’s one back there, which is more than can be said about the motor or tranny.

Things inside are looking somewhat chaotic, with not many useful items to be found in there, and judging from the looks of the speedometer I’m wondering if the car spent some time underwater.  No photos are provided from underneath, plus the car also has a reserve price.  What are your thoughts on this 1972 Ford Mustang Mach I?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    What? And there are not one but two bids? Na not buying that, think somebody had a friend bid to boost the interest. What am I missing that make this worth the bids.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      You’re most likely right, the sellers friends and family are shill bidding it. Imo, it’s not even worth the $1025 that it’s bid too.

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      • mike

        And the seller has a reserve price also….what a joke

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  2. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    What are my thoughts?? Unprintable. Unimaginable. Is the price of scrap high enough to flip this back into the smelter queue at a profit?

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Whoever invented the word “junk” must have used something like this as inspiration.

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    I think the key is “have clear paperwork” someone will turn their project into a rare Mach 1. There might even be enough of the Sports Roof to convert a coupe. I know this shouldn’t happen, unfortunately it does.

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    Well,this Mustang wasn’t “Gone in 60 Seconds”,
    but looks like one that was.

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    • Oh My Goooooooodd

      I love Stangs but this makes me think of the old line…..
      Found on roadside dead 💀

      Okay enough about this sale …

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      • gaspumpchas

        Ford spelled backwards is Driver Returned On Foot……..

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  6. erik johnston

    What a mess. That was a rare mustang. But all the good stuff is gone. I wonder if the title is still with it.

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  7. Rodney-GSM

    Ultra rare Ford Mustang Mach 1 Pancake Edition. One of one-half of one…

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  8. Mike D

    Someone’s buying a VIN tag. That’s about it…

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  9. 19sixty5 Member

    Is it April Fools Day?

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  10. CCFisher

    Somebody’s plain-jane 1972 Sportsroof is about to become a 351-HO Mach 1.

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  11. 8banger 8banger Member

    Looks like a mangled catfish!

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  12. Poncho

    Aww c’mon. Really? At what point do you actually throw in the towel and scrap something. Alright, maybe the VIN is the only useable part. Lets face it. If you were going to buy this for parts, wouldn’t you be better off buying repro parts and save the hassle of going to pick car up and transport home, then have to dispose of the body when you picked the bones clean? 1 of another 1 that should be crushed.

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    • Chuck Simons

      Left rear marker light and housing might still be good

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  13. Mike B

    I learned long ago to never name your car. It gives it too much family status when you need to be objective. Apparently this one was named Beethoven.

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    • DON

      I get it – Good one !! LOL

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  14. Melton Mooney

    100% upside potential.

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      I think you mean “upside- down potential”.

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    • Burt

      Cleverness is a good thing.

  15. NovaTom

    Needs to head back to the wrecking yard it came from.

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  16. Bick Banter

    I love cars but think for a minute what you can get for a $1,025. 50 orders of wings, 100 beers at the bar with tips, 30 MLB baseball game tickets, or this ugly waste of space.

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  17. T

    Start a “Go Fund Me” page to have it hauled to the junk yard.

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  18. Troy

    Interesting, but I think I can get back glass and replacement tail lights a lot cheaper

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  19. robj Member

    Put it back under the big rock from which it came…

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  20. 88rrsilverspirit

    I think someone drove it into a pond or lake a long time ago, landed on the roof, and someone pulled it out and let it sit for years

  21. Steve

    Bidding is currently sitting at $1,075. with 3 days left. Seriously?

    AHAHAHA! I don’t think even a salvage yard would want this!

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  22. Matt

    Everyone HAS to know he’s selling a title and vin. Illegal to change over but happens all the time. This car will never supply parts or be on the road again but its numbers will be.

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  23. mjf

    Let it go Topper the king is gone, my gosh what a mess

  24. RallyAce

    Don’t lowball me, I know what I got!

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  25. George Birth

    High hopes for Junk!!

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  26. Ruby

    Someone is going to try to use this VIN to pass another 72 off as an R Code.
    The thing clearly rolled down the side of a mountain.

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  27. Greg Gustafson

    With a little elbow grease, I think it’ll buff out.

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  28. Jt

    All are missing the feature that is bringing these bids. This is a low-mileage steal with 42 K miles. LOL!

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  29. Sarge

    Did the car crusher run out of gas?

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  30. Ben

    Looks like the original mustang from gone in 60 seconds back in 70’s

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  31. John Traylor

    What a pile of junk. Not worth $1.00

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  32. Mike

    The current bid of $1025 reminds me of an expression and a question.
    The expression: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
    The question; How did the fool get the money in the first place?

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  33. Frank

    Needs to be returned to the junkyard.

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  34. Howie

    I am glad the seller pointed out it needs to be restored.

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  35. Don

    Ran when dropped in ravine.

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  36. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    This may well have been totaled by the original owner, who after getting the insurance money, kept the car with plans on repairing it. [Assuming the owner survived the crash.]

    I’m a trained accident investigator and I feel this car was traveling in a forward direction when it flipped over and skidded on it’s roof, on pavement. [The pavement scrapes can be seen on the roof] The rear window is still in place because when the car landed upside-down, it did so landing on the front half first. Plus, that glass is tempered, and as long as the metal frame around the window is not terribly warped, in many ways the glass is stronger than the surrounding sheet metal.

    Considering the mileage, this car was likely wrecked within 5-10 years of ownership, before there was a system in place to report all insurance co. write-off vehicles to the Feds, who then made the list available to the state MVA/DMV facilities. If it was done-in later down the road, I would suspect the BIN might be on the salvage lists. If I was buying this car, I would insist that the current owner guarantee that VIN will remain clean on applying for a new title.

    On a similar note:
    One of my clients bought an older Rolls-Royce from a former owner and was given the original title, signed by the owner. On attempting to title the car, he discovered the car had been totaled by the insurance co. due to a minor flood, and he received a new title marked Salvage.

    The new owner sued [I was his expert], and the court ordered the former owner to [within 30 days] refund the purchase price, legal costs, 7+ months of storage at my facility, and on his dime, remove the car. He did. Had he not made the refund, the judge was prepared to forward the case to law enforcement for prosecution as a grand theft case.

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    • Sarge

      Just curios, would the original owner be given a new title that shows that the vehicle is salvaged and sign the original title which would be a fraudulent document at this point, to the new owner to double dip? If he didn’t get a new title, how would he know he’s doing something wrong by selling a used car as is? How does that work?

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


        Even today not all insurance companies demand the original title before issuing a “Red printed” salvage title. That said, most states do issue a salvage title once they are notified by the insurer that the vehicle has been totaled.

        The owner would be required to sign a statement for the insurer PRIOR to getting reimbursed for the vehicle’s value. In that statement the owner agrees to give all rights to the vehicle. Most insurers retain ownership of the vehicle and then offer it to salvage buyers later. That means the insurer now owns the vehicle.

        So there is no legal way the owner couldn’t know it was no longer his to sell. Selling a prior copy of a title along with the matching vehicle is a felony, as it’s no longer a valid title.

        Now this car could have been totaled before the current regulations came into effect. Many insurers prior to the 1980s [I can’t remember exactly when the regs changed] didn’t care what the owner did with the vehicle once they had paid out for it. Most states didn’t even have salvage titles, they simply stamped an older title with a red rubber stamp marked “SALVAGE” in big block letters.

        So if the owner didn’t try to process the original title, it probably won’t have any info suggesting it was a salvage vehicle. This is why I always suggest the potential buyer find out the VIN and the state it’s titled in, and thru the appropriate state agency or the state police find out the current disposition of that vehicle. All state police offices have that info available to them on an almost instant basis. While they cannot provide any other info, they can tell you if it’s a salvage title or if it’s in the NCIC as a stolen vehicle.

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  37. BajaPFE

    Calls it a Roller when Rolled is a lot more accurate.

  38. Phillip Anthony Cifuentes

    Why would u people waste our time showing this piece of junk.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Why would you waste more of your time posting a comment about something that you have no interest in, yet many other people do?

  39. Motorsport Whse

    youre paying for a vin / title and some key parts to rebody it, ..because thats all that going to happen to it

  40. MJF

    Looks like Hunter drove it

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  41. Karl

    Should be plenty of good places to attach the chain when you drag it on the trailer for it’s last trip. What a pile!

  42. KokuaDog

    “Ran when parked” comes to mind….

  43. Burt

    “Ah, that stuff will rub out.”

  44. mstang

    Just an amateur slam and chop job…

  45. stanley j kwiecinski

    looks like it got hit by a switchblade drone.

  46. Steve Clinton

    This pony needs to be taken to the barn and shot.

  47. Robt

    The only way this makes any sense is that it is a sale for the vin.
    As mentioned illegal but that don’t stop many people.
    Just look at ex-potus. Sad.

    • Greg Gustafson

      Robt, try not to speak.

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      • Robt


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      • Greg Gustafson

        Robt, please keep your ignorant political comments to yourself.
        RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks.

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  48. Howie

    Went to $2,025 reserve not met, and relisted.

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  49. Robt

    Greg Gustafson
    The truth is not ignorant. And then there is politics. Ok. Enough said.

  50. Robt

    Greg Gustafson
    Truth is not ignorant. And then there is politics. Ok, enough said.

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